Monday, March 19, 2012

Urban Active Fitness Presents: "Spot Reduction Myth"

by Josh Bowen of Urban Active Fitness

Everyone wants flat abs, but Josh says the key is to work
your whole body!
A common question every personal trainer will hear, “which exercise will help me lose fat here?” Stand on your head and do a bicep curl! No not really but many gym members are under the impression that if your triceps are not to your liking, all you need to do is triceps and the fat will go away. That’s not the case and never has been the case. Your body does not isolate places where it loses fat and you cannot dictate where you lose it either. Perfect example, you can perform thousands of crunches every day, with the intention of losing the spare tire around your waist. This may build your abdominal muscle (also could cause some lower back issues) but does very little to reducing the body fat on top.

Though your hormones impact where your body stores fat, it does little to choose where you lose it. Performing specific exercises can help in the overall process of adding muscle tissue and boosting the metabolism, but does not strip away the fat. Spot reduction does not exist, you must decrease your entire body fat before specific areas start to improve. Do not pay attention to these late night informericals that promise ripped 6 pack abs in under 30 days. If this was possible we would all sell our washer and dryers and use our iron clad stomach to wash clothes.

With that said, pick exercises that involve your entire body; squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, thrusters etc. These exercises burn significant calories at the same time building strong muscle tissue that will boost your metabolism. This will burn body fat! So put away the ab roller, the Tae-Bo collector set and start hitting the gym and strength train. I have spoken!

Josh Bowen will be joining Style & Wisdom every Monday for the next few weeks for a series of blog posts about obtaining maximum fitness results.  Josh Bowen has been the Quality Control Director of Personal Training at Urban Active Fitness since 2007 and has trained and directed 400 trainers in 7 states.  Josh has certified trainers, proctored hundreds of seminars and conference calls, and contributed to ten published articles about fitness.  His mission is to spread the word of fitness to as many people as he can through personal training with a motto of "train, motivate, and inspire!" For more useful tips from Josh Bowen, you can find daily posts from him on Urban Active's blog.   

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