Friday, September 25, 2009

Love is a wicked little game, isn't it?
Me Into Pieces
A thousand pieces that still fit perfectly together
when you let go.
The curse of the broken heart is like no other. It is like no other break. You can't slap a cast on it and let it heal. The problem is that we have a hard time getting that damn cast secured on there. We prolong the break, leaving the break exposed in the open air, so it can't heal.
Love is like no other because it is the ultimate high. By getting that ultimate high, you have to sign a waiver that says it might work the other way, as well. The most exuberant of feelings can also leave you battered and bruised on railroad tracks hoping just maybe a train will come.
How foolish of us, as young women, to think that there is only one guy in the whole world who can make us feel good? How foolish of us to think that the one who broke our heart is "the one". Why would he be? It's almost comical to think of what we put ourselves through. No matter how ridiculous it looks on paper, we all fall into this doomed sticky mess at some point. Even the most powerful of women walking around Wall Street or Fashion Ave or strutting around Hollywood, cannot avoid this fate.
Once your heart breaks, it bleeds all over your perfect world and you see it much differently. It's still the same game-board but with different rules, now.
Will you let go, so I can heal?
You must exit the stage, for my show to go on.

Feeling sorry for yourself is SO last season.

September 2009

1. What is your problem?
So, you've been dumped. You've lost your job? Someone stole your identity? The initial blow of all these events, and many more, never fails to resemble a bomb exploding in your face. Over and over, and maybe over again. It does goes away, though. Try to see yourself in a month when this initial blow has been smoothed away. For those of you who have been dumped, were you really happy anyway? Are you mourning the actual removal of this person from your life or are you mourning the loss of an idea of a relationship you may have manifested in your head?
2. Rely on yourself.
I know a lot of you are wondering what you have to offer in the midst of this mess? When the world breaks you down, what do you do? What do you do when you don't know how to do anything else? It could be painting. It might be cracking jokes. Maybe writing. We all do something. No matter how mundane you might think it is, it's worth something. That something, is you.
3. Hang out with some kids.
A couple nights ago, I was sitting on my front porch painting. A little girl came walking down the street, a bit ahead of her family. In my front lawn sits a huge patch of sunflowers. When the little girl reached this patch, her jaw dropped. "Mom! This is the perfect-est sunflower ever!", she screamed. Do you remember when you were little and things like this could make you the most ecstatic person....ever? Try to take yourself back to being young and innocent-eyed.
4. Be an asshole.
Now, I'm sure most of you think that I mean be an obnoxious person who does whatever they please. Now, now, silly's, that's not what I mean. However, let's take a look at what those people have to offer. The fact that they don't care about what anyone thinks is an essential trait we can use for our healing process. What holds most of us back? Fear. More importantly, fear of what other people might think about us when we go out there to pursue our dreams. What if we fail? What if we give up everything to take a leap of faith and then fall flat on our ass? Well, what if those people ceased to exist in our minds? What then?
5. Give peace a chance.
When we think about peace, we usually think hippies and world peace. The concept of world peace is so vast, it makes peace look hard. Yoko Ono once said that "each one of us has the power to change the world. Just start thinking peace, and the message will spread quicker than you think." We all can offer the world our own inner peace. No one can ever take you inner peace away from you, unless you let them! When you're in a bad mood because someone in this world has wronged you, you spread that negative energy like a lethal poison. Remember that everyone is dealing with problems. Sometimes it takes seeing one person deal with their problems in a peaceful manner to radiate a new trend. When the radar is looking suspect, take a stand a create a new frequency!
6. It's like lifting weights.
Whether you realize it or not, you're getting stronger. This is a test. Pull through it and you'll be a better, stronger person. It's like lifting weights in a gym. It's never easy at first. It's hard and it hurts like Hell. The more you do it and the more time you give it, the easier it gets. More importantly, you grow stronger. Any time any part of you strengthens, it boosts your morale to strengthen other parts. It's a chain reaction. If any part of you grew, wasn't it all worth it? Life is a series of chain reactions. So, once you do one good thing for yourself, no matter how small or large, it will ricochet.
You will be better.
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