Monday, August 13, 2012

Self Improvement: Always Use The Law of Attraction To Your Advantage

by Sarah

Miracles occur naturally. The only time they stop is whenever we create a blockage. Miracles can be small or even just a shift in how you are perceiving your life. Many miracles happen every day to everyone, but sometimes, we miss them. So often, we get in our own way by thinking we are less than we really are. Or, we forget to live in the present moment by worrying about the future or hanging on to something terrible that happened in the past. Missing out on miracles and happiness is no one's fault but your own. There is no room for being a victim or having a thousand excuses as to why you aren't living a great life. You might be able to lie to other people or play the part of a victim with other people, but when it comes down to it, you can't lie to God and you can't lie to the universe. 

However, simply being alive means that we are entitled to a miraculous life full of happiness and blessings. Everything you "dream" of is within reach. You only have to believe that you deserve it and are going to get it. You need to stay in the present to see how many amazing things are happening for you every minute.  Otherwise, you might not even see some of the things that are happening in your life, which is what can happen if you get too caught up in thinking you are a victim or unworthy of life.  Life is for everyone and so is happiness. It isn't for select people. 

One of the ways that we can miss out on many opportunities and even happiness itself is by embracing negative thoughts. Time and time again, I tell people that if negative thoughts and a negative attitude can do a ton of damage to your life, a positive attitude can affect your life with the same amount of intensity in a good way. One of the best ways to experience more miracles (and more happiness) is to simply use the Law Of Attraction. Attract good things & good people by being a happy person yourself! Be the person you think you will become when you acquire everything you want.  If you sit around and feel sorry for yourself, that is what you are attracting.  If you play the part of having a sad, sorry life, that is what you are attracting.  If you shift these thoughts, you can have a great life.  But, it all comes back to what you are giving to the universe.  Are you a loving person? Are you a happy person who can find happiness in small things? Do you express gratitude often? Etc.

1. Write down a list of things you want or make a visual board with magazine clippings/drawings. Seeing things with your eyes is different than just thinking about them. Visualizing helps to get the show on the road. If you can see it, it looks much more manageable. Don't be scared to be bold.  If you want money, admit it to yourself. If you want a baby, admit that to yourself.  If you hold back, you can bet that the universe will hold back, too. 

2. Don't attach any negative thinking to things you want to come into your life. Only apply warm, positive thoughts. This is truly the law of attraction. If you apply fear to something you want, the universe is going to give you something scary.  You will have a fearful time with this new venture, because you hype yourself up to be scared. If you think it will come easily, chances are, it will come easily.  

3. Believe you already have it. You probably have a mental idea of who you will become once you get something you want (perhaps a baby, a husband, or a job).  You probably imagine yourself being really happy and confident once you get this thing you don't have.  Be that person you see in your head, even without what you want.  Attract this thing you want by being the person who is supposed to have it.  

4. Work hard for things you know you'll get. We're all equipped with intuition.  Certain things are never going to work out in life, so don't go after those things or worry about them.  Save your energy for positive pursuits.  

5. Express gratitude when you get it. Embrace gratitude always. Gratitude attracts more gratitude. If you are thankful for something in your life every day, you are living a satisfied life.  When you say thanks, you are welcoming more of everything to come into your life.  If you act like you didn't get anything, when you got a great opportunity, you are going to attract more and more of that feeling; that feeling of "Oh, I missed out." 

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