Monday, February 20, 2012

In The Hotseat: Cobra Starship

by Sarah Davis

Cobra Starship is one of today's most popular bands.  Known best in the pop-rock genre for songs that promote a care-free & party-non-stop mentality, they've had hit songs like "Good Girls Go Bad", "You Make Me Feel", and more recently, "Middle Finger."  Frontman Gabe Saporta started the band in 2003, enlisted in 4 more members, one of which who he found simply on Myspace, and ever since, they've grown to the magnitude that they are at now.  Following the album "Hot Mess" (that had the popular song "Good Girls Go Bad" featuring Gossip Girl actress, Leighton Meester), they released "Night Shades" in 2011, with hit songs like "You Make Me Feel" and "Middle Finger." We were able to catch up with Alex Suarez to ask a few questions of this popular band and here is what he had to say.

Band Profile: 
Gabe Saporta, Vocals
Victoria Asher, Keytar
Ryland Blackinton, Guitar
Alex Suarez, Bass
Nate Novarro, Drums

Band Location: New York, NY

Photo Credit: Kai Regan

You've done a lot of hit collaborations.  Leighton Meester, Sabi, and more recently, Mac Miller (who is a guy from my hometown, Pittsburgh).  What's it like to team up with such talented people? Who has been the most fun to work with so far & and do you have any collabs currently in the works? 
Well, no new collabs as we are still supporting our album "Night Shades." There are still a few more collabs on the album such as : Jump Into The Gospel, The Plasticines and Ryan Tedder. It's really been a blast working with so many great singers and creative/talented people. We have done the most live with Sabi and she is really great to work with. It takes a lot to be able to "hang" with our non stop antics.

Did Mac represent Pittsburgh when you worked with him? (haha) 
You know it! Gotta rep the Black and Yellow.

You're from New York City and you all have a fresh, urban sense of style.  Does NYC have anything to do with that? 
I'm sure to a certain degree but at the same time, I feel like I look how I always have since I was around 18.

When you have a few days to relax, what would we find you doing? 
WELL, time off in NY is always the best. When we are home from tour I really love hitting all of my spots. My pizza spot, my breakfast spot, my breakfast sammy spot, my sammy spot, my dinner spots, my sushi spots.. bars, clubs.. There is always something new to check out. I guess we never really stop partying. Also, MW3 is big on my playlist right now.

Cobra Starship.  Where'd the name come from? 
Gabe was in the desert doing a little soul searching, apparently was visited by a cobra snake from the future that told him to start this band in honor of the space craft that brought him there.... . 

There are 4 guys, 1 girl, what is the dyamic like? Do you play a lot of pranks on each other? 
We definitely all have fun with each other. Definitely pranks. No doubt. Always lots of laughs.

You've been in the music scene since 2003,was it hard getting noticed at first?  How did the four of you stay motivated to get to the level of fame that you are at now? 
Once we got the release of the Snakes On A Plane track, we had a tiny core following, they supported the hell out of us and I think they can take a lot of credit for spreading the word about us.

How do the five of you manage relationships?  With things like touring, paparazzi, and a career that continues to blow up? 
Yeah, the hardest part is always traveling. Lucky for us, all of our girlfriends/boyfriend (Victoria's) are all very understanding and supportive.

Photo Credit: Kai Regan

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