Monday, June 18, 2012

6 Things To Avoid Doing On Facebook

by Sarah

1. Post photos of actual wounds or fresh-out-of-the-birth-canal babies.  I know it's big news to you that you're bleeding or have a deep wound, but some people on Facebook don't like to see blood when they're trying to make their work day go faster.  Babies are a wonderful gift and you'll probably feel a high (like, an "I can do anything because I've pushed this kid out!"type of high), but clean up your kid, stick him in a fun wicker basket and take a photo there.  Again, some people don't like to be in your delivery room with you, even if it's only via photographs. Umbilical cords or a mobile upload of the knife your doc used to do a C-section are creepy for everyone to see and it's nice to be respectful of other people. 

What to do instead: Keep it light! You can update anything you want (in words) but be cautious with the photos. 

2. Post about how much you hate your job (especially on company time).  Employers and informant "rat" co-workers do check your Facebook page, FYI. In fact, they LOVE it. Keep in mind that Facebook pages CAN be printed out. If you have terrible things to say, everyone knows the best place to do it is on Twitter. Venting about how much you hate your job might make you feel a little better for a moment, but it isn't good for your image. Plus, you can actually get fired if the time of your vicious status update matches a time you were supposed to be working on a project at work. 

What to do instead: Look for a job you will like online! No worries, you're just on the wrong website. Try a website with current job listings in your area or a city you'd like to move to.  Just know that there is a job out there for you that you won't want to trash on Facebook because you will love it so much. Complaining won't get you to it, though. 

3. Talk about your financial issues.  It is just as taboo to hop onto Facebook and talk about your trust fund as it is to vent about why you just don't qualify for Unemployment.  Hello, this is personal information? Why don't you just post your social security number so we can get a better idea of what you're going through?

What to do instead: Chat with people who can actually help (like the bank or the people at Unemployment.)  They can give you real advice and it won't be public knowledge.  

4. Trash your ex.  Nothing says, "I'm a sore loser" more than logging into your Facebook account and saying beyond horrible things about your ex.  Even worse, nothing says "I'm truly insane" like tagging your ex in a crazy rant about what they did wrong in your relationship.  C'mon, get it together! There has to be a bar full of day drinkers who actually want to listen to your pathetic cry-baby reasoning somewhere close by.  All that this proves to your Facebook friends is that you would 100% do this to them if by some chance, they ever dated you in the future. Exposing your ex on a social networking site only shows your character, not their character flaws, because since you're already acting irrationally, people will assume you could be making rumors up.  You've already jumped aboard the boat of insanity, you're capable of anything at this point.

What to do instead: Be the better person and move on.  Take some time to meditate before saying things you will regret.  Additionally, if you have something really pressing to say to your ex, it might be a good idea to get coffee with them or call them up.  They definitely won't listen to you if they've been tagged in a post that explains why you are heart broken over them.  Destiny's Child said it best here, folks: "You know I'm not gonna diss you on the internet, because my mama taught me better than that!"

5. Post seductive (or photos of your duck-face that you think are seductive) on Facebook.  Seriously, everyone's over it.  The only people who aren't are trolling dudes. On an additional note: do not post nude photos of yourself.  This may seem like a no-brainer for 99% of you, but some girls are still doing it, thinking that Hugh Hefner might see, invite them to come live at his house, and they will be the next Kendra. 

What to do instead: Just don't this at all.  

6. Posting a sad status update about how ugly or fat you feel today, just so someone will comment and say, "You're gorgeous, why are you writing this?!" Another FYI: Prince Charming isn't going to say anything about how gorgeous you are, but all of the trolling dudes will (if they are oblivious to what you're up to.)

What to do instead: Um, you know you're beautiful. Go to the gym and get fit or make a healthy salad.  Find your center.  Locate your self-worth.  Choose to not beat yourself up (especially where everyone can read it) and do something that will make you feel beautiful again.  Don't rely on men to tell you how beautiful you are.  You need to know that already before meeting your match, or you'll be left crying on a curb, because no one can be there for you 24/7 with affirmations except yourself.  

Photo Credit: You can find this image on Pinterest here.  Original location unknown.

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