Monday, February 13, 2012

10 Easy Ways To Sweeten Up Your Valentine's Day

...completely equipped for the lovebirds, the married folks, the single gals, and the couple on a budget. 
by Sarah Davis
1. Wear your favorite perfume all day long. You know that expensive perfume you save for special occasions because it costs SO much? Wear that one. Treat the day like it's the day of your prom and you're seventeen all over again.

2. Put on a GREAT outfit for your daily errands. Don't wait until your date or night out of cocktails to put your false eyelashes on. Feel beautiful for the entire day.  Not feeling like it because you're freshly broken up this V-Day? Maybe this is a good day to celebrate that life is throwing you another chance to find a better guy for you.  Or maybe it's a day to celebrate the friends who have been there for you throughout all of your relationships, breakups, and everything in between.

3. Paint your nails hot pink or simply your ring fingers a shade of pink.  (I prefer glitter on my ring fingers, so I will be wearing hot pink glitter polish.) Take advantage of all of the fun cosmetics out there.

4. Jam to your favorite love song on the commute to work or while you're on the treadmill.  Avoid listening to sappy Adele songs and get in the spirit.  Single this year? Putting yourself in the right frame of mind can attract a great guy (on any day.) Suggestion: I know we're all addicted to Katy Perry's new breakup tune, "Part of Me", but maybe just for tomorrow, let's listen to "Teenage Dream" or some of Tay-Tay Swift's happier tunes, like "Enchanted." I don't know about you, but some of those breakup jams can leave me feeling fired up about old loves gone wrong even if I'm in in a happy relationship.  It's best to set them aside for the day.  

5. Fill your home with fresh flowers! Flowers bring life to any dull space (your work cubicle, your kitchen, or living room) and make things smell nice.  It is a great focal point for your eyes and makes your soul feel light and happy.  If you're on a budget or single, go to your local grocery store, there are always fun bouquets for under $15 that give you the same feeling a $100 bouquet does.  

6.  Plan a great dinner.  A good suggestion is a Surf & Turf meal with chocolate covered strawberries to polish the meal off with.  Again, if you're single, do this anyway.  Go out to eat with one of your favorite people.  Remember when Carrie Bradshaw said that soul-mates don't have to be your boyfriend? Spend the day embracing love, not a hyped up holiday.  Make a great piece of salmon, open up that bottle of wine you've sort of been saving, and eat a decadent dessert. On a budget? You eat any food (even a can of soup for two) at a table lit with candles.  Sometimes the effort can be found simply in the ambiance. 

7. Make Valentine cards from scratch. Pass them out to your co-workers, your family, your kids, whoever.  Creating cards is SO fun and is a great way to keep things on a budget.  Bust out your glitter, cardstock, paint, colored pencils.  Make it into a fun activity with great music and snacks!

8.  Make Valentine's Day sugar cut-out cookies.  Cupcakes and Cashmere has a great blog right now for how to make Conversation Heart cookies.  These can create a fun activity and are super cute.  I'm sure we can all agree that there can never be too many cookies in your house.  

9. For the girls: Shower that special guy with gifts.  Despite what guys say, they like to feel special and like to know you value them.  Us girls tend to get caught up in being strong powerful women and guys might not feel like they have a big place in all of that, so really go out of your way to let him know you're happy to have him there.  Make him a great breakfast, fix his protein shake for him, pack him a lunch with a cute note in it for work, etc.  Guys have big hearts, too!

10.  For the guys: When it comes to gifts: the tackier (and more cliche') the better! Seriously, girls LOVE huge heart boxes of chocolates wrapped in plastic, big bouquets of flowers, fancy dinners or even simply a pizza ordered in with candles lit, and texts that say "I love you." If you see a huge teddy bear with something cheesy written on it, GET IT.  During every other holiday, we might want you to think outside of the box, but on Valentine's Day, these tacky things make our hearts melt.  Also- (hint for the guys) if you are crushing on a girl who says "Valentine's Day is a stupid Hallmark Holiday", now is your chance to ASK HER OUT! Seriously, any girl who goes out of her way to say that Valentine's Day is a big waste of time is not only single, but would be blown away and would probably worship you forever if you asked her out on such a special day.

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