Thursday, March 29, 2012

Win a Lumene Vitamin C Skincare Set In Our "Get Ready For Summer" Giveaway!

I recently stumbled across an affordable line of "spa inspired" skincare from the Finnish company, Lumene, which has recently been making an impressive expansion in the US.  Specifically, I tried out some of Lumene's Vitamin C + Arctic Cloudberry line, which includes skin brightening serums.  

We all know that Vitamin C is really good for your skin. It aids in collagen production, helps your skin create scar tissue and heal itself, and prevents free radical damage (otherwise known as fine lines, wrinkles, and dry skin.) With all of this in mind, I was really excited to try out Lumene's Vitamin C skincare collection over the winter months.  As you might know, the winter is really dark and gray in Pittsburgh, so I was really welcoming of a face wash, toner and moisturizer that came in bright orange containers and smelled like fresh oranges.  

I want to talk about my favorite three items from the line, as well as a Lumene face wash I am particularly fond of.  First, I am in love with the Bright Skin Radiance Nectar.  I have a few blemish scars from my days of being a teen and I felt like this really worked at lightening them up.  What I also love about this product is that you don't have to wear as much foundation while using it, which is always a plus (especially during the Summer when makeup barely stays on.) I also noticed that this product seemed to shrink my pores, which is a total plus, and gives your skin that glow that you have after a spa facial.

Next, let's talk about the Vitamin C Radiant Beauty Drops, which come highly reccommended from the Lumene team, because they have won awards.  What I did with these was sleep with them on, underneath my nightcream, and what I noticed was that they even out your skin tone.  I didn't neccessarily notice my skin becoming brighter, but they did even out my skin.  Since I used this product overnight, I felt like I would wake up each morning with smoother and softer skin.

Finally, let's talk about the Vitamin C Radiance Moisturizers, which come in a day and night cream.  I basically never leave the house without foundation & powder on, and what I liked about their moisturizer is that it is a little heavy (yet absorbs right away)and acts a "primer" for your foundation.  It also has SPF in it, which is really important to me when being out during the day.  These two products, again, leave your skin with a spa-like glow throughout the day, even underneath your makeup.

As for a product not within the Vitamin C line, but from Lumene, I am in love with their Radiant Touch Cleanser.  When I was in high school, my mother bought me a deep sea clay mask that has since been discontinued since she purchased it and it was my absolute favorite skincare product.  This cleanser actually smells just like this mask, so it brings back a lot of nostalgia.  I also like that it has a spa-quality to it, so that when you're washing your face, it is a bit more calming.  

So, where can you find Lumene products? They are available in select Targets, in CVS stores, and always on  If you are from Pittsburgh, like me, you can find them at CVS, Ulta, or even Market District (they seem to have everything, right?) What you will love about these products is that they come in glass containers (not plastic) and they are really high quality, for an affordable price of around $20.  

GIVEAWAY ALERT: We have teamed up with Lumene to bring you a "Get Ready For Summer" Giveway! 

ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL RECEIVE: The entire Vitamin C skincare line (Bright Skin Radiance Nectar, Eye Serum, Vitamin C Day & Night Cream, and Vitamin C Radiance Beauty Drops), including the Radiant Touch Cleanser and Toner! This is a $225 value, including shipping!!


Since Summer is rapidly approaching, we know that you need to look your best (and even go sans-makeup on the extra-hot days of Summer), which means that YOU can win everything mentioned in this review, plus a few more things, including Vitamin C Eye Serum, Vibrant Radiance Cleanser, and Toner! 

TO ENTER: All that you have to do is simply comment below with your name and email address (in order to subscribe to our newsletter) and LIKE Style & Wisdom's Facebook page. (You must do both to be entered into the giveaway.) 

The winners will be announced on May 15th! Anyone in the United States can enter and your prize will be shipped to you. Good luck!

*Lumene did send Style & Wisdom these products for review & giveaway purposes.  However, as we tell all companies that we work with, we will not promote any products that we do not support entirely.


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