Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Assault

by Sarah

Lindsay Lohan - "Liz & Dick" Premiere
Just when you thought Lindsay Lohan was getting her life together with the premiere of Liz & Dick (sure, it was just a Lifetime movie, but it's Elizabeth Taylor's life and someone out there gave her a job), she gets arrested for assaulting another woman during a fight. Lohan reportedly hit another woman during a fight around 4am at a New York City nightclub. What is it about this girl?  

Didn't we just see her doing interviews for Liz & Dick where she told everyone that she was finally back to a good place in her personal and professional life (she just completed three back to back films). 

I was actually getting ready, just yesterday, to write a blog about how far she has come.  I was going to start the blog off with, "What is Chelsea Handler going to do now that Lindsay Lohan is putting her life together?" 

But, then I woke up to read that she is back to her own crime-tastic habits.  Lindsay's rep, in case you are still rooting for her, says that Lindsay is innocent and that people love to blame her for crime because she is famous and has been famously in trouble in the past.  

Photo Credit: Zimbio

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