Saturday, April 6, 2013

Christopher Abbott Leaving 'Girls'

There seems to be a little bit of drama on the Girls set-- but with the boys of the show.

Boy, the season finale of Girls sure left us thinking that Charlie, Marnie's love interest, would be around forever, since it seemed like they were on their way to marriage.  However, in real life, Christopher Abbott is leaving the show due to creative differences with Lena Dunham, who not only plays Hannah, but is the show's creator, writer and director.  

A source recently told the New York Post that, "they've just started to work on Season 3, and Chris is at odds with Lena." The source went on to say that, "he just didn't like the direction things were going in."

A rep for Abbott shared that he is" grateful for the experience of collaborating with Lena, Judd [Apatow] and the entire ‘Girls’ cast and crew, but right now he’s working on numerous other projects and has decided not to return to the show."

Whatever his reasoning is, as HBO has yet to release an official statement, we are curious to see how his exit will be written into the show.  

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