Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mary Poppins Comes to Pittsburgh

by Sarah & Rose

"Mary Poppins" opened in Pittsburgh this past Wednesday at the Benedum Center and our team had the opportunity to attend.  Not only is the story a childhood classic, but the Broadway musical is literally stunning with colorful sets and impeccable special effects.  

The use of color in the set design was some of the best we have ever seen and it really set the different mood for each scene. For instance, in the first scene when the cast is dancing outside the colors are a very dull black and white. Then, when you see the inside of the house the colors are very warm and cozy. The greatest of all though is when they are in the park and everything comes alive the colors are vibrant pinks and reds and the costumes are fun and exciting. The transition between scenes was wonderful as well, although they did end up having some technical difficulty which was distracting. Of course, it was opening night.  

Leave it to Mary Poppins to turn something as mundane as a trip to the park into something magical.  The show leaves you feeling inspired to find the beauty in every day life and to cherish life a little more.  Be sure to catch this Broadway show in your local city.  It is the best musical I have seen so far this year, without a doubt.  

For more information on Mary Poppins: The Musical, visit their website here.

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