Saturday, August 11, 2012

Banana Republic Designs New Uniforms For Virgin America

by Sarah

Talk about high fashion...

Banana Republic recently designed a line of functional sportswear for Virgin America's flight attendants, pilots, and even ticket agents.  While news of this fashionable alliance has been around for a month, the employees didn't actually get to start wearing their new uniforms until August 8, which was Virgin America's 5 year anniversary. 

Flight attendants & pilots, at one point in time, were stylish figures in society (think Pan Am.) However, over the years, their uniforms went from fab to drab. So, we are particularly excited to see fashion making its way up into the sky again. 

"Function and fashion were the two main driving forces of the project.  In each part of the design process we had to think back to who would be wearing the uniforms, the long hours of wear, activity of walking, sitting, reaching in overhead bins, etc," said Simon Kneen, the Design & Creative Director for Banana Republic. 

Alongside the stylish new uniforms of the staff, a collection of Banana Republic items will be available to travelers, while flying, on the Virgin America Red's in flight entertainment system, including sunglasses, tote bags, and even trench coats.  

Hmm, looks like we will have to book a flight (to somewhere...exotic) to see what all of the hype is about! 

Image Credit: Banana Republic/Virgin America

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