Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just When You Finally Found The Perfect iPad 2 Case, It's Time To Retire It For The iPad 3

by Sarah Davis
The white iPad 2, with a selection of cases created by Apple.
This is probably old news already, just like my iPad 2, which I literally got about 3 months ago, but get ready, the iPad 3 is getting ready to be unveiled to the media on March 7.  Major news about the latest iPad is: it will be smaller, it will have 4G network connectivity, and it will cost a lot more.  Surprise?  However, the people at Apple are rumored to be jam-packing it with new perks to ensure that it will blow all competitor "tablets" out of the water.  (The Washington Post has a detailed list of all competing tablets out today, with the perks of each one, but if you are like me, you don't need to research anything other than Apple, right? You can see the list here. As the owner of a website and countless social media accounts that need to be updated throughout the day, I'm sticking with the iPhone/iPad because it's the easiest for me.) You can't really blame Apple, though, for updating so quickly.  I mean, competitors are always swarming around Apple like hungry sharks who see fresh blood.  Truly.  Every other brand feels the need to create something that they advertise as "better than whatever Apple did."

Very few details about the iPad 3 have been released yet, because no one has seen the actual iPad 3 or any photos of it! It will be actually unveiled, as said earlier, at a convention in San Fran, California on March 7 to the media. In fact, the event has been so hush-hush, that the release of the iPad 3 is only rumored, it hasn't really been confirmed.  Apple simply sent out an invitation that said "We have something you really need to see.  And touch", with a picture of an iPad.  

The only media team I'd encourage you to follow on March 7, is Mashable.  They will give you the most in-depth information and, in my opinion, give more-easily-processed information about new technology than mainstream news.  Get ready! (And, sorry to the people who just finally found a great iPad 2 case, like ME!) Out with the old, in with the new.  

Photo Credit: Apple

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