Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Six Steps To Get Inspired When You Feel Like You Can't

by Sarah
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1. Cook a healthy meal in your own kitchen.  When your diet is out of whack, or you're always at a restaurant, you can forget how important healthy eating is to a healthy mind.  Get out of the house, find a recipe for a healthy meal full of vegetables, go to a grocery store, and pick out food to make yourself.  When you get home, put on your favorite music, and cook yourself (or your family) a healthy meal.  When you prepare your own food (i.e. picking out a piece of fish from the fish counter and chop up vegetables for the meal), you appreciate it more.  You worked for it, so it's a meal that you can savor a little more.

2. Clean. A cluttered living space can lead to a cluttered mind.  No matter how overwhelmed or how behind you are on a project, take an hour to really clean your space. Open your windows, do your laundry, clean your kitchen, or organize a closet. Something about a clean space will help you tackle projects much easier.  Plus, cleaning gets you in a working mode that inspires you to work on not only your living space (or office space), but the rest of your life.  

3. Exercise.  Similar to cleaning up your working or living space, exercise gets you in a working mode.  If you set a goal for exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk with your pooch, and conquer it, you begin to feel as though you can conquer other goals in life you have on your mind, too.  

4. Avoid taking a day off to “get inspired” and just get going. Sure, resting and recharging are essential to a productive life, BUT, these are not the same as giving in to procrastination.  Procrastination only breeds more procrastination.  If you are trying to get inspired to say, write a big paper, and you feel the urge to take off a day to purely procrastinate (i.e. doing absolutely nothing, all with the lurking thoughts that tomorrow you will have SO much work to do), you probably won't be inspired to do anything the next day, either.  We all know this is true, right? Instead, start small and get yourself going, by eating a nice meal, going for a walk, or cleaning. Then, do a small portion of your work and see how it feels.  After you get started and get through that initial push, you will find that it’s easy to just work right on through the project until it is done.  

5. Experience culture.  Let’s say you aren’t working on anything particular and you are just lacking in inspiration for every-day activities.  Maybe you’ve been cooped up in your house for too long or working too hard at work, or maybe you’re going through a hard phase of life.  Either way, it’s time to go experience something rad.  Go to a play, go to a ballet, or go sit outside at a coffee shop on a busy street and write in a journal or talk to a pal.  Maybe you need to take a vacation to a new city or an exotic beach (if your budget allows it.) You need stimulation-- so go out and get some!

6. Okay, people, I saved the best for last: face a fear and/or get vulnerable.  Sometimes when we are feeling uninspired to really get out there, it is because there is something we’re scared to do and this big thing that we have to face is lurking in the back of our mind.  And boy, when we put something off, it sure does lurk.  In fact, it lurks so much, that it takes up too much mental space-- space that could be used for creativity, new experiences, feeling lightweight and happy, and maybe even our manifesting powers to invite our dreams in. The space that it takes up is negative, which isn't good for us.  

In Brene Brown’s book, “Daring Greatly”, she says that the only way to be truly happy, creative, and inspired, is to be totally vulnerable.  Hmm. So, what does this mean exactly?

It means that we really have to walk straight through our fears and tackle everything tough in life head-on to get to happiness. (I know, I wanted a better answer, too.) Maybe this means opening up about something you are keeping a secret, or trying to apply for a job AGAIN, or maybe it means breaking up with someone, but these big things that are scary to face are the most essential key to happiness.  

We tend to put these big things off because we think facing them will be packed with turmoil or terror (and honestly, sometimes it is), but afterward, you get to a place you never thought was possible when you were putting it off-- ease, happiness, and tons of space to really let new (amazing) things into your life.

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