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A Simply Divine Q&A With Real Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump

Interview by Sarah Davis 

"Don’t take life too seriously. Have fun in your life. And, never forget my mantra- love and laughter supersede all!"- Lisa Vanderpump
After the most intense reunion of the Real Housewives franchise history, we're all wondering who is going to return back for Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  While we're not sure of any of those details, we can confirm that Lisa Vanderpump, stylish, wise and hilarious as ever, is hard at work on, a website she recently launched with her daughter, Pandora, which offers daily tips on how to live a fabulous and healthy life.  She sat down for an interview with us, in between seasons, and opened up about her sense of style (and Giggy's style, too!), what it has been like allowing cameras in her home, and gives a few "rules" for being a sophisticated woman. We just love Lisa here at Style & Wisdom because she tells it like it is, always makes you laugh, and is literally the most fabulous woman you've ever seen. So, without further adieu, let's jump into the interview! 

Style & Wisdom: First of all, is amazing! You are such a fabulous woman, so it's nice to have access to your personal tips for a fabulous lifestyle. What has been the initial reaction of your website? 
Lisa Vanderpump: Thank you. People have been very enthusiastic about it. It gives us a chance to interact with our fans and share a bit of our lifestyle.

S&W: Why did you decide to launch it? 
LV: It is a way of moving forward. Social media is a great way to connect with people. People have asked me many questions about our lifestyle and for tips and tricks—this seemed like a great way to answer them. Also, my daughter, Pandora, wanted to do it—she is Editor-in-Chief. Pandora was an English literature major and we both enjoy fashion, style and the divine things in life.

S&W: I love your personal shoe collection.  In the show, you wear heels on almost every occasion, what is your most favorite pair of heels you own? 
LV: The Vanderpump, that’s my shoe. But I love Cesare Paciotti right now. 

SW: Any tips/tricks for how to avoid the pain that comes along with wearing heels all night?  
LV: No, but if you find out please let me know! Perhaps, get someone to carry you?

{Lisa with her daughter, Pandora.
Photo Credit: WireImage}
S&W: What has been a challenge of allowing cameras into your life for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? The best part?
LV: I am not a contentious person and sometimes I find the drama is very difficult to deal with. When the cameras keep rolling, it is like a runaway express train. Normally I am fine. I was reticent about showing my daughter’s wedding and I let her take the lead on that. It ended up being an extremely positive experience. We filmed it ourselves and Pandora had editing rights. It was like an unbelievable home movie. The best part of filming housewives is having those special moments documented – Pandora’s wedding, Jason asking Pandora to marry him, Max coming home from school. They will forever be imprinted on mind. I also think being able to share our lives is great. For instance, our adoptive experience with Max was important to share; it had a huge impact on many people… I am a very open person; I will share anything.

S&W: I love your dog, Giggy! I have to ask, what would you say Giggy's personal style is? 
LV: Giggy has alopecia so he has to wear onesies, but they are personally embellished by my husband and me. I think anything that covers his bald little butt is his personal style.

S&W: Where do you get the inspiration for interior design when it comes to putting your homes & businesses together? You do most of the design work yourself, right?
LV: Yes, I do all of the design work myself. Obviously with the business I have to reflect on what the area or particular site needs, so that dictates it. I knew Villa Blanca needed to have a very different feel in Beverly Hills, which is what makes it so successful. I have a very diverse style. One house we lived in was a countryside Cotswolds manor—it was rustic, stone etc. The next house was Art Deco; the next was minimalist-modern; our house in Beverly Park was a French chateau style, and our new house is more modern… I have diverse tastes, not like many designers, so I find that my style changes with each space I design. I think my signatures are natural light, huge flowers arrangements…I accessorize with pink, as it is my favorite color, but rarely decorate with it.

S&W: This past season, you threw a tea party for the ladies that was utterly impeccable (and you helped put your daughter's wedding together.)  What are some tips for throwing the perfect sophisticated small gathering for women, for say, a book club meeting or just catching up with your best friends? 
LV: Preparation. Do everything you can ahead of time. I often even set the table a day in advance. Make things beautiful, no matter how casual. Use flowers, candles… and don’t invite my castmates.

S&W: What are three beauty products no woman should go without?
LV: There are more than 3 to get the polished look, I have to be honest. A great eyebrow pencil, a cream foundation, lip liner, lipgloss. I am a big one for fake lashes. Add individual lashes and voila! instant glamour.

S&W: What is your guilty pleasure in life?
LV: Snogging my dog.

S&W: Who is your favorite designer?
LV: Christina Makowsky.

S&W: Out of most reality stars out there today, you have tons of class & you live in one of the wealthiest cities in the US.  Do you think money automatically brings class and sophistication to people? What are some rules in your book for being a sophisticated woman?
LV: Class has nothing to do with money and vice versa. Unfortunately, they do not go hand in hand. I have seen people with zero money have more class in their little finger than some billionaires. Kindness is classy. Always be reasonably put together. Don’t swear excessively. Try to view yourself as others would view you.

S&W: Should women wear sweatpants?
LV: Yes, to the gym, at home on Sundays and that is it.

S&W: You own some great restaurants in LA right now. Are there any etiquette lessons you want to encourage people who go out to eat? Do you see anything that is totally outrageous happen frequently? 
LV: Sometimes it upsets me when people skimp on tipping, especially if I know the service has been good. People, some of them only kids, work hard as waiters and waitresses and it isn’t fair to stiff them. Always tip well if service is good.

S&W: Style trend you can't stand?
LV: When young guys have their ass hanging out of their pants for fashion. Especially having a young son, I hate when I see boys with their underwear and jeans down to their knees. I can’t understand how that could even be a fashion trend. The waist of their pants down to their crotch. That’s ridiculous; truly a fashion victim.

S&W: A cause you support?
LV: I am a spokesperson for GLAAD- equality for everyone. We have so many problems in the world to deal with already. I think there should be equality for everyone, both racially and sexually. End bigotry and embrace kindness.

S&W: Finally, what are your personal words of wisdom for women reading this? 
LV: Don’t take life too seriously. Have fun in your life. And, never forget my mantra—love and laughter supersede all. 

If you haven't done so already, check out Lisa's fabulous lifestyle website, Dose Of Divine.

{Lisa with her dog, Giggy.
Photo Credit: Lisa's personal website}

Photo Credits: Lisa Vanderpump's personal website


  1. Lisa, I notice you drink a lot of tea, which ones are your favorites?

  2. Lisa, I notice you drink a lot of tea, which ones are your favorites?


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