Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Wore It Best? Miley Cyrus & Pink Show Up On The Red Carpet Rocking Same Hairstyle

Did last night's VMA Awards create a major controversy? Well, not major, but Miley Cyrus did show up rocking a nearly identical hairstyle as Pink.  As we all know, Pink has made short hair part of her look since the beginning of the career.  Miley, on the other hand, just recently chopped off her locks and died it platinum blonde. Once everyone began to notice that the two singers looked oddly similar, the former Hannah Montana child star took to Twitter. Cyrus, who is no stranger to sounding off on Twitter, tweeted "Woahh 2 girls have blonde short hair! The whole world should go into panic mode. Redickkk." (Don't you just love her grammar? Perhaps we should go into panic-mode because the girl doesn't even know there is no k in ridiculous.) 

Flashback moment: Remember in Sex and the City 2 when Miley and Samantha Jones show up to a red carpet event wearing the same dress? Remember how graceful Miley was? 

All jokes aside about Miley's lack of education, we want to hear your opinion!  Who wore the spiky platinum hair better: Miley or Pink?

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