Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tara McPherson Releases Third Book, "The Bunny In the Moon"

by Rose Davis

Here at Style and Wisdom, we love the sweet and creepy art of Tara Mcpherson. You may know her from her poster designs for bands like The Melvins, Rilo Kiley, or Kings of Leon among countless others, or you many have seen her in Juztapoz magazine.  Or, maybe recognize her toyline. Yesterday marked the release of her third Book, The Bunny in the Moon

This book is a colorful collection of some of her most recent work, which focuses on mythology and folklore. My favorite piece is titled "The Bunny in the Moon". If you look closely, you can see the bunny in the moon. The painting depicts two people with notes pinned to their chests.  They are writing on each other with arrow pens. Tara describes that a long time ago when people were put to death with arrows, there would be a note pinned to their chest right over their heart, so that the archers knew where to hit. I love how she takes something so dark and turns it into something so sweet. 

To purchase The Bunny in the Moon, visit her website here.
Watch a time lapse video of Tara Mcpherson painting "Safety of Water" here 

The Bunny in the Moon
The Safety of Water
The Death of Boto
Photos belong to artist.

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