Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Worry About the Mud of the World

by Sarah Davis

"Money is the reason we exist. Everyone knows it, it's a fact. Kiss kiss."- Lana Del Rey

I've been sitting down every night for the past few weeks trying to write something inspirational for all of you, but all that comes out of my head is the honest truth about life. It is true that life throws you "lemons" and these are often avoidable or easy to not get worked up about.  But, there are much bigger problems out there besides your lemons.  You can make lemonade, you can make lemon pie, you can do whatever.  There are things you will never, ever be able to change.  Or, make them look more appetizing.  

For instance, there is war.  There are miscarriages.  There are children who have done nothing except be born who are getting abused.  There are adults who fight every day to not carry around the scars of being abused as a child but they will always be there.  There are people out there starving.  No amount of manifesting, or yoga, or reading self-help blogs is going to change that.  (This is a question that I get a lot from people asking the classic question (which I've been getting in high frequently as of late), "Is self-help a bunch of bullshit?" I also get told, "God can't be real because there is SO much suffering out there." These are thoughts that haven't just plagued you, or are original to your head.  Every human being to walk the planet has wondered the same stuff.  I wonder about it every morning over oatmeal and coffee.)

I remember reading the Bible last year for the first time in depth, as an adult.  One of the parts that stuck out to me the most, because it resembled where I was at in life, was that of King Solomon in Ecclesiastes. He had everything he ever wanted (more girlfriends than Hugh Hefner, power, knowledge and money) but he was searching for meaning in his life. One of the reasons he didn't see any meaning was because of how idiotic humanity is for wanting to change the world.  Every generation is born, every generation dies, and every generation tries to change the world (but never does) or how everything we acquire in life, we leave behind when we die. He even goes on to say that there is no difference between a man and an animal because neither one can escape the fate of death. Keep in mind, he knew this at the time the Bible was being written.  We try to change all of the hurt in the world and we try to eliminate suffering (all of us) but it is never going away.  It's one of the backbones of the Earth.  I remember reading this and thinking, "Man, the Bible isn't all that inspirational!" It's a dark and gloomy book about finding hope in a bad, bad world. It's important to remember that this world is dark. People do bad things. It isn't really all that safe for us. 

When you put it into this perspective, however, you see how important God is. You can see how important self help and taking care of your soul is. If you aren't satisfied spiritually, you're going to become a slave to the faux-hardships of this world. It's as though we are designed with a hole in our heart.  A hole that we can either fill with a hope that can only be found in God or spend our whole lives trying to fill with crap that will leave you feeling empty  (like everything Solomon had: money, riches, even a love of other human beings.) 

With all of that being said, it's important to remember that we aren't going to end human suffering, as a whole, and we can never escape it.  It's there.  The only thing we can really work on is our own suffering and we can only do this by filling up the hole in our heart with the right choices.  We can choose happiness even though this world lies to us and tells us there is no hope because everything can look so shitty, because we know that God has a plan. When we choose to fill our minds with fear and a search for things like money or temporary highs, we aren't following our intuition (or our personal connection with God.) When you truly follow your intuition, you will never go wrong.  It's important to remember that your intuition often sounds silly, but you have to listen to it.  The Earth is really convincing.  Evil is really convincing.  Fear is really convincing.  You can easily become plagued with thoughts like, "I will be alone forever" or "We better live it up because tonight is all we have." These thoughts are false and are completely a product of secular fear, though, and the only thing they lead us to are bad choices. You can easily get tangled up in this world, but you can't.  It's a place that you are visiting.  You don't have a lot of control over what's happening in Egypt or what's happening in a ghetto, but you have 100% control of your integrity, the way you live, your own thoughts, and how you treat the people around you.  DO SOMETHING WITH THAT.  You will meet the people you can change along your little journey, so don't worry about "the world and its suffering" because you won't be able to help anyone if your head is tying itself into a thousand knots. 

Additionally, you can easily get caught up in the things we deem as positive here in the world: success, relationships, etc. Keep a mindful eye of the things that are really worth worrying, or stressing about, in life.
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