Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TIP: All Beautiful Flowers Need Time To Bloom!

by Sarah Davis
There is a common misconception that miracles happen on their own.  Sometimes, they do.  Other times, they come in the form of a seed.  A seed alone isn't really much to us.  A seed with water, light and a nurturing bed of dirt becomes a plant.  

Today, look out for small miracles that come in "seed" packages.  You have the seed in your hands, but you have to allow time, light (or a positive attitude), water, and you need to ensure that your seed has a nurturing bed of dirt (or a healthy, safe environment.) 

Example: Think about being accepted to college. Your acceptance letter into college is your seed. It's an opportunity that will require a lot of work on your end, but the opportunity is a gift in itself. But, you have to work hard for four (or more) years before you get your degree.  If you don't focus on your studies in college and keep your environment healthy (or your nurturing bed of dirt), you can easily get derailed and this great opportunity becomes a great failure. Or, if you don't provide light and water (by studying and doing well), your plant won't grow either.  Finally, this seed takes time (or 4 years) to become a plant.  

At any given moment, you are nurturing growing plants in your life.  So, remember that EVERY DAY, you should be providing all of these plants with light, water, a healthy environment, and enough time to grow.  No plant out there "gives up" before it's grown.  It just grows.  Do the same. It's silly to become frustrated with a flower because it isn't fully grown yet; it takes time.  Keep up with maintaining your garden and good things will bloom

Photo Credit: Citified

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