Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The buzz over local honey

We live in an artificially sweetened world full of Splenda, Sweet n Low, and Truvia.  Even though aspartame has been revealed as a chemical very close to poison, we still dump a packet in our coffee every morning.  Why?  Well, we don't want to gain weight from one tablespoon of real sugar, that's why.  When you choose what to eat, you should try to avoid things that are artificial.  Whatever it might be.  Think of the word natural- what comes from the Earth in some way?  Try to avoid things that have been made in a science lab (for at least a major portion of your diet). 

Honey is the world's oldest sweetener and is better for you than sugar.  Everyone loves honey because of it's mellow, sweet taste, but are you aware of its many health benefits?

I stumbled upon the value of honey when trying to find a natural way to reduce Summer allergies.  I don't know about you, but pumping my blood full of allergy medication every single day of the Summer sounds scary to me.  Having honey every day is a way to reduce your allergies!  Now let's clarify: by honey, it is essential to point out that local honey is the way to go.  Some grocery stores sell local honey, but a great way to find it is at a local Farmer's Market.  I was able to get a giant jar of local honey (from a local farm) for only $8, so if you are worried that local honey will cost you more, it's not a major difference. 

Honey can heal stomach ulcers and even some oral ulcers.  It is very easily digested so it promotes a healthy digestive system. It is a natural antiseptic, so you can use it to clean out wounds (of course, not too severe wounds).  Honey contains antimicrobial agents that can kill bacteria in a wound.  It is very gentle (a reason why it helps a sore throat), yet can clean your blood.  It is actually known as a blood cleanser! 

Honey is full of vitamins: B1, B2, C, B3, B5 and B6, Copper, Iodine and Zinc. (The family of B Vitamins is extremely beneficial for the health of your heart). 

Something great that is happening in Pittsburgh is a community apiary called Burgh Bees. (An apiary is just a place where beehives are kept, especially when bees are raised for honey, just in case you were wondering.)  They have real beehives where you can learn how to tend beehives.  Sounds totally cool, right? They even offer "Beekeeping 101" classes, if you are interested in learning!  Check it out at

TIP: Mix honey with Greek Yogurt (which is full of protein) for a healthy snack!
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