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Reese Witherspoon Admits She's Nervous For Daughter Ava's 13th Birthday

by Sarah Davis

Reese Witherspoon might be able to walk any red carpet and make any film a hit, but she tells People Magazine that she is nervous for her daughter to become a teenager! With Ava Philippe, one of two kids from Reese' first marriage with Ryan Philippe, on the brink of her 13th birthday, Reese says that parenting a teenager will be a "learning curve." 

“This is the time where I start asking all my friends who have kids who are older, ‘What do you do about a cell phone? What are your rules about the computer? Is she allowed to go out with friends or is she not?’ So I learn a lot from other mothers", says the star of This Means War.

Despite her comments, however, Reese admits she has everything under control.  She says that as her kids get older, they are able to have more intelligent conversations at the dinner table and they even teach her things.  “My daughter will ask me something about famous composers, and I have no idea what she’s talking about. So that’s kind of nice. It’s like I’m learning from them.”

While celebrity gossip isn't really something that I'm fond of, I have always loved Reese Witherspoon and found inspiration in her because she's so down to earth.  I think a lot of celebrities lie to the public to pretend they have everything covered and aren't affected by anything (at all), but Reese is always keeping it real.  She generally always has a positive attitude about everything that happens to her.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Springing Into A Warmer Wardrobe: Sperry Boat Shoes

by Style & Wisdom

By the end of February, I'm usually ready to begin shopping for Spring Essentials.  The winter here in Pittsburgh is really dark and gloomy, so any daydream of the Spring and Summer is almost necessary to survive it.  Sperry Boat Shoes are perfect for Spring, for both men, women, and kids.  My favorite is the Women's Angelfish Slip-On Boat Shoe.  

Even if you're not going out on a boat for a day, these would be perfect for walks, days spent outside, and ordinary things like trips to Starbucks or the grocery store.  These are also great for sticking on with a summer dress or skirt, because while they are comfortable, they're still very chic.  I just love them!


Your Guide To Overcoming A Work-Related Anxiety Attack

by Sarah Davis
Not everyone's work life is this relaxing.  
When you're out there making things happen for yourself, it's no secret that it might bring on a little bit of anxiety.  Having a dream is easy, making it come true is a TON of work.  You're meeting a lot of new people, challenging yourself in new ways, and success doesn't come without pressure from other people.  You might find yourself having... an anxiety attack.  Should I be doing this? Is it worth it to invest money in my own business? Will other people support me? Anxiety attacks are caused by something called internal chatter. Here are a few tips to consider in order to bypass your anxiety attack and get back on the road to success.

How to tell your anxiety attack that it's time to pack up and go.  First of all, your panic attack is purely in your head.  It is something that only you can feel.  Someone might have triggered it but they cannot stop it.  I get little flare-ups of anxiety at least once a day (moments when your thoughts sort of eat you alive) and this is the best way to shoot them down.  Stop what you're doing and force yourself to think of absolutely nothing, or meditate for a few short minutes.  

Feeling embarrassed?  Tons of celebs experience anxiety attacks.  Everyone gets them.  One of the ways that I get over something embarrassing really fast is to envision myself telling this experience as a funny story over dinner or over drinks.  For some reason, this makes me laugh a little in the moment it's still happening and then I realize if it's going to be a funny story then, it can be right now, too.  

Force yourself to not think like a victim.  These moments of panic when pursuing success happen, but it's important not to get too hung up on them.  If you start thinking that you're not worthy of success, it's going to affect your career.  Remember that anxiety is in your head and get back out there.  I always find that if I jump back in, or go to the gym and work out for a half hour, I'm back in the right state of mind to get back to work.  

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can You Tell Who's On The Cover of Interview Magazine This Month?

Katy Perry covers the March issue of Interview Magazine and she looks better than ever! This is her first magazine cover since splitting with Russel Brand and she is interviewed by Bridesmaids star, Kristen Wiig. Ditching her normal look of colored hair and funky clothes, she channels Megan Fox and Amy Winehouse with her stunning look and pin-up girl eye makeup.  What do you think of Katy's killer look?  

Photo Credit: Interview Magazine

Urban Active Fitness Presents: "Love Your Body"

by Josh Bowen, Urban Active Fitness

To preface this entry I would like to say the following; I am very opinionated and if you are easily offended, quit reading now. Now, that we have crossed that bridge I’d like to get into the subject at hand. I was in the Chicago (Midway) Airport recently and I went to the magazine stand to look for some reading material. There were dozens of different magazines covering subjects matters from money to parenting to exercise. However, I started to see a trend that did not set well with me. It seemed like every magazine cover was obsessed with physical characteristics highlighted by “Ripped Abs in 30 days” “Lose 30 LBS without Dieting” or my favorite, “Reduce Your Belly Fat by Eating this Fruit.” If that isn’t bad enough, the covers of these magazines make things worse. On the “Muscle Mags” you have an Incredible Hulk like figure with muscles in places most people don’t have places. On the other side of the coin the magazines aimed at women have relatively thin, almost emaciated cover models. What is going on here? What is the “media” trying to tell our society?

Now, I have no issue with the people on the covers of these magazines, they are in great shape (in most cases) and its their job to look like that. What I do have issue with is the projected image of what is beautiful and in shape. It is unrealistic for the average person that picks up one of these magazines and expecst to look like these people. Most of these individuals have been athletes all their life, have put in the hard work to look the way they do and have a great genetic profile. Should that stop them from trying? No! But should it convince them that because they saw this on a magazine cover that they are inadequate if they don’t look this way? Our society’s opinion on what is acceptable, beautiful and realistic is warped.

I am by no means a small man; I am 5’11 and 200 lbs with relatively low body fat. By most standards, I am a bodybuilder (I do not compete). I was blessed with somewhat decent genetics but how can I expect to look like these individuals in these magazines? I cannot. This public opinion has caused people to go on a quest of something unrealistic and causing people to forget about what’s important; overall physical and mental health. Our self-image has become distorted because of what we see and what has been projected as acceptable. This happens to both women and men. Referring to women, it is unhealthy to look like a stick and have no muscle tone. Quite frankly it is more attractive to have muscles and maybe just maybe a little body fat.

The reality of it is its ok to have a little body fat and have a little extra weight to lose. I cannot tell you how many times a client has brought in a picture of a Victoria’s Secret model and said, “I want to look like this.” My reply is, “No you don’t.”

My conclusion is this; I am not attacking exercise related magazines or the individuals in them. They work hard for their bodies but to expect to look like them for most people is unrealistic, de-motivating and in some cases doesn’t look good anyway. So from me to you, love who you are, continue to workout hard and use good nutritional tactics. Keep working towards your goals but don’t be discouraged by these “perfect” cover models. As a person who is near and dear to my heart says; Lover Your Body! 

Yours in Fitness, 

About Josh Bowen: "I started my fitness journey as a puny, 145 lbs 18 year old. Like most guys, I wanted muscles to get noticed, but what started as a way to get a date with a girl became a lifestyle and a career. After tirelessly trying to break into the fitness industry, I got my first training job in 2004. I was certified and ready to start whipping people into shape. What started as something I was doing on the side became a love and an obsession. Personal training was what I wanted to do!
I’ve trained them all: professional athletes, wannabe pro athletes, housewives, wannabe housewives, executives, and wannabe executives. You name them, I’ve trained them. My next move was to instill the education and know how I developed as a trainer to other trainers. In 2007, I was promoted to Quality Control Director for Urban Active Fitness. I have spent the past 4 years directing and leading 400 personal trainers in 7 states. I’ve certified trainers; I’ve proctored hundreds of seminars and conference calls and even contributed 10 published articles. My mission is to spread the word of fitness to as many people as I can through personal training. My motto is Train, Motivate and Inspire!"

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Red Carpet Looks from the Oscars!

Photo Credits: Getty Images 

An Ice Cream Social With Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Article by Sarah Davis 
Photography by Rose Davis

"Every person we hire here at Jeni's Ice Creams needs to fit into our our two missions.  We have two missions that we achieve every day, the first is to the sell the best ice cream, which means learning new things every single day.  Our other mission is to make people feel good," says Jeni Britton Bauer, author of the book Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams At Home and co-owner of the national ice cream brand, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. (Jeni, the namesake founder, owns the business with her husband and his brother.) I wanted to start this article about the guidelines that each employee follows each day at Jeni's because because every ounce of ice cream you purchase, whether it's a sundae from one of Jeni's ice cream shops in Columbus, Ohio or a pint from your local grocery store, has been prepared by hand by someone who has your best intentions in mind.  There are no mass production lines to make packaging easier. None of the ingredients come in powder form, it's all done by hand, made by hand, melted down by hand, mixed by hand, etc.  Every batch of caramel (found in the popular salty caramel flavor) can only be made by three people on staff (one of which is Jeni herself) because the only way to know that they caramel is done is by looking at it and smelling it.  Salty caramel is the brand's most commonly purchased ice cream and accounts for 25% of the sales, and can only be made by three people on staff.  

Each scoop of ice cream found in each pint has been scooped in by one of Jeni's staff members, often times has layers of different things like jam or lemon curd.  The name of the ice cream inside of a pint has been written on the container in black marker by one of Jeni's staff members. In fact, there are ten people on her team that have one job: to write the names of each ice cream on the pints of ice cream.  

And, all of the ice cream has been made with ingredients that Jeni knows the story behind, which part of the world it comes from, and can talk about the people who make the ingredients like they are her closest friends in the world.  Her vanilla extract, for instance, Ndali Vanilla, comes from a small town in Uganda that only ships to one American company, which is Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. It's a fairtrade vanilla extract, which Jeni takes pride in. The dairy used in each of the ice creams and frozen yogurts is strictly Snowville milk and cream, which comes from cows that eat only grass.  I don't know about you, but I love to really explore what ingredients are found in a product that I'm putting into my body.  There are very few companies out there, today, that will sit down with you and not only tell you about each ingredient that can be found in their product, but actually know the story behind each company that supplies the ingredient. 

Each pint might be around $10, but not only are the unique flavors certainly impressive, you are paying people who truly care about what you're eating and are using part of what they earn to give back to the community.  By purchasing this ice cream, you're acknowledging that you are a consumer who cares about what you eat, and it's good to know that your ten dollars becomes part of a chain of people who care about food. Jeni notes that a lot of her competitors aren't always selling ice cream in this manner. "I have mixed feelings about some of the frozen yogurt chains out there," Jeni says of the quality of the frozen yogurt she sells, for example. "A lot of their frozen yogurt comes in dry mixes that they add water to and freeze. There is an art to making yogurt, you allow cultures to bloom and it's a process.  I think when we say no to this process by accepting bland foods that come from dry mixes, it takes away from the heritage of pleasure that food is supposed to be to humans."

With flavors like Thai Chili, Gooey Butter Cake, Lime Cardamom Frozen Yogurt, one can only imagine that one of my first questions for Jeni was to find out how she gets inspired to create such unique flavors of ice cream.  "Well, when I first started out, I just had an ice cream cart in the North Market (which is a giant open market where merchants come and sell fresh food) in Columbus, OH.  I was around the best of the best merchants with ingredients and they would suggest things to me. I was "ice cream girl", and there was a dairy guy, a thai girl, etc. We all knew each other and they would bring me their best bacon and say, hey, you should make an ice cream with this in it.  So, it gave me a lot of room to explore."  To this day, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is still a key merchant in the North Market, which is open every day in Columbus and holds a big part in the community.  

But, back to some of the history of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.  After she made a strong presence in the North Market, her business then was known as Scream, she took a few years to create a business plan, before finally opening Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.  She owned Scream while still in college, studying Art & Art History at Ohio State University. "What I took away from studying art and art history is really the way that art affects you.  It really prepared me to see the way that ice cream affects you, it's a multi-layered sensory experience." After working on Scream for a few years, she finally opened Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, which she co-owns with her husband and his brother.  Now, Jeni's is sold all over the country and is one of the most creative ice cream brands out there.  I think it's really interesting though that she studied art in college, because you can really see the roots in her ice cream creations.  "I think that to be a strong entrepreneur, you have to be a creative thinker.  You have to use both sides of your brain", she says of her business, which is as equally creative as it is business oriented, as well as scientific.  

The success of Jeni's didn't come without hardwork and developing a strong relationship with the community around the business, however.  Jeni instills in all of her employees that giving back is one of the biggest parts of entrepreneurship.  She even has project in the works right now to mentor young girls on how to be entrepreneurs.  "I think there is something very crucial about reaching girls who are twelve because twelve is the year before you start to wear the weight of the world on your shoulders.  If we can teach girls strong values at this time, we can get a lot of them to avoid the hardships of their teen years." Aside from her mentoring group for young girls, she is the co-founder of Local Matters, an organization that helps people in Central Ohio eat more local vegetables and overall better quality food in public schools and at home.  "So even though our ice cream is $10, you're helping us fund projects like this and we give a lot of it back", she says.  

I wanted to know what the best part of her success has been for her.  "Choosing who you get to work with everyday, from your suppliers, to your consumers, to your partners.  They all offer expertise and they all have positive energy.  Likewise, surely she experimented with a few flavors along the path to success that have totally bombed, right? "Well, most of the flavor combinations work eventually, so there haven't been too many flavors that didn't work at some point or another, except for smoked banana.  We tried it out ten years ago, and in theory, it works, but when executed, the smoked banana always turns into turpentine,"she laughs. Luckily, literally every other flavor seems to loved by the public.   

Finally, what is Jeni's FAVORITE ice cream to eat?  "Lemon Yogurt.  It's been my favorite for the past fifteen years and I think sometimes it gets overlooked in the book because its so simple.  It's a little bit of cream, a lot of lemon juice.  Sometimes I like to mix the Lemon Yogurt with Dark Chocolate, which is really good."  

For more on Jeni's ice cream, visit her website here.

{Dry ingredients line the walls in Jeni's test kitchen, located in Columbus, Ohio}
{Ndali Vanilla Extract, a fairtrade Ugandan vanilla that is used in Jeni's ice creams}

{Flavored syrups in Jeni's test kitchen}
{Sampling a new flavor of ice cream the Jeni's team is currently working on, I believe was vanilla ice cream with scoops of lemon curd in it, which was more than amazing.  We also tasted Tcho chocolate that Jeni had just got in to try that day.}
{Chalkboard with ice cream flavors in one of Jeni's stores open to the public in Columbus, OH}
{Preparing the famous "One Night in Bangkok" ice cream sundae}
{Wowza- "One Night In Bangkok" sundae, complete with a fortune cookie with a fortune inside written by the Jeni's team.}
{Counter space and all of Jeni's ice cream ready to go for the public to come snag a sweet treat.}
{Sampling the Orchid Vanilla macaron, which has gobs of brambleberry jam inside.  This was probably our favorite item from Jeni's.}
{A creative display that showcases some of the treats that Jeni's has to offer, including the famous ice cram sandwiches, or macarons.}
{Fun light fixtures}
{Some of our favorite flavors from Jeni's in the case.  What a fun day!}

Friday, February 24, 2012

Want To Win A Trip To Finland?

...simply tell Lumene what the essential ingredients of your life are!

Lumene is a skincare brand that I've been falling in love with recently.  The brand really emphasizes the fact that they use only the purest ingredients when creating their skincare products, and to celebrate the growth of their company within the US, they are doing an incredible video competition that will knock your socks off.  

By uploading a 1-minute video of the "essential ingredients of your life" to the Lumene Facebook page, you're entering into a contest to win roundtrip flights to Finland for two, hotel accommodations for four nights, a spa treatment for two at Kamp Spa, and a YEAR's supply of Lumene products.   

Check out Lumene Brand Ambassador, Byrdie Bell's video for inspiration on how to make your video be the winning video.  Winners will be announced on May 1, 2012. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do The Popular Neuro Drinks Actually Work? (Review)

by Style & Wisdom

We're sort of obsessed with Neuro Drinks here at Style & Wisdom. I first saw them in the grocery store (Market District is the only store I've seen selling them in Pittsburgh) and I was drawn in by the different colors and unique shape of the bottle, and the bold names of each one. We mentioned NeuroSun in a blog post recently about how to beat the winter blues (you can read it here), but now, we're going to take some time to explain each of the seven drinks from the Neuro brand.  Each drink comes with a major claim as to what it can do for your mind and body, but do they really work?  I wasn't entirely sure when I tried them, but was happy to find out that they do actually live up to their claims.  And, they all taste really delightful.

First off, let's talk about what each one claims to do.  There are seven drinks: NeuroBliss, NeuroSun, NeuroPassion, NeuroTrim, NeuroSonic, NeuroSleep, and NeuroSport. NeuroBliss promotes happiness while helping to eliminate stress, NeuroSun provides your entire daily dose of Vitamin D (1,000 IUs) without the harmful rays of the sun, NeuroPassion stimulates blood flow to the body, NeuroTrim promotes weightloss with a unique fiber ingredient that makes you feel full, NeuroSonic increases mental alertness and concentration, NeuroSleep promotes restful sleep by using Melatonin, and finally, NeuroSport repelenishes the body during and after exercise with a combination of 12 minerals and 5 electrolytes.

So, the big question here is do they work? I'm going to go through my personal three favorites and one that is too strong for me, because these are the ones that I would be using most frequently and can fill you in on how they work, if they work for my lifestyle, and if I like the taste. My personal favorite is the NeuroBliss.  I actually do feel calmer while drinking it, and for a stressful day at the office, or a day of phone calls, emails, and writing all day long, I think it is a very useful product. It's a better alternative than drinking coffee all day long or dreaming about Happy Hour after work, which isn't always a healthy way to cure work stress.  I love how these drinks are somewhat fizzy, but not nearly as carbonated as soda. It's almost like you're drinking a drink from the future (like, something that Charlize Theron would be drinking in Aeon Flux).   NeuroBliss has a very light, sweet taste to it, which isn't overpowering and makes it very relaxing. They have a really nice calming effect that, in my opinion, is great for winding down at the end of the day, or drinking before a stressful phone conference, or something of that nature. 

Another favorite of mine is the NeuroSun, which isn't carbonated like the NeuroBliss and the NeuroSonic, which I will mention soon.  The taste of the drink sort of channels tanning lotion (or a day at the beach of drinking Pina Coladas) but tastes really good at the same time. It's very tropical. For gloomy days in the winter, I think this drink is a perfect midday boost if you're feeling like you're never going to escape the winter.  

My final favorite from the line is NeuroSonic.  I'm a total fan of coffee because I think it helps me to tackle crazy days early in the morning, but it makes me crash and is REALLY heavy.  NeuroSonic does the same thing, but without the heaviness of coffee and the crash that occurs after a few cups.  I think this would be perfect for someone in college who had to take a final exam, which I think is what the company had in mind when creating it.  It really helps me to focus on my work and, as I mentioned, tackle my work.  

NeuroSleep is a really powerful drink that will make you sleepy. Since it does work, be ready to sleep when you drink it. It doesn't help you relax, it actually helps you fall asleep. I wanted to see what it tasted like early in the morning and found myself sort of out of it because it contains melatonin (which I have personally never liked.) The melatonin in it does make you ready to go to sleep, but if you don't like the effects of melatonin on your body ( I know that I get strange nightmares when I take it), I would keep that in mind.  If you are a total fan of melatonin and take it before bed already, this is totally your drink.  I do love the taste, though, it has sort of a light fruity taste to it. 

I wanted to talk about my favorites, or my personal system (NeuroBliss, NeuroSonic, and NeuroSun) from the Neuro brand because I want everyone to be inspired to go find out what their personal system is with these drinks. Oddly enough, my three favorites are a recommended combination from the brand, which they refer to as the Workaholic system.  How ironic?!  I think these are a really fun alternative to the unhealthy carbonated drinks on the market, like soda and energy drinks.  I personally love them because all of their claims are achieved with vitamins and minerals, rather than unhealthy and chemical ingredients like those found in some of the energy drinks and sodas on the market. 

Right now (from Feb 13 to Feb 29), since Neuro is an official sponsor of the Elton John Oscars party, they will donate $1 for every person who uploads a photo of their personal system to the Neuro Facebook page. Each dollar will be donated to the Elton John Aids Foundation to help upgrade the lives of those affected by HIV/Aids. 

For more details about Neuro's official sponsorship of the Elton John Oscars party, check out their Facebook page at  Just a reminder, for more updates on useful product reviews of popular products like this one, like Style and Wisdom on Facebook as well at Enjoy!

Is Your Makeup Freaking Your Guy Out?!

Glamour recently did a poll to find out which of our beauty trends guys actually like and here are the results.

Hair: Guys say they like long hair, while girls like short, choppy cuts like the one Michelle Williams flaunts.  

Manicures: Guys say they like a classic french manicure, while girls say they like to experiment with funky new shades and "cool designs." Remember when Katy Perry rocked nails with picture of her ex, Russel Brand, on them? A guy would say maybe she should have stuck with a classic french manicure...

Eyes: Guys say they like their gals to stick with just mascara.  Girls, on the other hand, like eyeliner and "done up lids." Hello, smokey eye, must we really part?

Lips: Guys agree they like a natural lip look (just-Chapstick-natural), while women say they love bold lipstick, particularly in the color red. A reader of Glamour writes in to say that  "red lipstick is always sexy", while guys say the bright color "freaks them out because it might get all over their face."

3 Things That "Creep" Guys Out according to Glamour: the device known as the eye lash curler, tweezers, fake eyelashes, and putting eyeliner on, especially in the car.  "Putting on eyeliner in the car...I'm afraid they're going to stab themselves in the eye!"

Photo Credit: Vogue

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cirque Dreams Opens at Heinz Hall (Review)

by Sarah Davis
Photo via Cirque Dreams
"Pop Goes The Rock", the latest all-in-one musical from the Cirque Dreams brand, opened last night at Heinz Hall, located in Downtown, Pittsburgh, and blew me away.  This is part of a traveling tour, of PNC Broadway Across America, and it will only be in Pittsburgh until Feb 26, 2012.  "Pop Goes The Rock" is written, directed, and produced by Neil Goldberg, the creator of the Cirque Dreams brand. "Pop Goes The Rock" has a live band, a full dance crew, seasoned vocalists from all over the world, and is said to be a "funhouse of music, mayhem, and sensory spectacle." 

This show is full of life, almost bursting at the seams with energy, and offers songs you've probably heard of like Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" and Madonna's "Like a Prayer." The show is carnival-like, each act offering a performance of magic tricks, balancing, juggling, chain-climbing, swinging into the audience, and much more, all while mixed with live music. It is truly you are a child again and you're dreaming of what it would be like to be trapped inside of a jack-in-the-box or a carnival funhouse, a carnival atmosphere trapped into a confined space. Goldberg does a really good job at bringing this child-like illusion and fantasy to life.

There is one particular balancing act where two guys stacked cans (some face down, some on their sides) and then topped it off with a flat board, which they both stood on.  The whole thing seemed so unstable that the audience was on the edge of their seat. The illusion of everything being unstable is part of what they were going for and they live up to it. There were a lot of acts that showed incredible strength, illusion, and balance (of course, there was  the iconic tight rope act). One of the most difficult to watch was the character Genny, who is a chain dancer and swinger.  She can actually wrap a harness around her neck and spin herself around, just with her neck, while hanging high in the air, overlooking the audience.  It is one of those things that makes you wonder how her neck isn't broken.  

"Pop Goes The Rock" would be especially great if you have children in your group when attending.  The live band keeps things energetic and loud throughout the whole show, so it's definitely not one of those shows where the audience is dead silent.  It's very different than a ballet like The Nutcracker (which I did a review of in December), because it's fun and loud.  (If kids get feel the need to chatter, you don't hear them because the atmosphere is so loud.) At one point, one of the cast members hops down off of the stage to come shake hands with everyone in the audience, ultimately snagging a victim to take up on stage to be used for one of the scenes.  Overall, "Pop Goes The Rock" is a great show to revisit some of your childhood fantasies, kick back, and watch as other people do things you would never attempt (like hang from a high ceiling by chains attached to a harness around your neck and swing yourself around and around until you can't see straight.)

For tickets, please visit: The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sophia Grace and Rosie Continue To Shine With Guest Appearances On Ellen

by Sarah Davis
The girls attend the 2012 Grammy Awards 
Okay, so I finally saw Sophia Grace and Rosie, the child stars who are famous for singing/rapping "Super Bass" by Nicki Minaj on a video uploaded to Youtube, on Ellen yesterday.  If you're not familiar with these little girls, after their video was uploaded, it became one of the most popular videos world-wide and they've been on Ellen a few times.  She sent them off to the 2012 Grammy Awards and they got to meet some of their favorite singers, like Rihanna, Katy Perry, and even Nicki herself. 

I have to say that I love them! Yesterday, they performed "Moment 4 Life" by Nicki Minaj and Ellen surprised them each with their very own cotton candy maker, to which they were totally ecstatic to get. Their classic tutus, that they make every appearance in, were yellow, orange, and magenta! 

I didn't get to see when the girls met Nicki Minaj on Ellen, but I found it on Youtube on wanted to share because it's so special that even the members of the audience are tearing up. Check it out below!

Rivet Gallery

by Sarah & Rose

Last Friday, the Style & Wisdom team traveled to Columbus, Ohio to do an interview with Jeni of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.  We had some free time on the trip and spent a little time exploring the retail and art gallery scene of Columbus, and stumbled across Rivet Gallery.  According to Rose, this gallery space is just like what Art Basel is like, only in a tiny space. The gallery offers artwork, statues, Munnies, books, and a lot of really cool little trinkets.  Some of are really affordable, which is a great quality because sometimes you go into a gallery and everything is priced in the thousands.  

For more information on Rivet Gallery, check out their website here.

Photos belong to Style & Wisdom

Monday, February 20, 2012

In The Hotseat: Cobra Starship

by Sarah Davis

Cobra Starship is one of today's most popular bands.  Known best in the pop-rock genre for songs that promote a care-free & party-non-stop mentality, they've had hit songs like "Good Girls Go Bad", "You Make Me Feel", and more recently, "Middle Finger."  Frontman Gabe Saporta started the band in 2003, enlisted in 4 more members, one of which who he found simply on Myspace, and ever since, they've grown to the magnitude that they are at now.  Following the album "Hot Mess" (that had the popular song "Good Girls Go Bad" featuring Gossip Girl actress, Leighton Meester), they released "Night Shades" in 2011, with hit songs like "You Make Me Feel" and "Middle Finger." We were able to catch up with Alex Suarez to ask a few questions of this popular band and here is what he had to say.

Band Profile: 
Gabe Saporta, Vocals
Victoria Asher, Keytar
Ryland Blackinton, Guitar
Alex Suarez, Bass
Nate Novarro, Drums

Band Location: New York, NY

Photo Credit: Kai Regan

You've done a lot of hit collaborations.  Leighton Meester, Sabi, and more recently, Mac Miller (who is a guy from my hometown, Pittsburgh).  What's it like to team up with such talented people? Who has been the most fun to work with so far & and do you have any collabs currently in the works? 
Well, no new collabs as we are still supporting our album "Night Shades." There are still a few more collabs on the album such as : Jump Into The Gospel, The Plasticines and Ryan Tedder. It's really been a blast working with so many great singers and creative/talented people. We have done the most live with Sabi and she is really great to work with. It takes a lot to be able to "hang" with our non stop antics.

Did Mac represent Pittsburgh when you worked with him? (haha) 
You know it! Gotta rep the Black and Yellow.

You're from New York City and you all have a fresh, urban sense of style.  Does NYC have anything to do with that? 
I'm sure to a certain degree but at the same time, I feel like I look how I always have since I was around 18.

When you have a few days to relax, what would we find you doing? 
WELL, time off in NY is always the best. When we are home from tour I really love hitting all of my spots. My pizza spot, my breakfast spot, my breakfast sammy spot, my sammy spot, my dinner spots, my sushi spots.. bars, clubs.. There is always something new to check out. I guess we never really stop partying. Also, MW3 is big on my playlist right now.

Cobra Starship.  Where'd the name come from? 
Gabe was in the desert doing a little soul searching, apparently was visited by a cobra snake from the future that told him to start this band in honor of the space craft that brought him there.... . 

There are 4 guys, 1 girl, what is the dyamic like? Do you play a lot of pranks on each other? 
We definitely all have fun with each other. Definitely pranks. No doubt. Always lots of laughs.

You've been in the music scene since 2003,was it hard getting noticed at first?  How did the four of you stay motivated to get to the level of fame that you are at now? 
Once we got the release of the Snakes On A Plane track, we had a tiny core following, they supported the hell out of us and I think they can take a lot of credit for spreading the word about us.

How do the five of you manage relationships?  With things like touring, paparazzi, and a career that continues to blow up? 
Yeah, the hardest part is always traveling. Lucky for us, all of our girlfriends/boyfriend (Victoria's) are all very understanding and supportive.

Photo Credit: Kai Regan

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Khloe Kardashian Wears Azzedine Alaia While Promoting New Season of Khloe and Lamar in NYC

by Sarah Davis

Reality star Khloe Kardashian was recently spotted on The Today Show in Azzedine Alaia while promoting the season premier of the new season of Khloe and Lamar, which airs tomorrow night on E!  While the Kardashian sisters really do pull off leopard prints, leggings, giant heels, and black nail polish, it's always refreshing to see them in more conservative looks.  I love the matching cardigan that goes long with this cute, textured dress and the tan heels she chose, which aren't pictured. 

Immediately following a turbulent season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, a more relaxed pair within the Kardashian klan, Khloe and Lamar will premiere Sunday night.  I can only imagine how many guest appearances from Kris Jenner will be in THIS season of yet another Kardashian reality show. Also, if you can remember, in one of the final episodes of KKTNY, a medium tells Kim and Kourtney that he predicts two pregnancies within their family. The sisters both say, "Khloe!", as though they're setting up the season of Khloe and Lamar, because during the least season, the newlyweds struggled with having a baby. Meanwhile, sister Kourtney is pregnant with her second child, so she accounts for one of the two pregnancies that the medium, who Kim brought in to talk to the late Robert Kardashian,  predicted of this famous family.  You know Kris Jenner wouldn't approve of such a prediction if it wasn't going to lead to a pregnancy that would finally bring happiness (and a lot of revenue when covered by US Weekly) to Khloe and Lamar.  

The Nail Ring

by Sarah Davis

There are a few accessories I'm obsessed with right now: wearing one stackable ring on my pointer finger and the nail ring from Bijules NYC.  The nail ring is almost ridiculous, but somehow really great.  A snake wraps around the end of your finger and then the ring ends with a nail cover.  Amazing, right?  I wouldn't quite go overboard like Nicole Richie did in the above photo, as I would probably go get a great manicure and then pop the nail ring onto my ring finger.  

1. Nail Ring, Bijules NYC, $186
2. Alphabet Stackable Rings, Catbird, $92.  

Photo of Nicole Richie: BlackBook Magazine

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Upcoming Events: Pittsburgh Film Office's Annual "Lights! Glamour! Action!" Oscar Watching Party

by Sarah Davis

Watch the Oscars in style with some of Pittsburgh's elite at the Pittsburgh Film Office's annual "Highmark Presents: Lights! Glamour! Action!" Oscar watching party. Celebrate Hollywood's biggest night in Pittsburgh and get to know how Pittsburgh plays a role in some of Hollywood's finest moments. The event will include a red carpet entrance, champagne reception, a live telecast of the Oscars on the big screen, gourmet food stations, fashion presentations, and silent auctions.  It will be held on Sunday, February 26th at Heinz Field. Last year, it was held at Stage AE and over 900 guests showed up for the event.  Style and Wisdom will be there this year for full event coverage, including live tweets and photos. Tickets are ranging in price from $75 to $500 and there are four different packages to choose from (listed below).  
PATRON TICKET - $500 per person (pre-party on Friday, January 27, 2012 - 6:00 p.m. at J. Verno Studios, entrance at 6:00 p.m. to "Highmark Presents Lights! Glamour! Action!" on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at Heinz Field - includes a VIP champagne reception and valet parking).

VIP TICKET - $250 per person (Entrance at 6:00 p.m. to "Highmark Presents Lights! Glamour! Action!" on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at Heinz Field - includes a VIP champagne reception, valet parking and three drink tickets).

GALA TICKET - $125 per person (Entrance at 7:30 p.m. only to "Highmark Presents Lights! Glamour! Action!" on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at Heinz Field - includes two drink tickets).

OSCAR TICKET - $75 per person (minimum of 6 ticket purchase) (Entrance at 7:30 p.m. to "Highmark Presents Lights! Glamour! Action!" on Sunday, February 26, 2012 at Heinz Field - cash bar).

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the Pittsburgh Film Office's website here.  

Wanderlust Stars Jen Aniston and Paul Rudd Share The Cover Of GQ

Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd share the cover of this month's GQ, promoting their upcoming comedy, Wanderlust.  Just in time for Valentine's Day, the two pose for flirty couple-in-love photos and chime in on topics like babies, marriage, and rumors.  

In the article, Aniston confronts rumors that she is having a baby with boyfriend, Justin Theroux, and says that while she's not currently pregnant, she is open to the idea.  She goes on to say that she can see why people might assume she's pregnant because she recently quit smoking and gained a few pounds.  (Seriously, Jen? Like the rest of us would gain a few pounds and then go pose on the cover of a magazine in a bra and mini-skirt...) Maybe she felt a little egotistical because of her GQ cover from a few years back.  

"I still kind of go with, if it happens, it happens.  I'm calm and peaceful with whatever the plan is.  It's not something where I'm going, I gotta have a kid", she shares about her current relationship. 

As for if Aniston is pregnant "with twins" (like the tabloids have been saying), she says, "I'm drawing the line on the children conversation.  You heard it here.  I'm not knocked up now."  You can catch Jennifer Aniston, Paul Rudd, and Justin Theroux in Wanderlust in theaters on February 24.

Photo Credits: Terry Richardson for GQ Magazine

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life Doesn't Get In The Way, You Allow It To!

by Sarah Davis
"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps."-Confucius
We all have goals.  We have big ones and we have little ones.  Maybe later on today, we might want to go to the gym if our schedule permits.  Over a larger period of time, we envision our daily trips to the gym allowing us to get to our target weight. You might have an image in your mind of yourself, at your perfect weight, in a dress you'd only buy if you lost a few pounds.  And then, on a much larger scale, we create goals for the future, like starting a business or getting married or having children.  
So, in our mind, we have a To-Do list of things we want to get done today, in the next few months, and over the course of our life.  This is true of everyone.  We plan ahead and we look back and we create invisible destination points for ourselves.  Then, something happens and we crush our own goals.  We make this excuse, "life got in the way."  Maybe you had a long term goal of becoming a singer or opening an antique store, but you had a baby and that took up most of your time.  Or, you were trying to lose weight, but your boyfriend dumped you and you took a few months off because you were too sad.  Or, you lost your job and could not afford to go to the gym anymore. You made an excuse because something went wrong in the steps you had in mind to get to this goal.  Your train got derailed and the tracks didn't seem to work anymore, so you gave up.  We say, "life got in the way" or something that out of our control got in the way. 
If you take that excuse away, you will see that you actually have a lot more control of your own life than you realize.  Life doesn't get in the way, we allowed an event from our life to get in the way.  We allowed it.  So, if we break this down, YOU got in the way of your goal, not your life.  Once your train got derailed, YOU chose to stay there.  You chose to not buckle down, fix the tracks and get back on track.  Or, wait for another train.  You didn't try another way before giving up.  
If you want to take on a goal, you are responsible for creating steps to make it happen.  If you think of things as though they are a flight of stairs (that simply just exists, with no feeling either way if you make it up the flight or never, ever do), it becomes a little easier to see that you have a lot of control.  Take a step and once you get your feet planted on that step, evaluate your next plan. Anytime you find yourself stuck on a particular step, remember that you are there because you're choosing to be there.  Your own feet control your destiny, not the flight of steps that were there before you were born and will continue to exist for many years to come.  So, keep climbing those steps, even if it looks hopeless.  I can vouch for the fact that when things look impossible, it's just to keep away the people who aren't willing to invest enough effort into it.  

Image Credit: Pinterest
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