Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Your Guide To Overcoming A Work-Related Anxiety Attack

by Sarah Davis
Not everyone's work life is this relaxing.  
When you're out there making things happen for yourself, it's no secret that it might bring on a little bit of anxiety.  Having a dream is easy, making it come true is a TON of work.  You're meeting a lot of new people, challenging yourself in new ways, and success doesn't come without pressure from other people.  You might find yourself having... an anxiety attack.  Should I be doing this? Is it worth it to invest money in my own business? Will other people support me? Anxiety attacks are caused by something called internal chatter. Here are a few tips to consider in order to bypass your anxiety attack and get back on the road to success.

How to tell your anxiety attack that it's time to pack up and go.  First of all, your panic attack is purely in your head.  It is something that only you can feel.  Someone might have triggered it but they cannot stop it.  I get little flare-ups of anxiety at least once a day (moments when your thoughts sort of eat you alive) and this is the best way to shoot them down.  Stop what you're doing and force yourself to think of absolutely nothing, or meditate for a few short minutes.  

Feeling embarrassed?  Tons of celebs experience anxiety attacks.  Everyone gets them.  One of the ways that I get over something embarrassing really fast is to envision myself telling this experience as a funny story over dinner or over drinks.  For some reason, this makes me laugh a little in the moment it's still happening and then I realize if it's going to be a funny story then, it can be right now, too.  

Force yourself to not think like a victim.  These moments of panic when pursuing success happen, but it's important not to get too hung up on them.  If you start thinking that you're not worthy of success, it's going to affect your career.  Remember that anxiety is in your head and get back out there.  I always find that if I jump back in, or go to the gym and work out for a half hour, I'm back in the right state of mind to get back to work.  

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