Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Cinderella" Offers a Delightful Close to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's 2012-2013 Season

by Sarah Davis

The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre is closing their 2012-2013 season with Cinderella, a beautifully-done take on an adored story.  Promised to “brim with enchantment, romance, and comedy”, Cinderella goes far beyond that, offering a performance that overflows with colorful costumes and set designs, energy from every single member of the cast, and a certain amount of life that only comes from a production company that truly wants to impress you.  The live orchestra, led by Charles Barker, was equally as delightful and lively on opening night, April 19, 2013, while playing Prokofiev's score, which is considered to be one of ballet's most brilliant scores (originally premiered in 1945). The orchestra combined with the energy of the dancers, PBT is offering quite a “bang” of a close for an already impressive season.

We’ve seen them master an eclectic variety of shows this season: Giselle, The Nutcracker, Unspoken, and most recently, Moulin Rouge, but I have to admit that Cinderella was the best of the season.  In addition to the PBT company dancers, twenty children from Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s School stole the show away, dancing as enchanted garden creatures, including bumblebees, snow angels, and butterflies, brought to life by the beautiful fairy godmother, portrayed by Julia Erickson on opening night.  A group of bumblebees come out at one point and I promise, it is sure to steal your heart.

Another lively addition to the story were Cinderella’s two very clumsy step-sisters, played by a hilarious duo of male dancers. And of course, the iconic love story of Cinderella and the Prince, surely did combine enchantment, romance, and comedy.  

We highly recommend that you check out Cinderella with Live Orchestra this weekend only in Pittsburgh for a delightful entrance into the warmer weather and a great close to an impressive season.  

As they do with every close of a season, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre will host their En Pointe Season Cast Party, which is sponsored by Nordstrom this year, on Sunday, April 21, after the final performance.  You’ll have the opportunity to meet the dancers who you’ve seen on stage all season and explore a collection of Nordstrom’s latest shoes, inspired by Cinderella. For more information and tickets, visit

Image Credits: Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre

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