Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pure Matters Brand Ambassador Announcement + Pure Matters Holiday Photo Challenge

by Sarah

I want to formally announce that I am a brand ambassador for Pure Matters vitamins, which is something that I am beyond thrilled about. These are vitamins that I genuinely believe in and want all of you to check out. The nice folks over at Pure Matters have even given me a personal URL (which you can visit by clicking here.)  By shopping through this link, you can receive 25% off.  (How cool is that?) 

I am a firm believer that your body needs to be a top priority in order for your mental & spiritual health to flourish, so I have been really trying to put my health first these past few months, with things like juicing, juice cleanses, taking vitamins from a company that I trust, yoga, and regular cardio workouts. I have a lot of vitamin favorites from Pure Matters that I plan on writing about (like my current obsessions, Alpha Lipoic Acid and non-GMO Pea Protein Powder for an an extra boost in my green smoothies.) Right now, however, I am here to chat with you about a fun holiday photo challenge Pure Matters is doing for the month of December.

You can participate in the What Matters Holiday Photo Challenge by following the prompts above and uploading a photo to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for every day of December. (It's a few days into the month, but it won't be too hard to catch yourself up.) The concept of the photo challenge is to get you to step back from the holiday madness for a few moments each day and focus on what really matters during the holiday season-- what makes you laugh, what "strength" means to you, how you stay calm, etc. Just make sure you use the hashtag #holidaychallenge in all of your photos! 

Prizing includes a Fitbit One (seriously, this is on my "Christmas list" this year), a Lululemon gift card, and a BeWell Box subscription! (Just a little note: BeWell Box subscriptions are amazing.  Basically, for around $50 per month, you will be automatically shipped your core nutritional supplements and one additional bonus product.  Plus, you will get free gifts, samples, and special offers.  If you are a busy person, this is such a great way to stay healthy because it takes the guesswork out of taking vitamins. Instead of shopping around or remembering to re-order vitamins online, these babies will just show up at your doorstop.)  

For more on the holiday photo challenge, visit the Pure Matters blog.

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