Wednesday, May 30, 2012

True Blood Returning to HBO for Season 5 in Early June

by Sarah Davis

Cannot wait for "True Blood" Season 5

Get ready, it's almost time to hear Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) say "Soo-keh" all summer long.

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite parts of summer is all of the amazing television shows.  One show in particular (my absolute favorite show) is True Blood, which is returning in just two short weeks.  That's right, it is coming back on June 10 on HBO.  There are so many hot topics in the news to cover right now, but this takes precedence.  Hello, this show is coming back. Is Tara dead? Russel Edgington is back and Reverend Newlin is back as a vampire? So many questions.

True Blood loves leaving each season off with the most intense cliffhangers, so all year long, I have been wondering what these characters are up to.  When we left off, Jason and Jessica were debating on if they should try a relationship out (they played Taylor Swift in the background, which was sort of weird but I guess okay since Jessica always had her CD laying around), Debbie came and shot Tara in the head and Sookie got her back by shooting her in the head, Steve Newlin showed up at Jason's door with fangs, and Sookie told both Eric and Bill to take a hike (possibly considering Alcide [Joe Manganiello] as her new beau).  (Editor's Note: Pardon that incredibly out-of-control run-on sentence, but I felt it totally necessary.)

From the looks of the two trailers that HBO has released so far, the show looks like it is going to be a lot darker than it has been. Sookie (Anna Paquin) looks a little more at her wit's end than ever before. It isn't clear if Tara is going to live or die, although her picture is all over the promo posters and there hasn't been any news of Rutina Wesley leaving the show, so get ready for a supernatural healing of her bullet to the head.  Additionally, a new character is in town, which is played by Christopher Meloni, from Law & Order.  

Photo Credit: HBO

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