Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healthy Living Spotlight: Navitas Naturals Superfood Powders

by Sarah & Rose
We mentioned in a blog last week about vitamins (find it here) that it is incredibly important to get enough nutrients in your body.  Lately, I have been OBSESSED with adding superfood powders from Navitas Naturals to the smoothies I make because they are amazing.  You can find these at Whole Foods and they aren't too expensive, as far as smoothie supplement powders are concerned (they are usually about $7-20).  If you invest in a bag, it will last you a while.  What I also love about these is that while I use them primarily for smoothies, you can do anything with them, even bake brownies!  Their website has many delish recipes to explore, as well, so if you don't know what to do with your supplements, you aren't left hanging.  They have your back.  

Additionally, they make Cacao Goji Super Food Power Snacks, which my sister and I each got a bag and fell in love with. They taste amazing and you don't feel guilty about eating something sweet because you know you're putting good things into your body that are going to fuel you, not weigh you down. After trying them once, I keep them in my bag at all times now for those moments in the day when you're starving, but really don't have the time to get food. These power snacks are full of nutrients and they taste really good.  

TIP: My favorite combination of their products to put in a smoothie is to blend coconut water, frozen fruit, a Sambazon Unsweetened Acai Packet (you can find it in the freezer section of Whole Foods in packs of 4) Then add a Tablespoon of Maca Powder, Chia seeds, and Cacao Powder. I also LOVE to add a scoop of Green Vibrance powder (which is a completely different brand than Navitas Naturals) to this smoothie. You can find Green Vibrance at Whole Foods in the vitamin aisle. Another thing that I like to do in the morning is sprinkle Chia seeds onto oatmeal.  The only real difference is that your oatmeal becomes a little more crunchy.  Chia seeds are great to eat before working out because they are known to give your body a lot of added energy. 

If you love Navitas Naturals powders, comment below and tell us how you use them! There are SO many ways to use these products, that it's always nice to hear how someone else uses them.  You can visit their website for recipes that other people have submitted, as well! Cheers to good health! 

Also, read a blog that we put together in January about how to make the perfect smoothie (find it here)!

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