Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Healthy Living Spotlight: Pure Matters All-Natural Vitamins

by Sarah

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Pure Matters is offering Style & Wisdom readers the Women's Stress Multi-Vitamin (90 count -30 day size bottle) for only $9.95 (which is 60% off).  You will also receive 30% off of the entire Pure Matters site.  This offer is good through 7/15! Click here to place your order.

Taking vitamins is an important part of healthy living.  I've always been told that even if you think you're eating enough vitamins in your food, you should at least be taking a multi-vitamin.  In other words, a multi-vitamin should be the bare minimum of your vitamin regime.  I think it's important to shine light on the importance of vitamins for girls like me: the working girl who doesn't always have time for balanced meal.  It's really easy to subsitute a good breakfast with just a cup of coffee from Starbucks or skip a meal to shed a few pounds so you look good in a cocktail dress, but what you're losing out on when you skip meals is nutrients.  That's why I love taking vitamins and drinking smoothies that are packed with nutrition and why I LOVE to blog about these things; because I didn't always have these in my diet and I feel better, work harder, and think more positively when I make time for them.  

I recently have been taking Pure Matters vitamins and I have to rave about them.  They are completely organic and chemical free, which I think is of vital importance when choosing anything to put in your body.  I've been taking the Women's Stress Multi-Vitamin for a few weeks now and with a healthy diet and challenging myself at the gym, I have more energy and my skin looks healthier.  I really like this multi-vitamin, additionally, because it isn't a really large pill, which might sound silly, but a lot of vitamins on the market resemble horse pills. They seem abnormally large and smell awful.  They make taking vitamins seem like a dreadful chore, whereas I actually enjoy taking Pure Matters vitamins (because it's stress-free and I feel like I'm putting something into my body that is going to really help me live a healthier life.)

Another thing that I love about this company is that after you order your vitamins online, they come in a fun box, that reminds me of an Easter basket (with blue "grass" as their packing material). You really get the impression that someone hand-packed your box of vitamins and they did it to make you feel special (which is really nice because sometimes I order things online and my box arrives looking like a football team used it as a make-shift football during a game.) They also keep track of when you purchased your vitamins and then send you reminders via email to order a few weeks ahead of the time you will run out, so that you never have to miss a few days of taking your vitamins because you didn't order in time.  

For more information on Pure Matters or to place an order, visit purematters.com.  (They also have a GREAT allergy formula that is a healthy alternative to common allergy medicines that I highly suggest during allergy season.) 

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