Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vogue Bans Underweight & Underage Models From Magazine

Just a few months after critics bashed Vogue for making Adele look thinner on a cover, the magazine is releasing some major news.  Vogue, the most respected fashion magazine currently on newstands, has agreed to not allow models under the age of sixteen or models who appear to be too skinny in their magazine from here on out to promote good health and body image.  All nineteen Vogue editors, from all over the world, made this announcement on Thursday (May 3).  

"Vogue believes that good health is beautiful. Vogue Editors around the world want the magazines to reflect their commitment to the health of the models who appear on the pages and the well-being of their readers," says Conde Nast International Chairman Jonathan Newhouse in a statement. Another Conde Nast publication, Glamour, agreed to not alter body size in any of their photos this past March.  

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