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Style, Wisdom, & Entertaining with "RHONY" Star Sonja Morgan

by Sarah Davis
Photo Credit: Andrew Werner
The Real Houswives of New York City were nothing short of overly dramatic this past season. Luckily, we were able to find comedic relief in Sonja Morgan. Sonja recently opened up to us about what her personal life is like, when she isn't being followed around by cameras.  She talks about her relationship with partner-in-crime Ramona, her catering and event planning company, "Sonja in the City" and her fabulous Upper Eastside lifestyle. If you aren't already signed up for Sonja's newsletter, treat yourself by signing up today- it's wonderful. (You can sign up for Sonja's newsletter on her official Facebook page.)

Style & Wisdom: What has been the most amazing part of your experience with The Real Housewives of NYC so far?
Sonja Morgan: The most gratifying part of being on the show is that I get to share my recipes, tips, and secrets with other women on a larger scale. I get to know that people don't feel alone out there because they email my website and sign up for my newsletter, which lets me know how much they enjoy sharing my lifelong tips and experiences. Some good some bad. But I am happy if people can learn from my mistakes and it makes me happy when people let me know that they're going through a similar experience so I feel I'm not alone, too.

S & W: We know that you do Sonja in the City: what are a few tips for throwing a GREAT party?  
SM: The most important part about a party is that you have the right mix of people. The ambiance is everything.  After all, people go to parties to socialize and to meet your friends. You're sharing a part of your life when you choose to invite someone which means they are special.  The next important thing on the list is to have the best quality alcohol and food that you can. Less is more [when it comes to the food and alcohol] and shows good taste. You don't want your guest suffering hangovers and upset tummies- they won't come back! Lastly, you want everyone to look good and feel good, so lighting and the layout of the room and access to the bars is important. The general flow of the energy is very important to keep it going strong for hours!

S & W: What is your favorite cocktail?  
SM: I love Prosecco and bubbly wine and to mix it up! I have some very special cocktails I make with bubbly wine. I also enjoy vodka and I have come up with special vodka drinks that I serve at my Sonja In The City parties.

S & W: After a crazy day, how do you unwind? 
I like to take a bubble bath with salt and oils, have a glass of Prosecco, read a book, or tweet with my viewers. I also enjoy yoga. 

S & W: You have a great body: how do you stay in such great shape while living such a busy lifestyle? What are some tips you might have for other busy ladies? SM: I like to use my Sonja Slim Packs which are a natural fiber that curb appetite, up your metabolism, and stop fats from going to your fat cells. I also love my chocolate shake at 4 PM to curb off blood sugar spurts. It's in my newsletter and on my website: it's chocolate powder with bananas and sesame tahini. Delicious!

S & W: You and Ramona are one of our favorite Bravo duo's...what is her best/worst quality?  
SM: She's honest and loyal to a fault, very generous and philanthropic. She would give the shirt off her back as they say. On the other hand, she's full of so much energy and so there to help that sometimes it can be exhausting! Sometimes some people just don't want to hear the truth, including myself!

S & W: What is your favorite spot in New York City? Favorite club?
SM: I adore the upper Eastside and wouldn't live anywhere else. I work so hard and spend so much time taking care of my daughter that usually if I get a free moment I run out to a gay club so I can just be myself and let go for an hour. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment so that works out just fine!

S & W: There is a TON of drama on the NY Housewives show, but you always seem to have a comedic approach to all of it (especially in St. Barth's) - how do you stay so positive? 
SM: I can't live my life worrying about what other people think. I have no control over that, anyway. I like to live in the moment and be myself. I try to be true to myself and try to be as truthful as I can with the people I care about.

S & W: What is the most essential item in your closet right now?
SM: Hello Skinny Jeans. All colors! 

S & W: Favorite designer? 
SM: Too many to name just one but I wear Lorena Sarbu, Kay Unger, Mark Bouwer, and THEIA frequently.  

S & W: Favorite charity?
SM: American Friends of Blerancourt 

S & W: What have you done with them so far?  
Where to start? I'm on the board. It's a family charity, Ann Morgan's Chateau outside of Paris turned French American Museum. Only one in the world.   [Check out their website here]

S & W: You are a NYC girl, but what has been your favorite part of the world to visit and why? 
SM: South of France. The food, the climate, the gardens, the water, the beaches... It's where I meet my friends from around the world.

S & W: Finally, we ask everyone we interview what their "words to live by" are? What are yours?!
SM: Live each day as you have everything to gain and nothing to lose! Onwards and upwards!

For more info about Sonja Morgan, visit her official website and follow her on Twitter, @sonjatmorgan.  

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Sonja Morgan lounges behind the scenes of an OK Magazine photoshoot.  

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