Tuesday, July 17, 2012

YSL Combines Social Media & Eyeshadow

by Sarah

What's that shade of eyeshadow you're wearing? Oh, it's 'Facebook Blue'!

I do have to admit that when I first heard of this news, I thought it was a Saturday Night 
Live joke. However, it isn't.  Yves Saint Laurent has designed a"Pure Chromatics Devoted to  Fans" eyeshadow palette as a "declaration of love" for their Facebook fans, using the Facebook blue.  With only a little over  1600 of these suckers available, the fashion label is promising special perks to any Facebook fan who purchases the palette.  A limited  supply? Really? Sounds to me like YSL is just playing the game.  (The game of tricking people into liking your page on Facebook, I mean.)

I'm not entirely pleased with YSL lately, ever since I read this article stating that they plan to change their name to "Saint Laurent Paris" in the upcoming months. Even though I could barely pronounce "Yves" up until a few years ago and definitely can't afford anything other than their makeup, I am not pleased with this change. 

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