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TV Buzz: 'Pretty Little Liars' Gearing Up To Reveal Who "A" Is In Season Finale

I have a few guilty obsessions right now: chocolate coconut coffee, pinning like a crazy woman, and Pretty Little Liars. I just love those little liars (and their sense of fashion!) There are only two episodes left in Season 3 and it is getting so intense that I had to share with all of you my burning desire to know WHO "A" IS! It is much more tricky this season to even guess who "A" is.  With Mona, you sort of already suspected her, only because she was always lurking around in the background.  With the new "A", it is harder to figure out, especially after last night's episode, which proved that neither Jenna, Noel Kahn or Garrett killed Maya. 

Noel sent Spencer surveillance footage of the night Maya was killed (which shows Maya being grabbed by someone who was just out of the camera's view) after he caught her sorting through his locker in the boys' locker room during football practice. The video shows Maya being grabbed by this unknown person immediately after Jenna and Noel go into his cabin, proving that they were inside while Maya was attacked.  However, we don't actually know if he sent this or not since it was sent from a blocked email address, as all communications always are. Aside from the surveillance footage, one of the biggest clues that we got from last night's episode, "What Lies Beneath" was a knife that Maya had in her bag. (We found out that Maya never left Rosewood, instead stayed in a hidden bedroom of Noel Kahn's family cabin). The knife had the initials "LJ" carved into it.  WHAT? No one has these initials on the show.  

It's being hinted that "A" is someone close to the girls with the tagline, "BetrAyel", which leads you to rule out Jenna & Noel anyway, because those two were never close with the liars.  We can only guess that it is one of the boyfriends, who we know well already, like Ezra (who has been acting shady as of late with the whole "I could have/might still have a child out there somewhere" thing) or Wren (who has been a strange background character from the beginning that always pops back into the storyline.) Wren is a great (but rather boring) candidate for "A" because he works with Mona, as her doctor, at Radley. Lastly, Caleb, who even went to visit Mona at Radley. 

Another easy suspect is Paige, who has also been around since Season 1.  In this episode, Paige gets violent when she catches Emily kissing Nate, Maya's cousin (who is a...boy) and beats up a trashcan (which might lead you to point the "A" finger at her because she reveals that she can be a violent person.) Plus, in the spoiler of the next episode, you see that Paige knew and had a major feud with Ali before she died.  As of right now, Paige is the biggest suspect, but you never know, maybe the writers are pointing the finger at her to keep you from suspecting someone even closer to the girls (like Ali). Hmmm. 

In the books, you find out that A is Ali (and the girls never knew Ali, they knew her twin sister, who pretended to be her to avoid going to Radley Sanitoriam-the same that Mona is in.) However, the television series hasn't really mentioned a lot of that storyline, except of course, a couple of brief times.  For instance, when Hanna and Ali are babysitting and Ali tells a story to the little boy about a little girl that murders her twin sister. According to WetPaint, there was a photo hanging on the wall in Ali's bedroom of Jason and the two twins, Ali & Courtney.

Personally, I love this theory and I really want Ali to reveal herself as "A" in the next two episodes. I have always wanted Spencer to be part of the "A-Team" because she is the smartest one of the liars and she was the one who went looking for Ali the night she disappeared and she is the one who went off with Mona, ultimately finding out that she was "A" in the Season 2 finale. 

Wetpaint also leaked from photos from the Finale (see them here) which shows Emily & Paige at a crime scene. Emily looks the most distraught out of all of the liars, which definitely suggests that perhaps Paige is "A." But, I still hope it's Ali.  

Who do you think "A" is? Comment below with your theories!

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