Monday, July 9, 2012

Are You Indulging In A Calorie-Fest Without Even Knowing About It?

It's no secret that it's the middle of summer and everyone's main agenda is to beat the heat.  One of our first responses to a heat wave is to grab a cold beverage, whether it be a diet coke or a beer.  However, before you grab just any iced beverage, you need to know exactly how many calories is in what you're choosing.  This month's issue of Glamour features a great article (written by Kelly DiNardo) that compares common cold beverages to popular food items.  The results will leave you wondering if those minutes on the treadmill are worth it, when you could be drinking water or tea and feeling just as cooled off.  Even if you are aware of what beverages out there are fattening, this article offers an easy (and creative) way to refresh your memory. Here are the highlights:

A 16-oz breakfast smoothie (470 calories) can be compared to a double cheeseburger (450 calories).

A frozen mocha with whipped cream (560 calories) can be compared to a five-layer beef burrito (540 calories).

A large sweet iced tea (291 calories) can be compared to a small order of fries (271 calories).

A soda (152 calories) can be compared to a bag of nacho cheese chips (150 calories).

A mojito (225 calories) can be compared to two brownies (224 calories).

A 6.5 oz glass of wine (165 calories) can be compared to three mini powdered doughnuts (157 calories).

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