Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's up with HOT YOGA?

A friend recently told me about Hot Yoga. As an advocate of exercise, I was immediately interested. What could be more relaxing than the combination of yoga and intense heat? Not to mention, how amazing would that be for your muscles?

Hot yoga is performed in a room which is usually heated between 95 and 100 degrees. Besides the fact that it is good for your muscles, the heat allows your body to sweat out toxins. Ever wonder why you feel cleaner after sweating? It's because you are cleaner! The guy who started it all is Bikram Choudhury in, surprise, Beverly Hills, which is why it is commly referred to as Bikram Yoga. Yoga might be ancient, but hot yoga, has only been around since the 1960's. To 20 somethings, however, that is still a little bit ancient.

In a frazzled world, yoga is a trendy way to relieve stress. So, even if you can't afford hot yoga, yoga is something that is fairly cheap. You can usually find a yoga class that will cost you around $10, which is just a few trips to Starbucks, or one martini.

Pick out a new yoga mat and explore the world of yoga. You won't be disappointed.

A couple of tips for Bikram Yoga:
1. Drink plenty of water before your class. It gets hot! Staying hydrated is always important in heated environments, as during any work-out.
2. You sweat a lot! Bring your own mat. It's fun picking them out, too! They come in all sorts of fun designs!
3. It's recommended to not eat 2 hours before your class. You can always chow down on something yummy after a great work-out!
4. Have fun & relax. This can only be a stress relief if you let it!
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