Monday, February 11, 2013

Beauty Spotlight: Benefit Brow Bar

by Sarah

On Saturday, I took a trip to Ulta with my sister, Rose, and decided to try out the Benefit Brow Bar for the first time.  For the past three years or so, I've had my eyebrows threaded, which I love, but like anything salon-related, it is so incredibly hard to find the right person to touch your brows. There is nothing more traumatizing than to sit down and pay money to have your eyebrows done, only to look in a mirror afterward and see that your eyebrows have been butchered. I love Benefit makeup, so I honestly don't know why I have never tried it before, but I cannot stop raving about it.

For $20, you get your brows mapped out (and you can approve), waxed, and they even complete the look with concealer (to hide the redness) and fill in your brows with color. To top it off, everyone is pleasant. I am in love with my results and while $20 may be a bit high, if you can afford it, I highly suggest you to visit the brow bar.  I have gone to many places and spent about $15 only to have my brows look exactly the same as when I went into the salon or as I mentioned above, absolutely butchered. 

The next time you feel like pampering yourself or have a big day coming up, visit the Benefit Brow Bar at any Ulta store. Visit for store locations.

Photo Credit: Ulta

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