Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Currently In Theaters: Katy Perry: Part Of Me (Review)

Currently in theaters: Katy Perry teamed up with MTV to bring you Katy Perry: Part of Me, which is a documentary on the pop singer's life and career, but plays like a dual concert movie, as well. One of Katy's strengths, as quoted by her friends and team, is that every song she has relates to a situation in her own life, so the movie is broken down into showing tidbits of her life in documentary-form followed by a song that relates from her most recent album, Teenage Dream.

One of the main points of the film is to show Katy backstage on tour and to show the amount of work and heartbreak she put in to get to the level of success she has today.  You get to meet her team, see how hard she works on a year-long tour, see her bond with her friends, and you even see brief tidbits of a quiet Russell Brand in the beginning of the film.  By the end, though, you see Katy crying uncontrollably moments before going on stage, unable to speak but able to toss of her wedding ring, and then you see how she has to pull herself together and go on stage. Ultimately, you are left with no choice but to be on Katy Perry's side of the divorce and relate to how hard she works on her music and concerts, as she was a producer.  

Is this movie worth seeing? This might seem like a no-brainer, but only if you see Katy Perry's music! 

Katy Perry at the premiere of Katy Perry: Part of Me in Sydney, Australia (Photo Credit: Kristian Dowling/ Getty Images)

If you like Katy Perry and her album Teenage Dream, you will love this. It's really emotional, really inspiring, and put together in a way that you make you cry one minute and then want to start dancing the next. Even though there has been criticism that everything you see is one-sided (particularly when it comes to her divorce), isn't she allowed to show her side? She hardly dwells on the divorce at all, you get the impression she only includes it to prevent the same critics from asking why she wouldn't address such a media hotspot in a documentary of her own life.  

Overall, Katy Perry: Part of Me is genuinely light.  She says many inspirational things along the lines of: "if she can do it, anyone can." The movie is fully equipped for children who adore her, as well.

If you didn't like her album, however, I wouldn't suggest seeing this film.  I also wouldn't suggest this to people who aren't aware that it's a documentary. It isn't a fictional story, with Katy Perry as a main actress (i.e. like when the Spice Girls did the movie, Spice World), which is what some of the promotional posters seem to suggest.  

(Image Credit: Kristian Dowling/ Getty Images)

First Image Credit: MTV 

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