Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Theater Review: The Addams Family Musical

by Sarah Davis

Pittsburgh, PA- As part of a national tour, The Addams Family Musical opened last night in Pittsburgh at the Benedum Center and will play until August 12, 2012. While the plot was rather predictable, the nostalgia factor of the famed Addams Family, based off of the original cartoon by Charles Addams (which inspired the iconic 1960's television series and a few motion pictures) wooed the audience.  So much so, that the audience snapped their fingers throughout the show, right alongside with the cast, without any cue and laughed uncontrollably.   

In the musical, the odd and death-obsessed Wednesday Addams (Cortney Wolfson) has found love with a boy named Lucas Beineke (Brian Justin Crum), who is a tourist from Ohio.  The musical finds Wednesday attempting to plan a dinner for Lucas' parents, Mal and Alice, to meet her infamous family; a dinner which she hopes can be "normal." As you can imagine, the dinner is anything less than normal.  

The cast is carried by Gomez (Douglas Sills), Morticia (Sara Gettelfinger) and Uncle Fester (Blake Hammond). Uncle Fester and Gomez are the the only two who deliver "heart" to the story, with Uncle Fester acting partly as a narrator. Morticia delivers as much heart and comedic relief as she can, without straying too much from her dry nature, but is borderline whiny and self-obsessed, almost to the point of being unnoticeable. Fester, on the other hand, develops an unconventional love affair with the Moon (when he isn't narrating) and surprisingly enough, it is the only relationship that you truly root for. Gomez and Morticia argue when Gomez keeps a secret for Wednesday during dinner and Wednesday fights with Lucas for not being "crazy enough", but both fights are painfully predictable. Even so, the cast is hilarious and witty as ever.  Gomez even makes a local reference by using a "Pittsburghese" accent unexpectedly, which had the audience laughing so hard that even Douglas Sills couldn't refrain from laughing on stage. 

All in all, the show was full of life (or, eh, death) with carefully odd choreography, ghoulish lighting, and wonderful set designs.  For tickets, please visit The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's website.  

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