Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton Changes Into Another McQueen Dress for Evening Dinner Reception

Kate Middleton is wearing YET another Alexander McQueen dress designed by Sarah Burton for the evening wedding dinner reception taking place at Buckingham Palace, hosted by Prince Charles.  The white satin strapless gown resembles the one she wore this morning and is paired with an angora sweater. At this dinner, Kate Middleton is officially Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge. 

Photos from the Royal Wedding

Kate Middleton's dress

Everyone speculated on the designer of the dress when they saw Sarah Burton going into the Goring Hotel.  Minutes before the actual ceremony, it was revealed that Kate Middleton was indeed wearing an Alexander McQueen design by Sarah Burton.  In the US, I think people would have chosen a McQueen design that was a little more dramatic, but I like the simple, classic look on Kate, using French Chantilly lace.  It is a look that can remain timeless, as opposed to a dress that was in style "back then"... at least for a decade or so, right?

The palace released a statement saying that "Miss Middleton wished for her dress to combine tradition and modernity with the artistic vision that characterizes Alexander McQueen's work.  Miss Middleton worked closely with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress."

Royal wedding ceremony
  Royal procession

Royal procession

The royal wedding kiss

Royal wedding: guests arrive, depart
Victoria & David Beckham.  Don't you love everyone's hats? 

All photos belong to CBS News & Getty Images. 
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding: New Portrait of Will & Kate Revealed in Wedding Program

This portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton was released today, along with the entire Royal Wedding Program, which will take place tomorrow, April 29.  The photo captures the beaming couple in matching white shirts and was taken by legendary photographer, Mario Testino.  Testino is already known for their engagement photos, as well as countless photos taken of Princess Diana.  Don't forget to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow as history is made (and we all get to find out what Kate Middleton's wedding dress looks like!)

Photo: Mario Testino

Jordan Beckham: Pittsburgh Photographer Making Waves

Jordan Beckham on winning Photographer of the Year, what it means to "Get Beckhamized" & who his muses are.

by Sarah Davis

If you live in Pittsburgh, you have probably heard of Jordan Beckham.  He's making a name for himself with some killer photography (if you remember the blog I wrote for Faded Industry's End of the World event, you probably heard me raving about his piece).  Recently, he stunned everyone with his work for the "Larger than Life" event at Whim Nightclub and won Photographer of the Year at the 5th annual Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards for the 3rd year in a row.  Now, he opens up with The Vintage Rush about his photography career. 

Photo courtesy of Jordan Beckham
The Vintage Rush: You’ve just won Photographer of the Year for the third year in a row (at Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards), explain the award a little. Was it a specific piece for an award or your work in general?
Jordan Beckham: Yes, it was for my work in general. I’m really thankful for the 3 years.

TVR:  Any formal training in photography? Where at?
JB: Yes, I have a B.F.A. in Photography from Point Park University/Pittsburgh Film Makers. I’ve been shooting since I was a young buck when I would take photos and film my skateboarder friends.

TVR:  What is one of the biggest obstacles when trying to capture the right shot?
JB:  The expression on someone’s face is what determines everything to me so I would say that.

TVR:  Likewise, how do you know when you have a perfect shot? Since you win awards, you must have an eye for it.
JB:  Ha. It’s the pose; how they are composed within the frame. You just know as soon as it happens and move on.

TVR: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
JB: Traveling, Doing some other types of projects as well, we wont speak of them yet. I want to do galleries. That’s my overall big goal. It’s that simple.

TVR:  Any muses?
JB:  I’d say my girlfriend, Nina. Typically when people think of muses they think of the person they work with most and show off but I think of it as the person that you experiment with and learn from. So there is work that I may not show of her but it’s the work that means the most to me. And the most inspirational that hasn’t even happened yet. But I see it…

TVR: Any Photographers who have really influenced you?
JB:  My first was Larry Clark who did the movie KIDS. I feel like I was doing the type of photography that he was doing before I saw his work, so that was cool.

TVR:  Favorite person to work with ever and why?
JB:  That's a hard question to answer. Shooting with my girlfriend is always fun cause its like experimental time with her. Shooting with Common Wealth Family is the same way. I explore ideas that I normally wouldn't go to.

TVR:  Favorite restaurant in Pittsburgh?
JB: I just went to Capital Grille for the first time last month and that was pretty amazing. I love Nakama too.

TVR:  What are your thoughts on hard work? Why is it so important for someone else who is trying to get their name out there?
JB:  Everyone obviously has to work hard for anything. I remember when I used to skate I would try a trick over and over and over until I would land it. I've had that way of thinking with everything since then. If you try at something, eventually you'll get it. But don’t try to get a girl after she says no. That shit ain't cool!

TVR:  In your own words, what does it mean for someone to "Get Beckhamized"?
JB: "Get Beckhamized" is my Photography company's slogan. So, to "Get Beckhamized" is to get photographed by Jordan Beckham. It caught on after I did a shoot for a magazine. One of the dude's friends said ..."you're about to 'Get Beckhamized'" and it stuck.

TVR: Why Pittsburgh?
JB:  Pittsburgh is where I've grown up and I know it very well. I've traveled a little but most of my work has all been shot here. So I haven't really had a choice.

TVR:  Any advice to someone who looks up to you on how to gain such public recognition?
JB:  Do what you’re most passionate about with your work. That way, you’re happy and motivated. You’ll inspire yourself and the work will show it.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Recipe: Kris Carr's Green Juice

I love drinking this juice every day (well, days when I can) to detox and shed a few pounds for Summer.  I blogged about Kris Carr a few weeks ago and mentioned that her diet keeps her alive (as she beat cancer) so I love incorporating her tips into my diet regime.  It couldn't hurt, right?  A healthy diet full of fiber & vitamins also makes your skin glow, which I love.  She mentions on her blog more tips on how to juice these fruits and veggies every morning. 
Original Recipe
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting Back In Shape After A Few Weeks Off At The Gym & In Life
Don't say no to LIFE, say no to your EXCUSES!

by Sarah Davis

A good life, the happy life most of us crave, takes a lot of work.  Likewise, the fit body that most of us want to have, also takes a lot of time and effort in the gym and dieting.  Have you ever taken a few weeks off from the gym and tried to go back?  You feel a little more sluggish, a little embarassed of yourself for getting off track, it take more will power to get your cardio in and you have to see tons of totally fit people around you. 

These people are the ones who work out effortlessly, they have the latest workout gear, the most expensive pair of Nikes & instead of using their iPhone to listen to music, they probably have an iPad.  Basically, you just feel like you're behind these people. 

I'm not as in shape as these people.  I won't be able to work out as hard.  I've taken time off from the gym and it's going to be hard to get back in shape.  This type of thinking, these excuses you can create for yourself, can seem really discouraging.  Really, if you can just get back to the gym and do anything at all, you're already back on track.  Pushing yourself to get there is the hardest part.  Sticking with it and adding a little more time on the treadmill or doing a few more situps each day is how you GROW.  But, it's tough.  There are tons of excuses that appear to be bigger than the end result of getting back into shape.

Life is very similar to this gym analogy because there are a lot of reasons to give up sometimes.  It's just how it goes & it happens to everyone.  You don't have a lot of money or you pick the wrong guys or your car is always breaking down.  Once you away from positive thinking for a few weeks, it's really tough to get "back to the gym", or kick your negative thoughts for good.  There are tons of people around you who seem to be living a dream life (like the insanely fit people at the gym) and it can be again, discouraging. 

It takes a strong person to live a happy, rewarding life because you have to say no to things that might make you stray away from your goals for a period of time.  You have to keep going even when you don't want to.  You have to work at it every single day.  You have to re-wire your brain to say no to excuses and stop creating them, even though our society instills them in us.  Even if you miss a few weeks, you have to push yourself to get back on track.  So if you are reading this and you're off track, no matter if it's a week or a month or five years, start small. 

Go for a walk or think about things you love (as opposed to whatever problem you are allowing to rule your life).  Maybe you really want to start doing yoga but are scared because you've never done it before and you're not as lean as a Victoria's Secret model: watch some Youtube videos and practice in your livingroom.  Maybe you lost your job and you've been sulking because you really loved it: apply for one job today online.  Or maybe, your husband left you five years ago and you really haven't been the same since.  Do one thing today, even if it's just playing your favorite song as loud as you want, that is on the track to living the life you crave. Tomorrow, do it again and PUSH yourself to work out everyday.  Remember that it's hard for all of us, not just you.  You are actually stronger than whatever is holding you back in this life.  It is an illusion that your problem is stronger. 
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Daya Project: Giving Kids in India & Nepal a Chance To Live

I wanted to take a minute to spread the word of an organization I was introduced to last Sunday, The Daya Project.  It really puts American life into persepective to even just listen to the problems that children in India face.  Things like: poverty, starvation, forced prostitution, child labor, abuse & neglect.  All of these horrible things happening among children; little beings that can't really fight back.  The Daya Project works to end these problems among children in India and Nepal and give them a chance to live life.  They create homes, schools & community centers for these kids.  Take a minute to research The Daya Project, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter & help raise money. 

These kids are living on the streets, in the slums, constantly in "survival mode."  Something interesting that I learned was that India is lacking in resources but the world has an excess of resources, so the problem is that things just aren't distributed evenly.  So, if you help out at all, you are making a difference. 

Here are few statistics to put things into perspective:
300 million children in India (the entire population of the United States) are living in deep poverty.  They fight to survive every day.

50 million children are forced to work 8 to 10 hour days with little to no food to eat. 

6 million young girls are forced into prostitution because they are so poor.

6,000 kids die every day due to starvation every single day in India.  Out of all of the starving children in the world, 66% of them are in India. 

Get involved:
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Facebook & Twitter: @dayaproject

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Demi Lovato Joins Love is Louder

by Sarah Davis

Last month, The Vintage Rush featured a very special interview with Courtney Knowles, one of the founders of Love is Louder.  This is an inspiring campaign that is trying to end the horrific statistics of teen suicide and depression among teens. 

Today, Demi Lovato joined the movement and it is especially honorable because she is a teen who faced some of these issues and took a stand in her own life.  According to To Write Love On Her Arms founder, Jamie Tworkowski, one of the main problems in why teens are suffering from negative emotions is because they are embarassed to ask for help.  They're embarassed to say they have a problem.  Demi Lovato is an example of positive media; a public figure among teens who got help and is out spreading the word that it is okay to love yourself.  "Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect", Lovato writes on her hands.  While young, Demi suffered from being bullied by her peers and it manifested into self harm & an eating disorder.  Suprisingly enough, these are problems that are hitting America's teens hard and more teens suffer than you know (because they won't admit it).  We're proud of Demi for sharing this tough story with the world so she can inspire others!

Find out more about Lovato in her Seventeen Magazine article as she joins them and the Jed Foundation to insist that love is louder.  Again, as mentioned in the interview with Courtney Knowles, the executive director of the Jed Foundation, write "Love is Louder" on your hand, snap a photo and upload it to the Love is Louder Facebook page. 

Photo via Love is Louder
Bikinis... and Olive Oil Gelato
by Sarah Davis

As the warm weather approaches and we all begin gearing up for bikini season, something inside of us begins to crave.... cold treats. Particularly, gelato. TIP: pair up olive oil gelato with strawberries that have been soaked in balsamic vinegar. It. Doesn't. Get. Much. Better, folks.  (All of my former English teachers are probably shaking their heads for the lack of grammar in this post, but it's just what gelato does to a girl.)

Photo via Food 52

Here is some swimsuit inspiration if you haven't started your obsessive hunt to finding the BEST bikini ever this Summer:

Prices available for swimsuits at {} & {}

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Chatting with Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love

by Sarah Davis

"I've been helping people since I was born. I think I helped my mother give birth to me, while still in the womb." -Mastin Kipp, Founder/ CEO of The Daily Love

If you have a Twitter account, you've probably heard of Mastin Kipp. On Twitter, @thedailylove is one of the most active and highly followed accounts. Why are people so in love with The Daily Love? It's a constant source of positive quotes, written by ancient and modern-day gurus and of course, 29 year old Mastin Kipp himself.

The Daily Love also has a website that features a blog that gets seriously high traffic. Again, it's a source for positive energy and explains in detail what a 140 character tweet cannot always do. Each day, The Daily Love features a new blog written by Mastin or a guest blogger with something truly inspirational to say. A few of these guest bloggers are Tamera Mowry and Kim Kardashian. Kim dished on why it's important to love your haters and Tamera has opened up about everything from her weight, finding love and becoming pregnant even though the doctor’s told her she had slim chances.

I asked Mastin why he feels The Daily Love scores these amazing individuals to share their words. (You know thousands of people would love to feature a blog written by Kim Kardashian on their website, yet she is a solid fan of The Daily Love.) "It's a place where people feel safe to share their words," he says passionately as we chat via phone. "The site already has readers who are loving and share the same views as them. We have a half a million readers who are loving and compassionate."

People don’t just follow The Daily Love on Twitter, they consult it to lift their mood. People consult these tweets for enlightment, enpowerment & inspiration at all times of the day, from all over the world.  This not only proves how successful Mastin and The Daily Love are, but how powerful Twitter can be as a way to connect your words with the world.  Mastin insists that no one has to be a victim and that anyone can create any life they desire.  By believing in yourself and thinking with a loving, positive mind, you can achieve anything.  He says he is 100% self-approved and inspires people every day to feel the same way.  So, here is a little session of Q & A with the one and only Mastin Kipp.  I ask him everything from his thoughts on marriage to his thoughts on the cast of  Jersey Shore. 

The Vintage Rush: First off, how did The Daily Love come to be?
Mastin Kipp: The Daily Love started out in 2005 by originally sending out emails to friends. Then, it evolved into daily tweets.  In August 2008, Kim Kardashian tweeted about The Daily Love and overnight, we went from 1,000 followers to 10,000.

TVR: You help countless people each day with your tweets and inspiring blog. Have you always been someone who loves to help people?
MK: Always. I've been helping people since I was born.  I think I helped my mother give birth to me, while still in the womb. 

TVR: You have an incredible fan following and it continues to grow every day.  Were there any obstacles in the beginning while The Daily Love wan't yet a household name?
MK: Sure.  In the beginning, no one really knew if it was going to be such a huge success.  However, there was no Plan B.  You really don't know what tomorrow is going to bring, you know? You can guess, but you never know. You just have to follow your heart and stick with your plan. 

TVR: What do you do when you're having a bummed out day and don't even feel like getting out of bed? How do you approach those days knowing that people depend on your tweets and your blog?
MK: Luckily I don't ever have any days when I don't feel like getting out of bed.  If I'm not feeling 100%, I do Kundalini Yoga, I meditate, I'll go to good Bible study.  I make sure I'm eating foods that are good for my body; foods that don't have a lot of sugar. 

TVR: Who has profoundly changed your life?
MK: All of my fans; The Daily Love readers. Without them, I’d just be a guy.

TVR: Okay, we sort of already went over this, but what do you like to do in your spare time?
MK: The Daily Love is a full time job, but I love it so it doesn't feel like I'm working. Again, I like to do yoga, go to Bible study and spend time with my friends.  I like to go see movies. 

TVR: You are known for The Daily Love.  What, in your words, is true love?
MK: The meeting of two souls fully accepting the dark and the light within each other bound by the courage to grow through struggle into bliss.

TVR: Have you experienced it yet?
MK: I've had glimpses into it.  As for a long term relationship, not yet. I look forward to the day.

TVR: You're still young! What is your favorite quality in a lady? (For all of you who now know he's single).
MK: A woman who puts love before all other things: before being right, before being competitive or before fighting.  I'd have to say a woman with a deep connection with God is another quality I love.   

TVR: Let's talk marriage.  Is it a concept that you support? Do you feel like the media has taken away from the importance of marriage with figures such as Charlie Sheen or the cast of Jersey Shore. 
MK: If two people love each other, I don't think it matters.  Marriage is good for some people.  We have these really high divorce rates right now and it's really just important to focus on loving each other.  As for Charlie Sheen, he is just a good representation of what addiction can do to a person.  The cast of Jersey shore shows debauchery at its finest.  And I've thought that was cool before, you think it's fun at first, but then it's fun with problems and then it's just problems. You shouldn't sleep with someone until you both have an understanding of love for one another. 

TVR: Any thoughts on Rob Bell and his new book, Love Wins? (Prior to this interview, I had an intense conversation about Rob Bell and why some people love Rob Bell and others just don't.)
I love Rob Bell.  I haven't read his new book, Love Wins, but how can you go wrong with a title like that? I definitely celebrate anyone who challenges the status quo. 

TVR: Okay, fear is often a reason why many of us don't embrace this concept of loving ourselves, loving each other unconditionally and going after what we want.  Do you think that fear is real?
MK: Fear only exists within our minds.  Fear is something we learn as a human.  It doesn't have any place within God's creation.  It's a sincere human characteristic. 

TVR: Now for a lighter subject, what is your favorite cuisine?
MK: Sushi, raw food, BBQ ribs

TVR: What are some of your favorite hotspots to eat or grab coffee in Los Angeles?
MK: Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont, Intelligentsia and Gjelina. 

TVR: You've had a lot of amazing guest bloggers, which one has really struck a chord within you?
MK: Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Joseph Campbell.  Caroline taught me how to face the world with an empowered feeling. Wayne Dyer really taught me that you create your own reality and that you never have to be a victim.  Also, to follow intentions with action.  Tony Robbins taught me that you are the magician of your own life.  He really teaches you to break through limiting beliefs and realize that your potential is unlimited.  Joseph Campell taught me that every hero is a person who answers their own heart. 

TVR: Favorite book and why?
MK: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  It represents complete unconditional love. 

TVR: Favorite music?
MK: Oh, wow, I love everything from rock to indie to chanting music.  My all time favorite band is Tool.

TVR: What song were you jamming to today?
MK: Dev's "Bass Down Low"

TVR: Words to live by?
MK: In the words of Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), screw it, just do it. 

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TWITTER: @thedailylove, @mastinkipp

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Present Moment: This Mundane Thing We Often Sleep Through

Did you know that your brain is more active when you're asleep then when you are awake?  Even if you are cramming for big exams or calculating mathematics all day long, your brain will still work harder when you hit the pillow that night. 

So, let's talk about dreams.  Not only the literal dreams that occur when we sleep, but the dreams that we have for our futures.  Sometimes, we tend to put more focus into our dreams then our present circumstances.  Why might this be?  Maybe we don't like where we are at in life.  Maybe you're in the hospital recovering from a surgery and all you can think about is, "When I get out of here, I am going to ___________."  Or, you're flat broke and all you can think about is, "When I get some money, I am going to buy ___________."

The present is something that often gets overlooked because it is so mundane sometimes. It can look so drab; so boring. However, it is so important to know that the present is the most important time to focus on (out of the past, present and future) because it is the only time period we can interact with.  The only thing we can change. 

How many of us say things like "If I had only been smarter with my finances, I would have a savings account now." Once again, you are writing off the most important moment of YOUR LIFE.  The time that you waste looking back to what you've already done is saying to the present moment: this doesn't matter. 

So, we have this life that has been set up so that we can see the past and we can see the present moment.  The present moment is the only thing within the concept of time that we can interact with or change.  Or, do differently.  We cannot see the future, we have no access.  Yet, all we do is dream because it is our only look into the future. 

So, I encourage you to neither dwell on your past or dwell on your future.  Dreams are brilliant things, but your only real connection to them occurs when you intertwine them into your present time.  Make them a reality you are already living. 

Does anyone recognize the eye mask above? It's from my favorite movie, "Breakfast at Tiffany's."
Image via Pinterest

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The HOT List: Springin'

1. Nars Bronzing Powder, Sephora, $33
2. Matt & Kim "Grand" Album, Amazon, $11
    "Good Old Fashioned Nightmare" is so catchy.
3. Dark Chocolate Banana Babies, Whole Foods, $4
    I love frozen treats.  However, most of them are either really unhealthy or really artificial
    (for instance, Skinny Cow ice cream).  These are all natural frozen chocolate-covered
    baby bananas.  They're super tasty and healthy (if you choose the dark chocolate). 
4. "Feel Good, Do Good" Tshirt, No Star Clothing, $24
5. Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb, Sephora, $75
6. Brian Atwood Pink Loca Studded PVC d'Orsay Pumps, $781
7. Blu Moon Goddess Tunic, $240

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