Monday, November 28, 2011

Day Moisturizer Vs. Night Moisturizer

by Sarah Davis
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Are you using the right moisturizer?
One of the most important parts of your beauty regime during the winter is moisturizing. Question: do you use the same moisturizer for both day and night? Most likely, we've all done it before. I did it for most of my early twenties.   Now, at 25, I know it's a skin sin.  (Okay, it's not a major sin, as in similar to the damage a tanning bed will do, but you catch my drift.)

There is a major difference between the two and if you use each for it's correct purpose, your skin is on its way to a perfect complexion.  Dermatologists actually warn against using the same cream for both day and night, as you could actually be doing damage to your skin.  Mostly, because night creams never have SPF in them, which you need during the day.  Most day creams also protect against the harmful pollution city life offers.  When you're sleeping, there's no reason for these protective ingredients to be on your face.  

Day cream contains ingredients to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and the damage that sunlight causes your skin.  It's usually very light and breathable, while night cream is a thicker consistency. (Your skin will be left greasy if you wear night cream during the day.)

Night cream contains ingredients that help your skin heal, repair and moisturize itself while you rest.  If you wear day cream at night, your skin is holding in a moisturizer that was meant to block it from sunlight, which you don't get while you sleep. By using the correct moisturizer, you are working with the ingredients to allow them to do the job they were designed for.  

So, keep this in mind the next time you're amping up to lather your face up with day cream before bed.  

A tip I got from a Kandee Johnson (I just love her videos!):  When you sleep at night, lather up your face with a lot of moisturizer.  Your skin is meant to rejuvenate while you sleep, so PILE it on!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Win TWO Free Tickets To "The Nutcracker" at the Benedum! Here's How:

Psssst! Style & Wisdom is running a contest right now. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, you can win two tickets to The Nutcracker, which can be used for any day the show is playing during the month of December.  


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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Get A Little Wild With Your "Holiday Sweaters" This Christmas Season

by Sarah Davis

You know how every year for Christmas, no matter how old you get, someone (probably your Mom or Grandmother) gets you a sweater?  "It's perfect for the cold weather", they probably say when you open up the Macy's box.  Well, let's take a look at sweaters that will leave you, or whoever you're buying for, feel like they're posing for the paparazzi.  

Seems like every celeb has been spotted in the "Love Potion No. 9" Wildfox Couture sweater. Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and many other magazine favorites have recently been sporting Wildfox around Los Angeles.  Established in 2007, Wildfox offers an American-vintage collection of tops, scarves, sweaters, sweatpants, leggings. Everything is made in Los Angeles. The brand gained a lot of publicity when celebrities became obsessed with it, as they loved how unique everything about it was.  

Looking for a sweater to get for a friend or sister? We have you covered. Since some of these items are a bit pricey (the "Love Potion No. 9 sweater is about $175), I suggest getting a great sweater for someone close to you, like a daughter or one of your best friends. I really love Wildfox Couture because they have a completely unique spin on tops.  Whether it's t-shirts, cardigans or sweaters, they have something crazy that will make you stand out.  One of the best parts of fashion (well, vintage fashion) is finding something that no one else has, right?  I hope all of you are off to a fabulous start this holiday shopping season! If not, let Wildfox Couture inspire you.  

Image Credits: US Weekly, Pinterest, Wildfox Couture

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Entertaining: Spiced Apple Cider & Mini Caramel Apples

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One of my favorite things about Fall is spiced apple cider, particularly to serve on Thanksgiving.  I found this great idea on Pinterest for how to serve apple cider.  All you have to do is slice off the top of an apple and then scoop it out using a melon scoop. 

Here is a recipe from Bon Appetit for the cider once you've finished your apples:

(Serves 12)

  • 12 cups apple cider
  • 1/4 cup orange juice
  • Peel (orange part only) from 1 orange, cut into strips
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1 tablespoon (packed) brown sugar
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 whole cloves
  • 2 whole allspice
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • Pinch of salt

  • Mix first 10 ingredients in large saucepan. Bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer mixture 30 minutes to blend flavors. Strain mulled cider into carved apples.

    TIP 1: Save one of your carved apples for caramel dip.  Serve with sliced apples as a great snack to enjoy while waiting on Thanksgiving dinner to cook.  

    TIP 2: Since melon scoops are typically used to scoop out perfect balls of fruit, save a few, dunk them into caramel and serve as mini-caramel apples.  Stick a pretzel into the apple to make an edible lollipop stick.  

    Image Credit: Pinterest

    Rachel Bilson Launches ShoeMint on Black Friday

    by Sarah Davis

    Get ready Black Friday shoppers, something major is happening this Friday and it's not a cheap TV at Wal-Mart. Hart of Dixie star, Rachel Bilson, is launching ShoeMint, "online customized shoe shopping experience" with her stylist, Nicole Chavez and Steve Madden.  The trio are designing shoes that are fashionista-on-a-budget worthy.  If you're wondering why the name sounds like something you've heard before, it's because ShoeMint is part of the BeachMint family, which also owns Mary Kate & Ashley's StyleMint, Kate Bosworth's JewelMint & more recently, Jessica Simpson's BeautyMint.  

    The website will feature new shoes every month, available for $79.99, but only members can purchase.  I haven't been a fan of any of the other websites, but I adore Rachel Bilson's style and am in love with nearly every pair of shoes the website has released so far. 

    Rachel Bilson wearing ShoeMint in New York City

    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    Lady Gaga Takes Over Christmas with Gaga's Workshop, Presented By Barneys New York

    "Lady Gaga is a rare cultural phenomenon, not only because of her exceptional talents as a singer, songwriter and performer, but also with regard to her support of equality and individuality and status as a fashion icon.  Partnering with her in this unprecedented collaborative way to create the largest and most all-encompassing holiday theme that Barneys has ever mounted is a thrill.  As a New York City landmark, we wanted to celebrate Lady Gaga as a fellow New Yorker and amazing talent." -Mark Lee (CEO of Barneys New York).
    On November 21 at 11:59pm, Barneys New York will unveil Gaga's Workshop, which will take up the entire fifth floor of the Madison Avenue building. It will stay open all night and act as a funhouse (very much like The Nightmare Before Christmas) of shopping for Gaga's adult and child fans.  The entrance to the floor will be a giant mouth that resembles that of Lady Gaga's.  The floor will have eight different sections, one will be a library, one will be a candy shop, a gallery and a jewelry section.  The jewelry section will be made out of a giant spider. The budoir area of the floor will be in the shape of a giant Gaga wig. Part of the profits earned from this Gaga extravaganza will be donated to her Born This Way Foundation.  

    According to Barneys New York, the floor will be filled with visual installations that will literally take you through Gaga's memories.  (Her mother even worked closely with the designers when putting everything together.)

    TIP: The Gaga's Workshop website is unveiling one new item per day in the twelve days that lead up to the opening.  Some of the items unveiled so far have included flame nails, a cookie with Gaga's face on it, and rings that read "Gaga".

    As for the collection, everything is being kept secret until the day Gaga's Workshop opens. No photos of the floor have been released.  The only details released so far are on the website, which is fairly limited.   
    Image Credit: Barneys New York

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011

    Style Icon Tamara Mellon Leaves Jimmy Choo Unexpectedly

    by Sarah Davis

    Queen of designer shoes, Tamara Mellon, who turned Jimmy Choo into a household name, has been in the press lately for her big split with Jimmy Choo.  Tamara Mellon, a co-founder of the Jimmy Choo brand and the company's creative director has been one of my biggest inspirations in fashion, business and life for quite a few years now, so I'm a little curious as to what she's up to.  All good things, I believe. She founded the brand with Jimmy Choo in 1996 while working for Vogue, with a loan from her father. 

    Ms. Mellon recently won Harper's Bazaar Businesswoman of the Year, but didn't show up to pick up the award.  She sold Jimmy Choo in May to Labelux for 525 million dollars, and was to stay on board with a creative consultancy role, with CEO Joshua Schulman, but left on November 13 without any notice.  Schulman also announced he is leaving the company. Rumors are beginning to surface that she (and Schulman) are starting a lifestyle brand.  

    What are your thoughts? Will Jimmy Choo be the same without her image backing it up?  The image of a beautiful stylish woman who after a marriage with a man from the famous Mellon family, went on to date men like Christian Slater?  

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Versace Comes To H&M

    by Rosedart
    Donatella Versace wearing a Versace for H&M dress at a recent show.
    If you have had a love affair-at-a-distance with fashion brand, Versace, throughout your life but have never been able to afford their one of a kind pieces, get ready to thank H&M! Versace and H&M are teaming up for a collaboration so big that H&M stores will be enforcing security & shopping restrictions on the day the collection will be released, November 17.  

    Versace is one of the biggest names in the fashion world.  They are best known for celebrities who stand out on the red carpet.  With more and more collaborations on the rise, particularly with Target & H&M, people are saying this collaboration isn't even the best one yet, but it is some of Versace's best work yet. Designed by Donatella Versace herself, this collection takes a journey through Versace's heritage, which includes leather and vibrant colors.

    The pieces range in price from $29.99 to $399 and includes dresses, skirts, pants, jewelry, and handbags.  As for menswear, the line includes some edgy pieces that fit into a suit.  

    Photo Credits: Versace & H&M

    Knockout Cancer Event With The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice

    Teresa Giudice, of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, came into town to make a special guest appearance at the Knockout Cancer Event, presented by Pittsburgh's Kiss FM on November 13, 2011.  Money was raised for local cancer research, including The Young Women's Breast Cancer Foundation, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Obediah Cole Foundation & The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.  Held in the Galleria of Mount Lebanon, guests enjoyed a Q/A session with Teresa, free drinks and food from local establishments, a photobooth, and silent auctions.  (We will be chatting with the founder of the Young Women's Breast Cancer Foundation later this week here on Style & Wisdom for some tips, advice & information on how to prevent breast cancer!)

    Enjoy some photos from the event below:

    Tom, Katie & Suri Cruise Visit Pittsburgh's Milkshake Factory

    Katie Holmes OH NO! Suri Cruise watches on as her ice cream accidentally falls onto the floor after leaving The Milk Shake Factory in Pittsburgh with her mom, Katie Holmes. Suri, wearing a pink dress and holding onto her stuffed animal, was all smiles as she and Katie sat inside accompanied by their bodyguard.
    Tom Cruise is in Pittsburgh to film his latest movie, One Shot.  During some down-time last month, Tom Cruise, along with wife Katie Holmes and daughter, Suri, visited The Milkshake Factory on Carson Street.  While surrounded by paparazzi, the Hollywood family split three milkshakes, including an apple pie milkshake (yum), a vanilla salt caramel sundae & a vanilla cone for little Suri.  Sources say that the family polished off every bite of ice cream and seemed "really into chocolate."  The only thing they didn't finish was the vanilla cone, because Suri dropped it on the ground on the walk back to their car.  (I know, true journalism happening right here.) 

    Katie wore denim overalls from Madewell and high heeled booties. Her look got ATTACKED by the press, as they questioned what inspired her to look so drab.  What do you think of her look?  Does Pittsburgh make even Tom Cruise's wife, a stylish, trendsetting Hollywood starlet, feel this frumpy?  Or was she just having one of those days where you go get a milkshake with your family, not wearing a lick of makeup. We all have them, especially on the South Side.  

    I don't know about you, but I'm totally craving a milkshake from The Milkshake Factory now! If you would like more information on this South Side hotspot, visit their website here

    Katie Holmes OH NO! Suri Cruise watches on as her ice cream accidentally falls onto the floor after leaving The Milk Shake Factory in Pittsburgh with her mom, Katie Holmes. Suri, wearing a pink dress and holding onto her stuffed animal, was all smiles as she and Katie sat inside accompanied by their bodyguard.

    Photo Credits: Zimbio

    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Kellee Maize Release Party 11-11-11

    Article by Sarah Davis
    Photography by Rosedart

    11-11-11 was a special day for Pittsburgh's female rapper, Kellee Maize.  She did a special performance of her new album, Integration (released the same day) at the Istanbul Grille in Lawrenceville.  The release party was filmed and will be used to create a music video.  

    In spiritual style, Kellee's team cleansed the stage with sage prior to her performance.  It was an intimate setting, with couches and candles.  A couple of carefully aligned details with Kellee's personality included a vegan/vegetarian menu (courtesy of Instanbul Grille), tarot & numerology readings and live art from Pittsburgh artist, Octeel.  Not to mention, Clique Vodka was there to liven the scene up with fun mixed drinks sprinkled with Pop Rocks. All tips earned by the bartenders were donated to the Make a Wish Foundation & the dress that Kellee wore was auctioned off, as well. 

    For more information on Kellee Maize & to download her full album, Integration, check her website out here. Enjoy out some photos of Kellee's performance below.  

    {Kellee's backup dancers}

    {Live art from Pittsburgh artist, Octeel}


    Tuesday, November 8, 2011

    Real Housewives' Teresa Giudice Coming To Pittsburgh For Knock Out Cancer Event

    Teresa Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey promoting her
    new cookbook, Fabulicious
    Love the Housewives of New Jersey?   If you keep up with the show, you probably know  Teresa, the housewife who is always surrounded   by loads of drama.  Whether it's  flipping a table, bickering with her sister-in-law, or writing a cookbook that includes a lot of questionable remarks about her co-stars, she is always the center of attention.  

    Now, Teresa is set to come to the Galleria of Mt. Lebanon! She's the special guest for the Knockout Cancer event, which is a one of a kind night of shopping, dining, and drinks that will raise money for local cancer research organizations. There will be live music, discounts in all of the stores (Hello, Anthropologie) and auctions to check out.  

    Presented by 96.1 Kiss FM, the event will take place on Sunday, November 13, from 6pm to 10pm. You may purchase tickets for the event on the 96.1 Kiss website for $50, which includes food and drinks.  Ms. Giudice will be promoting her new cookbook, Fabulicious, which stirred up quite a bit of controversy on the season finale and reunion episodes of the Bravo reality show.  Jersey's favorite mother of four/cookbook author/table flipper/tabloid focal point will be doing a VIP meet and greet, which at this time, is sold out. 

    This sounds like a fabulous event that will raise money for a very important cause.  

    Sunday, November 6, 2011

    Local Eats Restaurant Review: Pizza Sola (South Side)

    by Sarah & Rosedart

    Pizza Sola in Pittsburgh's South Side is a great go-to location if you're walking along Carson Street and in need of a quick bite.  Their over-sized slices are so big that when you order one, you get it on two paper plates.  If you are wondering, this is also the place that every drunk person thinks of when the bars close and their alcohol filled stomachs are craving unhealthy food. During the day, though, I love the atmosphere.  It's a mellow spot that you can go to with no makeup and the sweatpants you wear on Sundays (because you have nothing in your dayplanner).   The pizza is not bad, either.  The ingredients are fresh and the crust is thin, but not too crunchy.  There is also a unique variety of bottled sodas to choose from when ordering your slice.   Pizza Sola makes me feel nostalgic of one of my favorite cities in the world: New York City.

    {Pizza Sola, located in South Side}

    {A variety of pizzas to choose from}
    {A variety of bottled sodas to choose from}
    {Greco Slice: Feta, Tomatoes, Spinach}
    {BBQ slice: BBQ chicken, red peppers}
    {The street view from a window seat which looks out onto Carson Street}

    Saturday, November 5, 2011

    Zooey Deschanel Divorces Death Cab Frontman

    by Sarah Davis

    Looks like divorce is striking another celebrity couple in Hollywood news. This time, it's the Indie rockstar couple Zooey Deschanel (star of the new Fox sitcom, New Girl) and Ben Gibbard (frontman of one of the greatest bands ever, Death Cab For Cutie). The two are splitting after two years of marriage.  This is wildly big news because Death Cab is probably going to be writing up a new album full of heartbreak.  Also, these two have major Indie followings and I'm wondering who people are going to side with: the whimsical, queen of positivity beauty or the guy who everyone listens to when they are breaking up with someone? 

    News of their divorce broke only a few hours before New Girl returned with their fourth episode, "Naked" after taking a 3-week hiatus.  Is anyone keeping up with New Girl? It's not that hard, there have only been four episodes so far? Deschanel is surprisingly way more funny than you expect her to be.  She plays Jess Day, a nerdy, quirky girl who moves in with 3 guys she finds on Craig's List after a nasty breakup.  The show is about the awkward development of their close friendship, as they help her get over her ex and her strange behavior grows on all of them. 

    I guess Zooey is in the same place as her character, Jess Day.  They're both recovering from horrible breakups.  Likewise, I suppose Ben Gibbard is out there searching for a new girl...

    Thursday, November 3, 2011

    Kim Kardashian Gets Divorced After 72 Days of Marriage, Surprise?

    by Sarah Davis

    Pinned Image
    Remember when we all found out that Kim Kardashian was engaged to some guy who she really didn't even date?  Then, we sort of got to know Kris Humphries, we sort of wondered why she picked him, but internally made an executive decision that it was all good because we were all curious to see what kind of wedding she would throw/film/do interviews about? Then, we noticed that her wedding was dual wedding/1-hour E! event? Then, on episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, we all watched as Kim & Kris didn't have any chemistry, Rob got into fights with Kris and her sisters blatently said they didn't really know him, but didn't like him?  Then, yada, yada, yada, they went off the radar for about a month and then yesterday, we find out that their marriage just isn't working out and they are "filing for divorce, but still close friends." I was forced to read some of the articles out there about this topic and a lot of Kim's unnamed, but really "close friends" are quoted, saying that there were a lot of signs.  Really?  I swear that the media coverage of this big-bootied family is a ploy made by the government or maybe some alien life, to keep us from thinking about things like....the economy, the fact that students pay more money than they literally can ever pay back within their life span to go to college to find a job that will pay them minimum wage and other political topics.  If a human being's brain were to actually be stimulated by the news, or the radio or that ancient thing called a newspaper, there might be some riots or something even worse....CHANGE.  That would be bad.  Instead, what is everyone in America doing today?  Quietly wondering about this sham of a marriage and why they aren't as pretty as Kim (who's job is to look good.)

    Why are we, as (generally) mindless human beings always being told by the media to think about the Kardashian family? As if they aren't on TV all day long, there are billboards on the streets, magazines covers in the line at the grocery store, bottles of perfume when you're trying to shop, DVDs of their workout routine, they promote your alcohol, they are on the screen when you cruise through the internet.  They are just...everywhere. And, when you forget about them for two weeks, some HUGE story like this breaks and it's all anyone is talking about.  They're like your dog, who when he doesn't get enough attention, he pees on something he knows you love, like your purse or your coat.  Even if you're mad at your dog, you're showing him attention because your mind is centered on him and the fact that he peed on your purse. I usually don't mind the Kardashians, but this wedding/divorce story is making me want to move to another country, where no one owns televisions.  

    Sometimes I wonder how celebrities live at all.  Everything they do (their life) becomes entertainment for the rest of the world.  Even worse, they sell their life for millions of dollars to magazines and photographers and reality shows.  I'm sure that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are "sad" that their marriage is over, but I'm sure they're also thinking about the exclusive interviews they're going to be getting paid millions of dollars to do about why their marriage didn't work.  Kris Humphries is probably thinking about what he is going to do with his life now that the entire world knows his name.  

    The 1-hour special on E reportedly earned millions (they earned 30% of all earnings from advertisements that ran during the special.)  Is anyone else just bored with this story?

    gty kim kardashian kris humphries ll 111101 wblog Kim Kardashians Divorce Could Put Show in Peril
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