Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bethenny Frankel Discusses Her SkinnyGirl Daily Line With Style & Wisdom (Interview)

by Sarah Davis

Bethenny Frankel is one of today's top entrepreneurs.  She is a best selling author, creator of the SkinnyGirl franchise (which started off as a low-cal Margarita), and even stars in more than one popular Bravo reality hit (the Real Housewives of New York City and her spinoff series, Bethenny Getting Married? and Bethenny Ever After.) Behind the cameras, Bethenny has always been a natural foods chef.  Prior to signing on as a Real Housewife, she had her own natural foods bakery and delivery service, Bethenny Bakes.  In 2009, she launched the SkinnyGirl Margarita and she wrote her first book, Naturally Thin: Unleash Your SkinnyGirl and Free Yourself of Dieting.  Since 2009, SkinnyGirl has grown to become a household name and is much more than just a low calorie alcoholic beverage.  Frankel has launched a SkinnyGirl skincare line and more recently, a line of dieting products called SkinnyGirl Daily. On a recent episode of "Bethenny Ever After", she even announced that SkinnyGirl is working on a line of shapewear. She created SkinnyGirl Daily with Matt Hesse and the line includes a gentle daily cleanse, vitamin packets, supplements, and even 200 calorie delicious nutrition bars. With Bethenny's background in healthy eating and food itself, it was only a matter of time before she launched a successful diet supplement line. 

SkinnyGirl Daily is extra impressive because they don't aim to help you lose weight, they aim to give you more energy and make you feel better and in turn, help you to lose weight because you have more energy to do it properly. Bethenny recently chatted with us about these products and even how she incorporates them into her diet.  

Sarah Davis: I love that your Cleanse & Restore is all natural, especially since some of the cleanses on the market are full of harsh chemicals.  What sort of process did you go through when creating this product? How much of the creation of these products were you involved in?
Bethenny Frankel: I'm involved in the creation of everything with the Skinnygirl name on it. Skinnygirl Daily On-the-Go Cleanse and Restore Packets are not harsh whatsoever and can be taken every day. It aids our body to cleanse naturally every day by removing the bad and leaving the good.

SD: What I also personally love about the Cleanse is that you can still eat, which makes buying the product a little more welcoming (as opposed to say, a strictly juice diet.) Talk to us a little bit about eating while using this product? Any tips?
BF: Like anything else this varies from day to day and with every person. If you really need a jump start, eat a vegetarian diet, reduce dairy and eat lots of greens. For more intensity eat just fruits and vegetables for a day or two. For me, I use a packet every day in my water and I eat regularly. This means a fairly balanced diet with some sweets and a few cocktails a week with occasional bigger splurges. Some weeks I'll use 2 packets a day. You can choose whether you really need to "cleanse" or just to "keep things moving."

SD: What Skinnygirl products do you use every day?
BF: Every day I use a Skinnygirl Daily cleanse packet and I try to use a Skinnygirl Daily vitamin power packet- either for immunity or relaxing depending upon the day(there is a variety of packets with different effects). I use the Skinnygirl Face and Body Firming Body Wash every day and the Vitamin C Face scrub, the Detox Mask and the Vitamin C Body Scrub a few times a week depending upon my needs.

SD: Forget about dieting for a minute, what is your favorite meal? Is it okay to splurge every once in a while on a meal you love?
BF: I splurge all the time (probably every day) but that doesn't mean a binge. I'll eat a few bites of cake or a dessert or french fries or whatever I want. I really love pizza, I love a good hearty breakfast and I love eggplant parmesan. I like variety and I don't believe in deprivation.

SD: Okay, so, we've talked about how these products work along with a balanced diet and exercise routine.  Can you tell us what your typical daily diet is? 
BF: There is no typical day for anyone. As I discuss in "Naturally Thin," days are like snowflakes and no two are the same. Your diet is a bank account. Try to invest wisely and balance it out.

SD: What is your favorite way to exercise? Cardio, yoga, weights?
BF: Vinyasa yoga and beach walks. 

SD: What is one of the most common mistakes that women make when going on diets and how would you suggest we fix them?
BF: I believe that diets are a mistake. Women need to learn how to indulge rather than how to deprive. I dieted for most of my life and was 25 pounds heavier. The minute I learned how to stop, I unleashed my skinnygirl permanently. Read "Naturally Thin"-  it is a life changer.

SD: Why is health & nutrition so important to you? Why was it important to start a line of products like these for busy women? 
BF: Health doesn't have to be challenging. We can make it easy and affordable and convenient and incorporate small steps every day. 

SD: The Skinnygirl Daily On-the-go-Bars are so delish! What is a good way to work these into our diets? Meal replacements, breakfast, post-work-out snacks? 
BF: They're just the perfect snack to throw in your purse for that hunger that creeps up on you. Sometimes you just need that sweet satisfying snack that you feel good about.

SD: Which of the bars is your personal favorite?
BF: Dark chocolate multigrain pretzel.

SD: Let's talk alcohol. Is it okay to have a few drinks here and there when dieting and trying to drop weight? What are your thoughts on this?
BF: I do think we should be able to incorporate cocktails into our diet rather than unrealistically deprive. Depending upon the day, if you want a cocktail, eliminate that sweet or piece of bread or potatoes. Your diet is a bank account. You decide what to include and what to reduce. Every day will be different. Me, I like a Skinnygirl cocktail and there is no guilt about it.

SD: Finally, what are your words of wisdom for any woman out there who is looking to lose weight?  
BF: Let go. Don't diet. Food isn't your best friend or your enemy. You aren't "good" when you starve and "bad" when you overeat. NEVER binge. Indulging is ok. Binging is emotional. Don't eat from emotions.

For more information on SkinnyGirl Daily, please visit skinnygirldaily.com.

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