Thursday, February 23, 2012

Is Your Makeup Freaking Your Guy Out?!

Glamour recently did a poll to find out which of our beauty trends guys actually like and here are the results.

Hair: Guys say they like long hair, while girls like short, choppy cuts like the one Michelle Williams flaunts.  

Manicures: Guys say they like a classic french manicure, while girls say they like to experiment with funky new shades and "cool designs." Remember when Katy Perry rocked nails with picture of her ex, Russel Brand, on them? A guy would say maybe she should have stuck with a classic french manicure...

Eyes: Guys say they like their gals to stick with just mascara.  Girls, on the other hand, like eyeliner and "done up lids." Hello, smokey eye, must we really part?

Lips: Guys agree they like a natural lip look (just-Chapstick-natural), while women say they love bold lipstick, particularly in the color red. A reader of Glamour writes in to say that  "red lipstick is always sexy", while guys say the bright color "freaks them out because it might get all over their face."

3 Things That "Creep" Guys Out according to Glamour: the device known as the eye lash curler, tweezers, fake eyelashes, and putting eyeliner on, especially in the car.  "Putting on eyeliner in the car...I'm afraid they're going to stab themselves in the eye!"

Photo Credit: Vogue

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