Sunday, August 26, 2012

True Blood Wraps Up Season 5, Were You Impressed?

by Sarah

Okay, let's talk about the season finale of True Blood. There were quite a few reasons why the finale was disappointing, but we'll start with the usual, which is Sookie and Bill's tragic love tale.  "I know Bill. Starting a civil war between vampires and humans: that's not who [Bill] is", Sookie says innocently while driving with Jason.  Later on in the episode, Sookie finds out that there is a lot that she doesn't know about Bill Compton. For instance, he is the new vampire god who's mission is to eat all human beings for breakfast? We all saw him progressively become evil while hanging with Russel and the Authority, but she didn't, as they spent the entire season apart.  Here are a couple of other issues that we must address of our beloved show's disappointing finale.  (We must note that even though it wasn't what we were expecting, we're all sad it won't be on again until next Summer.)

1. What is up with Sookie this season? This whole season, Sookie's been a little bit off.  Maybe it's because she has seen too much blood for one lifetime or maybe it was because Anna Paquin was pregnant and the writers were spending too much time trying to hide her belly in every scene.  Either way, she definitely didn't "bring it" this season.  We normally get a little more emotion out of Sookie, at least during a season finale. 

2. About the fairies... Other than Sookie's lack of interest in her action-packed life, wee learned that fairies give birth to litters, not single babies, with ease.  Andy Bellefleur's fairy mistress (who he cheated on Holly with) delivers four babies and leaves them in Andy's care. Meanwhile, Holly is the one who delivers all four babies, not at all pleased with the situation. 

3. About the shifters... Sam Merlotte flies into the mouth of a crazed vampire (as a fly) and shifts back into human form, while still in her mouth, causing her to explode.  Sam, Luna, and Emma are all still stuck in the Authority Building when the show ends, so we aren't sure what happened with them. We do know that Luna shifted from Steve Newlin to herself (and puked up blood) on national television and spilled the beans about how evil vampires are.  

4. About the vampires. Bill Compton tricks Salome into drinking all of "Lilith's blood" by telling her that Lillith came to him and told him that she chose Salome to be her prodigy.  After she chugs the vessel of blood down, Bill gives her a devlish eye.  When the blood makes her ill, Bill stands over her explaining that he laced it with silver because he is the one who Lilith chose, revealing that he has kept the actual blood of Lilith in a small vile for himself. Then, he stakes her.  Right before he does, though, Salome says that "Lilith chose correctly." 

Sookie and Eric try to come to Bill's rescue only to find him confidently against humanity.  He drinks the blood and turns into a pool of blood on the floor.  (Editor's Note: Was anyone else momentarily happy he was finally off of the show?) To our dismay, however, he rises out of the blood and does a creepy Lilith demon hiss.  Sigh, his corrupted character will probably never die.  

Is Bill the new Lilith (or, eh, the "son of god")? Was Lilith even real? She plotted all of the chancellors against each other until all but one died. The only two who escaped were Eric and Nora, who went rogue after seeing their maker tell them Lilith was a "god of destruction."

5. About the werewolves... Alcide takes over his pack after he learns JD has been force feeding V to all of the wolves.  Does anyone remember anything about the wolves this season? There were many storylines that faded quickly (like the "Iraqi ghost lady") and quite frankly, what the wolfpack was up to was at the bottom of our long list. 

6. About Warlow... And, in true True Blood nature, we never find out who Warlow is.  The only clue that we get is in a bonus scene, which previews the next season. Jason and Nora are on the roof of the Authority building and he says, "I'm coming for you, Warlow." Nora, who is behind him, stops and asks, "Warlow, what do you know about Warlow?", as though she knows all about him. 

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