Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fifty Shades Darker: Your Ultimate Nail Guide For Fall 2012

Harper's Bazaar featured these nails recently and we LOVE the new spin on the french manicure!
When you think about Fall nail polish, you normally think: DARKER COLORS, right? This Fall, we are seeing a lot of the usual shades like dark purple, gold, navy (which is actually my lucky color), and any darker shade of red, but we are also seeing a few different shades. For instance, we are seeing a lot of military colors, a lot of gold, a lot of burgundy, white nails, and even a new spin on the french manicure. Additionally, textured nails are very in this season. 

The french manicure has literally been overdone SO much that it immediately screams, "I want you to think I have money because I can afford some french tips" or "I want to be in Playboy." However, what we are seeing this fall is a breath of fresh air: the tips are painted with an "it" color, like navy or dark green (and it is all painted on your actual nail, no acrylic nail required.) Finally, an updated look!

Finally, we are seeing reds and nudes. Classic nail polish never goes out of style and live through every season, but it is trending right now.  Expect to see a lot of nudes, everything from bright red to burgundy to vampy red, to military greens and navy blue.  It's time to put away your pinks, purples, and yellows girls, and get fifty shades darker for Fall! Check out what a few of your favorite brands are offering this Fall below.

What is not pictured below that is making waves: Dior's "crocodile"(dubbed by Vogue) crackle nail polish in green!

Chanel Fall colors include Frenzy, Suspicious, and Vertigo

Tom Ford offers a "provocative" spin on Fall colors, with Dominatrix and Matrix
Butter London (our absolute favorite nail polish) offers sparkly darker shades in their Fall/Winter 2012 Collection including: Lovely Jubbly, Trustafarian, Gobsmacked, Shag, and Dodgy Barnatt
Estee Lauder serves up elegant gold tones including: Nouveau Riche, Chaos, Smashed, Explosif, and Fiery Hot

Essie actually offers two Fall collections, but this one we liked better, and it's called, Stylenomics. Essie is a GREAT brand because the polish immediately lies flat once you apply it and after two coats, you literally have a flawless "salon-like" finish. 

Image Credits: Harper's Bazaar,, Tom Ford, Essie, Chanel, Estee Lauder, and Butter London


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