Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Placing High Expectations In Situations You Should Be Skeptical Of

by Sarah Davis

Photo Credit: Di Harrison
Today, I want to talk about something that women probably do more than men.  It's chasing after things that we've created in our heads, that aren't necessarily real.  Or, placing high expectations in situations that you should be skeptical of.  

This is not to be confused with the idea of manifesting, or following a dream that you hope happens one day, it is simply a word of caution. Or, some encouragement to "keep it real."  Keep a level head at all times, know exactly what is happening around you, and don't get too ahead of yourself.  Remind yourself that patience is very key in any situation of life, whether it be waiting to hear back from an employer after an interview or beginning a relationship.  Because while you might know what you want, this world is populated with other people who might not know at the same time you do.  

Maybe right now, you're thinking: how can I possibly step back from a situation I am SO excited about? Or, that I want SO bad? The easiest way that I've learned how to do this is to not invest all of your excitement into one situation.  Your life should have many compartments.  For example, dating, work, cooking, your fitness routine, or even a passion of yours, like drawing.  Each one should have a good amount of space.  So, if one is making you anxious in any way, whether it be problematic or entirely too exciting that you want to get ahead of yourself, switch over to another part of your life.  

Trust your instincts and only invest time and energy into relationships and opportunities that are of substance and you feel in your heart might grow.  Avoid all of the other things that come your way.  There will be a lot of false opportunities that come your way, so you need to be smart when choosing to open your life up to one of them, because when you're wasting time on one that won't work out, you might miss one that could.  

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