Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bored? Draw Something!

by Rose Davis

Have you tried out the Draw Something app yet? The thing that is so great about this app is that it helps people connect and share an activity. It's the perfect way to hang out with friends who you don't get to see very often.

As you play more games and successfully draw or guess a word, you earn coins that can be used to purchase new colors to draw with. You can buy more coins in the app store with real money, or you can earn them by playing your friends (which is more fun anyway and it doesn't take very long to earn your favorite colors.) The word choices come in easy, medium and hard and are loaded with lots of pop culture references (like "Peeta" from The Hunger Games). Download the app today and get creative! Draw Something is available for iPhone, as well as Android.  Also if you have an iPad make sure to pick up a Stylus pen so you can get some really great detail with your pics. 

Submit your Draw Something screenshots to Rosedart@styleandwisdom.com for a chance to be featured on our Facebook page!

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