Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life Doesn't Get In The Way, You Allow It To!

by Sarah Davis
"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps."-Confucius
We all have goals.  We have big ones and we have little ones.  Maybe later on today, we might want to go to the gym if our schedule permits.  Over a larger period of time, we envision our daily trips to the gym allowing us to get to our target weight. You might have an image in your mind of yourself, at your perfect weight, in a dress you'd only buy if you lost a few pounds.  And then, on a much larger scale, we create goals for the future, like starting a business or getting married or having children.  
So, in our mind, we have a To-Do list of things we want to get done today, in the next few months, and over the course of our life.  This is true of everyone.  We plan ahead and we look back and we create invisible destination points for ourselves.  Then, something happens and we crush our own goals.  We make this excuse, "life got in the way."  Maybe you had a long term goal of becoming a singer or opening an antique store, but you had a baby and that took up most of your time.  Or, you were trying to lose weight, but your boyfriend dumped you and you took a few months off because you were too sad.  Or, you lost your job and could not afford to go to the gym anymore. You made an excuse because something went wrong in the steps you had in mind to get to this goal.  Your train got derailed and the tracks didn't seem to work anymore, so you gave up.  We say, "life got in the way" or something that out of our control got in the way. 
If you take that excuse away, you will see that you actually have a lot more control of your own life than you realize.  Life doesn't get in the way, we allowed an event from our life to get in the way.  We allowed it.  So, if we break this down, YOU got in the way of your goal, not your life.  Once your train got derailed, YOU chose to stay there.  You chose to not buckle down, fix the tracks and get back on track.  Or, wait for another train.  You didn't try another way before giving up.  
If you want to take on a goal, you are responsible for creating steps to make it happen.  If you think of things as though they are a flight of stairs (that simply just exists, with no feeling either way if you make it up the flight or never, ever do), it becomes a little easier to see that you have a lot of control.  Take a step and once you get your feet planted on that step, evaluate your next plan. Anytime you find yourself stuck on a particular step, remember that you are there because you're choosing to be there.  Your own feet control your destiny, not the flight of steps that were there before you were born and will continue to exist for many years to come.  So, keep climbing those steps, even if it looks hopeless.  I can vouch for the fact that when things look impossible, it's just to keep away the people who aren't willing to invest enough effort into it.  

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