Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pittsburgh Gathers For The 6th Annual Farm To Table Conference

by Sarah & Rose Davis

On Friday, March 23, Pittsburgh gathered for the 6th Annual Farm to Table Conference & Food Tasting at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. (The Conference extended into today, Saturday, March 24, as well.) The purpose of the event was to offer information about eating local food in Pittsburgh and it's surrounding regions, introducing attendees to locally made products, local farmers, and local establishments.  Some of the vendors included: Cabot Cheese, Manchester Farms Milk, and Bumbleberry Farms Honey (which had a great chocolate honey spread.) The Local Food Tasting, which took place later in the day, offered samples of food, fresh juices (including shots of fresh wheatgrass) and local beers/wines.  

P.S. Eating locally & taking advantage of your local Farmer's Markets are a few topics that are very near and dear to my heart because before I started this blog, I worked for Market District in their Food Marketing Department and I studied every aspect of food that I could while I was there. Additionally, I worked underneath a variety of chefs well-versed in the topic. I read a few books written by Michael Pollan, including The Omnivore's Dilemma, which goes into detail about how most food found in a box at your local grocery store is made. Pollan encourages you to not only think about what you're eating, but to question it, and to eat food that comes from the Earth, not factories and not from engineered corn. (If you haven't read this book, it will change your life.) What you put into your body should be more important that what you put on your body (like jewelry and clothes) and where your food comes from is a key aspect of YOUR health.  I rarely buy meat from grocery stores because I don't know where it comes from, how the animal lived, when the animal was killed, etc.  The Farm To Table Movement is something to look into if you aren't familiar with it.  

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