Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jessica Alba Snaps Instgram Photos from the Lanvin Show at Paris Fashion Week

A few days ago, I mentioned on Style & Wisdom's Facebook account that I am totally, 100% obsessed with Instagram (the popular iPhone app that gives you filter options for any photos stored in your phone).  One of my favorite celebs to follow on Instagram is Jessica Alba (@therealjessicaalba) because in her photos, you can see that her life is so normal, with a backdrop of being ultra-glamorous.  This morning, she posted photos from the Lanvin show, which show you a little bit about what it's like to go to one of the best shows at Paris Fashion Week as the it-girl.  (One of my guilty pleasures is to snoop through people's Instagram accounts and Jessica's is by far, the best.) She wrote on a few of the photos about a glitter-bottom pump and I was SO excited to find an up-close image of it, but it isn't out yet, so I figured, why not show her photos on the blog? I think her photos are way more interesting to see than through the eyes of Vogue or Elle photographer, because they attend the show as media, which is a different experience than as a guest.  

Image Credits: Jessica Alba's Instagram Account, PopSugar

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