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Healthy Living Spotlight: Urban Remedy's 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are extremely popular right now, with celebs endorsing “green juice” every chance they get via social networking accounts and talk of “fresh green juice” in every magazine. While most people are up for trying fresh juice, even purchasing a juicer for their home, others are weary of juice cleanses. Also, by now, everyone has heard of the documentary, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” 

Juicing offers a variety of health benefits and there seems to be a benefit for everyone to be able to relate to. Everyone wants to lose a few pounds, have glowing, clear skin, and even prevent disease by ridding the body of toxins, and these cleanses claim to do just that...and improve your mind. While most people are up for trying fresh juice, even purchasing a juicer for their home, others are weary of juice cleanses.  The thought of drinking only juice and water for three days (some people even do ten days) sounds intimidating and almost a little insane. Most people wonder, "Don't I need to eat real food in order to be healthy?"

To give you all a true idea of what a juice cleanse is really like, Rose and I decided to try a 3-day cleanse from Urban Remedy in January.  

The Skinny on Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy was created by Neka Pasquale, a certified Traditional Chinese Nutritionist, acupuncturist, and healer,
who believes that food should be medicine.  

When you place an order for a 3-day cleanse, the juice arrives at your doorstep and they come with a four day expiration date, so you can either start the cleanse the day you receive it or the day after, if the juices arrive mid-day. You get 6 juices per day and you are to begin with your first juice at 7am and then drink a juice every two hours. Urban Remedy suggests starting the day off with a glass of lemon water.  Along with the juice, you are encouraged to drink plenty of water in between juices to quench hunger. Trust us, you are going to be chugging water and surprisingly enough, water is going to be your biggest friend.

Cost $$
The juice cleanse is about $60 per day and when you’re getting six juices per day, that figures into $10 per juice.  While this price may seem high and you can certainly juice at home, hear us out as to why we believe it is a good investment. First of all, you don’t juice cleanses all the time.  You probably do them four times a year, max (and this is for a health fanatic).  Also, you are more likely to complete the cleanse if you don’t have to make the juice yourself.  If you have ever made your own fresh juice, you know it’s an ordeal.  You have to go to the grocery store, clean all of your produce, peel it, chop it, juice for a good ten minutes, and lastly, you have to clean your juicer out immediately or else the juice remains harden and it becomes the biggest bitch ever to clean.  Having fresh juice prepared for you is SO convenient and when you don’t have to prepare it, you are ten times more likely to not succomb and eat real food. Whenever you aren’t eating for three days, this is a major reason why having everything shipped to you at once is key.  

Another great reason to invest in a juice cleanse is because you learn about juice and what fruits and vegetables go together well when juicing.  You can use this knowledge to make juices in your own home.  When cleansing, you develop a relationship with juice that debunks the idea that you have to eat a lot of food to stay energized and healthy, which you carry with you. (You might read that sentence and laugh a little, but if you give juice cleansing a chance, you’ll agree with it, no matter who you are.) Once you develop a relationship with juice, you take it more seriously when making a cup of green juice in the morning.  

The Signature Cleanse
Juice 1: Brainiac- celery, parsley, cucumber, spinach, and lemon.
Juice 2: Time Machine- acai with fresh lemon juice, cayenne, ionized water, and stevia.
Juice 3: Flush- cucumber, ginger, lemon, mint, and a touch of apple.
Juice 4: After Party- beet root, carrot, ginger, apple, and lemon.
Juice 5: Warrior- chia seeds, raspberries, and stevia.
Juice 6: Relax- sprouted cashew milk with vanilla and cinnamon.

The [Signature] Cleanse/ Sarah's Thoughts
The morning I began the cleanse, I felt depressed because I felt like I was giving up something I’d spent every single day of my life thus far with: food.  It feels strange to wake up and not make coffee, or not have a hot meal after work.  Those feelings aside, the first juice of the cleanse from Urban Remedy was a green juice- you essentially dive right in-which contained celery, cucumber, parsley, spinach, and lemon. It’s a very earthy taste, but surprisingly enough (and this is one of the most remarkable parts of juice cleansing), you don’t feel a ravenous amount of hunger after drinking it.  You might miss your normal routine, but you’ll find that each juice gives your body what it needs. I have to admit, the first juice isn't the best tasting juice of the cleanse, but it gets better as the day goes by. By the second day, I was in a much better mood. The third day, however, I was anxious to be able to eat the next day.

The only side effect I struggled with was headaches.  I am SO addicted to caffeine from coffee that it was hard to take three days off, even though it was beneficial.  I was very tired, as well.  I didn’t feel like working out with only juice in my body so I usually went to sleep very early each night.

Anytime that I felt like I couldn’t make last until the next juice, I would chug water. A ton of water- I loved Trader Joe's electrolyte water or Smart Water. That seemed to help with the whole not-eating-thing and again, this desire to chug water was probably great for my body (instead of my usual coffee-at-any-time-of-day habit.)

The first day was the hardest- as you begin to remember all of the fun times you shared with your favorite restaurants or cooking in the kitchen, but your mind becomes more alive and your skin does brighten up.  It is great to take a break from some of the foods we put into our bodies and really experience how our minds are when we aren't filling our bodies with crap.  Plus, each juice is crammed with nutrients and vitamins so every time you drink one, your body livens up a little bit more. 

Overall, my skin looked great after and I felt happier about life, but I did not lose any weight from the cleanse.

The [Signature] Cleanse/ Rose's Thoughts

A juice cleanse is no easy task. Thanks to the folks over at Urban Remedy, we were able to try an all natural juice cleanse.

The first day of my cleanse I started out strong; the first juice tasted like salad. The flavors of the juices were natural and earthy, which I appreciated-- nature needs no sweeteners! It was hard for me to cut out coffee, but I did. The first day I had headaches, which was really hard to deal with. But day 2 and 3 I was totally fine. I did have cravings to eat which were hard to battle, but the fact that there are 6 juices per day made it easy. Every time I felt hungry it was usually time for the next juice. The last juices of the day were something to look forward to. The very last juice is called "Relax", which contains sprouted cashew milk with vanilla and cinnamon, and tastes like real dessert.

As far as revelations go, Id say that anything you've been trying to avoid with yourself, leave it to a few days of hunger to bring them up. This juice cleanse provided me with mental clarity. Fasting has long been known to provide the mind with time to reflect and be introspective on oneself. This is definitely something to do if you are trying to come to a decision about something and don't know where to go. Its hard sometimes in our daily lives to think clearly and have peace of mind with all of the chemicals in the food we eat and media distractions, but when you aren't eating and you are only drinking juice, these things come easy to you. You will not only cleanse your body of toxins, but you will purge the things you've been locking away mentally! Overall, this was a wonderful experience and I'm grateful for it!

For more information on Urban Remedy or to purchase a juice cleanse, please visit Note: Rose and I did the Signature 3-day cleanse, which you can read more about and purchase here.

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