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Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's 2012-2013 Season

Alexandra Kochis in Giselle 
Photo by Rich Sofranko
Last year, we developed a great relationship with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre and we are excited to give you some information on their 2012-2013 season.  This past weekend, PBT kicked off the season with Giselle, the stirring tale of of a young girl who is betrayed by her lover and dies of a broken heart. Giselle rises from the dead for vengeance, but in the end protects her sorrowful lover from the deadly Willis- evil spirits who haunt the forest in the night. (See photos of Alexandra Kochis and Christopher Budzynski in this performance below.)

The Nutcracker will run from December 7-30, 2012 at the Benedum Center. The holiday season wouldn't be complete without PBT's The Nutcracker.  Now in it's 11th season, this Pittsburgh-themed production features dazzling costumes, a larger-than-life Christmas tree, more than 80 dancers, and Tchaikovsky's timeless score.  

Moulin Rouge- The Ballet will run from February 14-17, 2013 at the Benedum Center. Turn of the century Paris...a city of exquisite contradiction.  The heady elixir of personal freedom bred lifestyles both reckless and addictive. Drawn to Paris by the city's passion, a flame fueled by the hearts of lovers and the souls of poets, tempt fate as you seek love and destiny at the infamous cabaret- The Moulin Rouge. 

Unspoken will run from March 8-17, 2013 at the August Wilson Center. Join PBT and the August Wilson Center for a night of captivating choreography by three masters: George Balanchine, Anthony Tudor, and Mark Morris.  Featuring Tudor's Lilac Garden, Balanchine's dynamic classical work, Valse Fantasie, and Mark Morris' Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes, this evening's choreography speaks in ways words cannot.  

Finally, Cinderella, will run April 19-21, 2013 at the Benedum Center. With a happily ever after, PBT closes its 2012-2013 season with Cinderella. Dazzling sets, shimmering costumes, enchanting fairies, and evil stepsisters, this world-famous fairy tale is the perfect fit. This production features our live orchestra playing Sergei Prokofiev's magnificent score. 

Prices range from $60- $478 and can be purchased by calling 412-454-9107 or by visiting

Alexandra Kochis in Giselle 
Photo by Rich Sofranko
Alexandra Kochis and Christopher Budzynski in Giselle 
Photo by Rich Sofranko
Alexandra Kochis in Giselle 
Photo by Rich Sofranko

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Taste of Whiskey on the Last Beautiful Night Before 'Frankenstorm' Hit the East Coast

(PITTSBURGH, Pa)- On October 29, 2012, guests came out to experience the 6th Annual Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival at the Rivers Casino. Formerly held at Heinz Field, this was the first year the event took place at a new location. Long lines kept the drinks flowing, the house was full, and overall, the event was a fabulous experience for all who attended.  

The New York Times recently featured an article about how people's need to be well-versed in art or literature has been replaced by a new need to be well-versed in food. Knowing about famous artists has grown to become irrelevant, but knowing about fine dining, how to cook a piece of meat to perfection, staying up to date on what the best restaurants are in your city, and how to pair food with the perfect cocktail or drink, is what people are considering "taste" in today's culture. Being a foodie is what defines how cultured you are.  


On a rather unusual beautiful late October evening, I put on a fancy dress and ventured down to the Rivers Casino to try whiskey. In hindsight, this beautiful weather could only be described as the "calm before the frankenstorm." Unlike many other attendees, I was going in with a media pass, which meant that unlike many of the other attendees, I had to take notes. It always puts me in a state of mild anxiety when I attend events as media, because I know that I am at work.  I am there to write an article about what everyone else is doing for a relaxing night off of work.  

With that in mind, I went into the event not knowing what to expect. I'm not one to drink whiskey as a normal activity, especially high end whiskey. It seems a little improbable to invest a large amount of money in a bottle of something if I don't know for certain that I will enjoy it. But, the opportunity was right in front of me and as a foodie, I knew I should take advantage of tasting these different whiskeys. I knew I should take advantage of discovering new ways to make cocktails.  If not for my own sake, then for the sake of future guests at future parties I may hold. 

The first brand of whiskey that caught my eye was Hudson Whiskey, which had the most lively young man 'repping' them.  With perhaps an Irish accent (the most fitting accent of the evening, I might add), he described the whiskey as "unapologetic", which drew me right in. Certainly, I want a liquor that is unapologetic. I took a mini-sip and was surprised at how multifaceted the taste was, as compared to a sip of liquor which normally might be so overpowering that you feel miserably intoxicated or sick to your stomach immediately (comparable to say, a cheap shot of vodka at your local bar.) (Note: if that comparison didn't give away that I am no connoisseur of whiskey, I'm not sure how else I can put it.) 

Wigle Whiskey was one of the brands suggested to us to keep in mind when walking around because it is a Pennsylvania-made whiskey, however, they were instantly out of samples (before the event was even a half hour in.)  Perhaps, it was because it was the table closest to the entrance of the event or perhaps, it was because it was the best whiskey you will ever taste.  Another media outlet who managed to get a sample or who has tried Wigle in another setting will be able to tell you.  I hear Whirl did a review of the event, as well.  Try them. 

Another eye-catching brand was a company with a very unusual take on vodka, appropriately and creatively named Oddka. They offered unique flavors, like Salty Caramel Popcorn and Fresh Cut Grass (which tastes very similar to a shot of wheatgrass.) It was a treat to find out things like this are available on the market.  The Oddka table was one of the first tables I visited, so this turned my night of work into a night of discovering new things. Not only were their flavors inviting, their "booth" (or designated area) was creative.  They had an actual bar, with a bartender.  

Crown Royale had a suite, complete with a bar, swanky couches, and hors d'oeuvres. I'm not one to normally drink Crown Royale, but their presentation was the best of the night. 

Your usual suspects were in attendance, as well, like Tito's Vodka, Grey Goose, Three Olives (which had the most crowded table- mainly because of their "Fruit Loops and Milk" cocktail),  Maker's Mark, and even Jack Daniels.  Although I was hesitant to try Jack Daniels because I thought surely somewhere along the line, I had tasted it before, I was surprised to find out they now have a Tennessee Honey flavor. This is the brand's first flavor variation and you definitely taste fresh honey in every sip.  

Tito's Vodka offered one of the evening's best cocktail recipes, a jalapeno cocktail, adorned with a fresh jalapeno pepper.  Normally, I am not one for anything spicy, but there was something about this drink that I would definitely love to have again (and serve at holiday parties.) The jalapeno acted as a garnish, as well as a stirrer.  We were instructed that the more you stirred your drink, the more spicy it would become.  

The "talk of the party", however, was the "Fruit Loops  Cereal Shot" made with Three Olives "Loopy" flavor.  This particular shot looked like a cup of milk, with a handful of Fruit Loops floating on top (and was essentially just that.)  Everyone had one or wanted to try one.  (I didn't try it because the thought of mixing milk and vodka makes me a little ill, but from what I heard from other guests, it was a clever new spin on a vodka shot.)

The Rivers Casino Buffet was open to guests for the evening. When I attended the wine festival last May, the food was a little more limited and it was easy to notice that guests seemed a little more wobbly by the end of the night.  Even aside from the well being of the guests, the buffet at the Rivers Casino is one of the few buffets in the Pittsburgh area worth going to.  (They have a great Sunday Brunch.)  Being well-fed allowed guests, maybe just me, to taste the various liquors a little easier, without becoming immediately weighed down or intoxicated. 

The Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival is definitely an event I would recommend to anyone with a love of entertaining, a love of food, or simply a love of an evening cocktail.  It is an experience that will make you more equipped to walk into a liquor store or more equipped to throw together a unique cocktail in the comfort of your own home.  Kudos to the team who put this fabulous event together! 

If you attended, post your comments or photos below!

Sarah Davis is a distinguished journalist, motivational writer, and founder of Style & Wisdom. She has a firm grasp on pop culture, celebrity news/style, and self improvement.  She believes that Style & Wisdom is an inspirational take on pop culture; a place where you can find inspiration, and a healthy escape. Bored with most self-help blogs, she created Style & Wisdom to be a combination of the things every woman searches for on the internet: self improvement, style, and a little celebrity news.  She's interviewed celebrities, actors, authors, charity founders, dancers, fashion designers, artists, and anyone who offers the world a little inspiration. Style & Wisdom was founded in 2011 and has continued to grow daily. 

Follow Style & Wisdom on Twitter, @styleandwisdom, or follow Sarah, @sarahdavistvr.  

Image Credits: Pittsburgh City Paper, Whiskey and Fine Spirits Festival, Oddka Vodka

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Meet Real Housewife Gretchen Rossi and Knock Out Cancer at the Galleria of Mount Lebanon!

by Sarah

Gretchen Rossi, from the Real Housewives of Orange County, is coming to Pittsburgh to Knock Out Cancer! For only $50, you can attend the Knockout Cancer event at the Galleria of Mount Lebanon, presented by 96.1 KISS, for a one-of-a-kind night of shopping , music, drinks, and of course, the opportunity to meet Gretchen.  All of the stores in the Galleria will provide discounts to those attending the event.

A portion of the proceeds from the night will go to The Young Women's Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, Man Up to Prostate Cancer, and the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.  

The event will be held on Sunday, November 11, 2012 from 6-9pm.  If you are interested in purchasing tickets for this event, you can visit or call 412-937-1441. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Style, Wisdom, & Entertaining with "RHONY" Star Sonja Morgan

by Sarah Davis
Photo Credit: Andrew Werner
The Real Houswives of New York City were nothing short of overly dramatic this past season. Luckily, we were able to find comedic relief in Sonja Morgan. Sonja recently opened up to us about what her personal life is like, when she isn't being followed around by cameras.  She talks about her relationship with partner-in-crime Ramona, her catering and event planning company, "Sonja in the City" and her fabulous Upper Eastside lifestyle. If you aren't already signed up for Sonja's newsletter, treat yourself by signing up today- it's wonderful. (You can sign up for Sonja's newsletter on her official Facebook page.)

Style & Wisdom: What has been the most amazing part of your experience with The Real Housewives of NYC so far?
Sonja Morgan: The most gratifying part of being on the show is that I get to share my recipes, tips, and secrets with other women on a larger scale. I get to know that people don't feel alone out there because they email my website and sign up for my newsletter, which lets me know how much they enjoy sharing my lifelong tips and experiences. Some good some bad. But I am happy if people can learn from my mistakes and it makes me happy when people let me know that they're going through a similar experience so I feel I'm not alone, too.

S & W: We know that you do Sonja in the City: what are a few tips for throwing a GREAT party?  
SM: The most important part about a party is that you have the right mix of people. The ambiance is everything.  After all, people go to parties to socialize and to meet your friends. You're sharing a part of your life when you choose to invite someone which means they are special.  The next important thing on the list is to have the best quality alcohol and food that you can. Less is more [when it comes to the food and alcohol] and shows good taste. You don't want your guest suffering hangovers and upset tummies- they won't come back! Lastly, you want everyone to look good and feel good, so lighting and the layout of the room and access to the bars is important. The general flow of the energy is very important to keep it going strong for hours!

S & W: What is your favorite cocktail?  
SM: I love Prosecco and bubbly wine and to mix it up! I have some very special cocktails I make with bubbly wine. I also enjoy vodka and I have come up with special vodka drinks that I serve at my Sonja In The City parties.

S & W: After a crazy day, how do you unwind? 
I like to take a bubble bath with salt and oils, have a glass of Prosecco, read a book, or tweet with my viewers. I also enjoy yoga. 

S & W: You have a great body: how do you stay in such great shape while living such a busy lifestyle? What are some tips you might have for other busy ladies? SM: I like to use my Sonja Slim Packs which are a natural fiber that curb appetite, up your metabolism, and stop fats from going to your fat cells. I also love my chocolate shake at 4 PM to curb off blood sugar spurts. It's in my newsletter and on my website: it's chocolate powder with bananas and sesame tahini. Delicious!

S & W: You and Ramona are one of our favorite Bravo duo's...what is her best/worst quality?  
SM: She's honest and loyal to a fault, very generous and philanthropic. She would give the shirt off her back as they say. On the other hand, she's full of so much energy and so there to help that sometimes it can be exhausting! Sometimes some people just don't want to hear the truth, including myself!

S & W: What is your favorite spot in New York City? Favorite club?
SM: I adore the upper Eastside and wouldn't live anywhere else. I work so hard and spend so much time taking care of my daughter that usually if I get a free moment I run out to a gay club so I can just be myself and let go for an hour. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment so that works out just fine!

S & W: There is a TON of drama on the NY Housewives show, but you always seem to have a comedic approach to all of it (especially in St. Barth's) - how do you stay so positive? 
SM: I can't live my life worrying about what other people think. I have no control over that, anyway. I like to live in the moment and be myself. I try to be true to myself and try to be as truthful as I can with the people I care about.

S & W: What is the most essential item in your closet right now?
SM: Hello Skinny Jeans. All colors! 

S & W: Favorite designer? 
SM: Too many to name just one but I wear Lorena Sarbu, Kay Unger, Mark Bouwer, and THEIA frequently.  

S & W: Favorite charity?
SM: American Friends of Blerancourt 

S & W: What have you done with them so far?  
Where to start? I'm on the board. It's a family charity, Ann Morgan's Chateau outside of Paris turned French American Museum. Only one in the world.   [Check out their website here]

S & W: You are a NYC girl, but what has been your favorite part of the world to visit and why? 
SM: South of France. The food, the climate, the gardens, the water, the beaches... It's where I meet my friends from around the world.

S & W: Finally, we ask everyone we interview what their "words to live by" are? What are yours?!
SM: Live each day as you have everything to gain and nothing to lose! Onwards and upwards!

For more info about Sonja Morgan, visit her official website and follow her on Twitter, @sonjatmorgan.  

Real Housewives addicts: be sure to check out our interviews with Bethenny Frankel [read here], Adrienne Maloof, [read here], and Lisa Vanderpump [read here].

Also, check out an event we covered in Pittsburgh, where we met Teresa Giudice here

Sonja Morgan lounges behind the scenes of an OK Magazine photoshoot.  

Mary Poppins Comes to Pittsburgh

by Sarah & Rose

"Mary Poppins" opened in Pittsburgh this past Wednesday at the Benedum Center and our team had the opportunity to attend.  Not only is the story a childhood classic, but the Broadway musical is literally stunning with colorful sets and impeccable special effects.  

The use of color in the set design was some of the best we have ever seen and it really set the different mood for each scene. For instance, in the first scene when the cast is dancing outside the colors are a very dull black and white. Then, when you see the inside of the house the colors are very warm and cozy. The greatest of all though is when they are in the park and everything comes alive the colors are vibrant pinks and reds and the costumes are fun and exciting. The transition between scenes was wonderful as well, although they did end up having some technical difficulty which was distracting. Of course, it was opening night.  

Leave it to Mary Poppins to turn something as mundane as a trip to the park into something magical.  The show leaves you feeling inspired to find the beauty in every day life and to cherish life a little more.  Be sure to catch this Broadway show in your local city.  It is the best musical I have seen so far this year, without a doubt.  

For more information on Mary Poppins: The Musical, visit their website here.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Why It's Okay To Be A Little Insane: An Interview With Insanity Creator, Shaun T

by Sarah Davis & Dan Temple

Working out at home may get a lot of criticism from fitness experts, mostly because many question if one can actually stay motivated to finish the program out in the comfort of their own home, but fitness trainers like Shaun Thompson, or Shaun T, are on the opposite side of that argument. The creator and personality behind the Insanity DVD workout system from Beachbody, says that working out from home is not only achievable, but easier than working out in a gym. Insanity is a 60-day workout system that focuses on max-interval training, which challenges your body to work out for bursts of maximum-intensity exercises with short breaks in between.  The program includes plyometric drills on top of nonstop intervals of strength, power, resistance, and ab and core training moves.  

Shaun T's infectious personality keeps you moving throughout the workout, even though you probably won't love him until you're finished with it (we've tried it!).  The workouts, all around 30 minutes, are tough, but each one contains a built-in stretching segment, which not only offers a moment of rest, but keeps you from feeling sore the next day. More importantly than gaining ripped abs or dropping a few pounds from this 60-day program, Shaun T promises that this program will strengthen your cardiovascular system. 

So, why is this program so effective? Why are TV personalities Tyra Banks and Dr. Oz gushing over Insanity? We recently caught up with Shaun T himself to get the scoop on how he came up with the entire program, from the individual workouts to the name, what type of diet he sticks to, and even had the chance to ask him a few personal questions. 

Style & Wisdom: Explain Insanity. We want to hear from you why this is a workout looking into. What are some of the benefits that you will get from this program?
Shaun T: Insanity is a workout worth looking into because it definitely pushes you past the normal boundaries of what a normal workout would push you to. It's a workout that will help you obviously become more physically fit and even though your body is going to benefit, its about your heart.  I talk a lot of times about how it's really going to benefit your cardiovascular system and really take you to the next level of fitness.  It is all about digging deep. It's is a full body workout that is going to get you in shape from head to toe.  

Style & Wisdom: What is your daily fitness regime? Do you do a daily workout that is similar to Insanity? 
Shaun T: My daily fitness regime is basically Insanity, every day. Or, if I'm not doing an Insanity video, I'm teaching a class that's just like Insanity, or one of my other workouts, whether it's dance, Hip-Hop Abs, or Asylum.  Also, I play a lot of tennis.

Style & Wisdom: Have you had a time in your life that you let exercise fall by the wayside and had to make a physical transformation? What were some of the ways you motivated yourself to do so? 
Shaun T: I definitely had times in my life where exercise fell by the wayside. In high school, I was a track star, and once I got to college, I focused on academics and exercise really fell by the wayside.  I gained 50 pounds and I had to lose it. Basically, I just went step by step, day by day losing weight, not putting too much strain on myself, knowing that every day I was going to get better. Every day, I would be able to work out longer and I actually started to love it because I didn't put too much pressure on myself. I just went step by step and did the best that I could do. 

Style & Wisdom: Studies have shown that exercise outperforms anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication in treating those illnesses.  In your experience, do you see a link between lack of exercise and  increase in depression and anxiety?
Shaun T: I definitely see the link between the two, but more importantly, I've had a countless number of people come up to me and talk about how they were depressed, they were in a bad place in their life and because they really pushed through the 60 days of Insanity and they really challenged themselves and they succeeded, it helped give them a better outlook on life. And, they weren't depressed anymore.  I've had husband and wives come up to me, where the husband thanked me and said, "You really helped my wife get out of depression. She feels stronger, she feels accomplished and she has more self-empowerment."

Style & Wisdom: What's your personal favorite exercise on Insanity?
Shaun T: I like two different exercises. I like power knees because when I get really tired, I know I can still work my abs and stand up. My other favorite exercise is stance jacks because I love to have strong legs, a strong glut, meaning butt, and you also work your core in that position so it's kind of a full-body workout. 

Style & Wisdom: After doing the Insanity workout, we all noticed a calm, energized, and "ready to take on the world" feeling come over us. It really is quite addicting; do you hear the same from others who have done Insanity and did you have this in mind when designing the workout?
Shaun T: Actually, I did have it in mind when I designed the workout because after I completed my first workout with people that I put through Insanity, like the first time I actually taught it, they hated me during the workout. But, as they started to do it everyday, there was something that they needed from me. It was like they felt that it put the icing on the cake for what they needed in their life, for the moment. It just gives you a, like I said before, a great sense of empowerment. 

Style & Wisdom: One thing I noticed, and others have noticed, is that Tanya is a beast in the workout videos. Is she planning on coming out with any workout DVD's herself?
Shaun T: She actually has the Shakeology workouts, if you go to They're more for people who are on that shake. She's not coming out with any workouts on her own, but she will be right next to me in my next DVD series and hopefully more to follow. She is AMAZE-ing. 

Style & Wisdom: What is your number 1 tip to living a healthy, happy, and fruitful life?
Shaun T: Just live. Be you and the more that you are you, the happier you will be. And if you add a little health kick to it, you will be feeling amazing, every single day.

Style & Wisdom: How did you come up with the name Insanity/Asylum?
Shaun T: I came up with the name, Insanity: The Asylum because I wanted to create a second level of Insanity and it just made sense that after you're insane, you go into a place that keeps you insane, so we came up with the name "The Asylum" But, I wanted to bring up more of my sports background to the fitness world, so we created Asylum using the max-sports that was created in Insanity and took it to the next level.

Style & Wisdom: Many people out there challenge the idea of working out at home vs going to the gym because they feel you're less likely to get motivated. How do you feel about those opinions?
Shaun T: I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some people really like working out at home, especially if they have somebody to work out with and some people like going to the gym.  Personally, I like working out with a group of people or in my own living room because I feel like sometimes the gym becomes more of a social atmosphere and people don't respect that when I walk in there, I'm trying to actually work out and not have a conversation. So, if you're feeling like the gym is a little too social, then you put on a little Shaun T in your living room, and you don't got nobody talking to you but me. 

Style & Wisdom: How do you get motivated on an off-day when you just aren't feeling like getting a workout in? Any tips for people who struggle with this?
Shaun T: It depends, if you've been working out for ten days in a row and you haven't taken a break, then maybe you need to listen to your body. But, if you're just kind of on a day where you're like, "Ugh, I just don't feel like working out", just give yourself ten minutes. Say hey, I'm gonna do ten minutes and if after that ten minutes, if you don't want to do it anymore, then stretch and cool down. But, if you want to keep going, you can use this because your blood hasn't been pumping that day so you didn't have the energy to push through before.

Style & Wisdom: What's your typical diet like?
Shaun T: I basically eat whatever I want. I eat in moderation, of course. Most of my meals are 85-90% healthy, but I really like treating myself with fun foods. Most people are like, "Oh, do you cheat?" and I'm like, "No, I treat." I don't really stress if I have a doughnut or a piece of cake because I don't eat 25 pieces, I eat one piece and I enjoy it and I keep moving.

Style & Wisdom: Tell us a little bit about your background in dance and fitness, in general. How did your background come into play when creating Insanity?
Shaun T: I've been an athlete all my life, from football to track and field. I got a degree in sport science so teaching of classes was a part of my life and I really enjoyed it, so it was just inevitable that I was going to be a group exercise instructor. I was a professional dancer for years. I don't know how it plays into my life, per say, but I think I'm doing what I was born to do.

Style & Wisdom: Many female readers want to know: are you single? (You don't need to answer, but we had to ask anyway!) And, what is a quality that you look for in a woman?
Shaun T: No, I'm not single. Actually, the only quality I like to see in anyone is if they live by the golden rule.  I just think people should be fair and I think that quality would cause more happiness in the world.

Style & Wisdom: Finally, if you weren't a fitness trainer, what would we find you doing with your life?
Shaun T: If I wasn't a fitness trainer and I wasn't a dancer, I would probably be a CIA agent or a Navy Seal.  

Photo Credit: Shaun T, Experience Life

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beauty Spotlight: Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

by Sarah
Eyeko, which recently launched their Skinny Brush Mascara in Sephora stores nationwide earlier this year, is now making their best-selling online item available in Sephora, as well: their Skinny Liquid Eyeliner.  Makeup artist Polly Osmond uses this dramatic eyeliner on celebs like Victoria Beckham and even used it during New York Fashion Week at the Jen Kao runway show.  All of the models wore the popular "Disconnected Eye" look (see below for a mini-tutorial of this look), all done with this product.  Celeb fans of this eyeliner go on to include Alexa Chung and Lana Del Rey.  The super paraben-free formula features key ingredient Sodium Hyaluronate to ensure color glides on and stays on without fading or cracking.  

For London girls (which is where Eyeko is based), it has proved to be utterly fool-proof in delivering kitten flicks and Winehouse-wings with ease to replicate some of this season's hottest graphic eye trends.  

Cost: $15 at Sephora or

Our Review: First off, I have to say that this product is fantastic! I can't say enough good things about this eyeliner! I think $15 is very reasonable for the quality of this product. Even if you are hesitant because you think $15 might be more than some eyeliners out there, I would definitely recommend the investment because it works. I have so many drugstore eyeliners that I have tried to save money on and I end up hating them because they are garbage and ultimately, throw them away.  

I don't change my eye makeup looks very often.  I basically can't because I have huge Italian eyes, so if I don't wear makeup, I look more tired than most and if I wear too much, I look like I have bug eyes.  So, since high school, I wear the same thing every day: some variation of nude or brown eye shadow, a thick line of eye liner on the lid, and mascara. With this being said, I have tried every black eyeliner out there and truly, nothing compares to Eyeko's Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. It is just like a Sharpie marker (and is as easy to apply as if you grabbed a Sharpie and drew it on) and is FOOL-PROOF.  Not only fool-proof, but you feel confident enough to walk a runway because your eyes look so dramatic and perfect.  It goes on thick right away, giving you a perfect line, and doesn't smudge easily throughout the day.  Another plus is that it comes off easily with makeup remover, like any other eye makeup you would normally wear.  

Watch out for a review of Eyeko's JUST RELEASED Black Magic Mascara in the upcoming week, which is promised to give you a combination of drama, volume, and curl that will last all day and all night.  

The Disconnected Eye: "Create a dramatic yet wearable look by applying the liner 1mm above the lash line. Wing it out slightly following the under eyeline upwards, ending in a flick to create a double fine line."- Makeup Artist Polly Osmond
Photo Courtesy of Eyeko

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