Saturday, June 30, 2012

Give Each Day A Fair Chance

by Sarah Davis

working girl in the city...
Get up and do your makeup every morning. Put on your favorite perfume and dress to impress, even for the gym. Give each day a fair chance. So often, we get up and immediately remember yesterday. So much can happen with the start of a new morning, if we choose to allow it to. Don't procrastinate. Wake up, work out, put on your eyeliner, and do something new. Despite what happened yesterday, either get up and try again or get up and continue your process of trying. For all of the people that you meet within each new day, give these new people a fair chance. Don't let people you've met before sour every new person you meet.  Believe that people are good if they show you they are good. Forgive, but don't waste time on people who need to be forgotten about.  Forgive and send people off with love, not because they deserve it, but because it's ugly to have a heart who blames many people for your unhappiness. Give yourself a fresh chance with each new day.  If you've failed a thousand times in the past, this determines nothing about today.  

Today: eat a delicious meal, get a fantastic manicure, run more than you've ever run before, prove to yourself that you can do something you never thought you could, go see a silly movie, write a handwritten love note, turn off your Blackberry or iPhone and go for a walk, book a flight to that vacation you probably don't have time for. Let life happen to you by doing more things that make you happy.  

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