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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Holly Madison Opens Up About Her Latest Role: Hot Mama

E!'s favorite blonde bombshell shares her tips for getting her figure back after giving birth, how placenta encapsulation worked for her, and what it was like to have E! film her birth for the special, "Holly Has a Baby." 

by Sarah Davis

Image Credit: Raquel Rischard
You might know Holly Madison from the E! reality show, Girls Next Door, which took place at the Playboy Mansion or "Holly's World", a reality show that followed her life in Las Vegas as she starred in Peep Show. These days, however, the blonde bombshell has taken on a new role: she is recently engaged to Pasquale Rotella and she is a new mother to baby, Rainbow Aurora. The couple had Rainbow just this past March and allowed E! to follow her journey, and delivery, in the special that aired in May, "Holly Has a Baby." Holly was kind enough to stop by Style & Wisdom for an interview about her pregnancy, some of the projects she is working on, including her line of pet products, and how she slimmed down post-baby.

First off, congrats on Baby Rainbow! We love the name-- how did you come up with it?
Holly Madison: There was a girl in my school growing up named Rainbow and I was always envious of that name. My fiancĂ© is kind of  a hippie, so I thought he would like the name as well.

Dressing a baby bump can be difficult, but you rocked it! Not only did you wear heels and party dresses, but you maintained your figure-- what are three style tips for looking fabulous during pregnancy?
Holly Madison: 1. Cover most things but you can show off your legs. The legs are the last to go.                          
2. Don't be afraid of bright colors, but prints can make you look like you are wearing a bed sheet.          
3. Go with stretchy fabrics over muumuus
Some of our favorite characters on GND and Holly’s World were your dogs! You have a great line of eco-friendly pet products called Lucky Pet Products--can you tell us a little bit about that and where people can buy them?
Holly Madison: The line includes all-natural pet toys and woolies. They are super cute and extremely durable-my dogs put each one through the ringer during the approval process! The products can be found at fine pet boutiques and at

Holly Madison promotes her line of eco-friendly pet products,
Lucky Pet Products.

Image Credit: Denise Truscello

Okay, back to pregnancy! A lot of people are dying to know- did placenta encapsulation work for you? You were very open about your decision to eat your placenta; would you suggest it to other women?
Holly Madison: I decided to do placenta encapsulation because I heard it helps prevent postpartum depression. It seems to have worked for me! After the 2 weeks of taking the pills, I had some left over that I was advised to freeze. I've taken some over the past few months as my cycle has gone back to normal-your hormones go crazy!

You seem happier than ever than we’ve ever seen you. Are you planning on having more babies?
Holly Madison: Yes, my fiancée and I can't wait to have siblings for Rainbow. She needs a partner in crime!

You recently worked with E! on a special called “Holly Has a Baby.” What was it like allowing cameras into your pregnancy and the birth of your daughter?
Holly Madison: It was actually really fun! The crew was great-really supportive and they really looked out for me. They were all sharing their stories with me about the day their own babies arrived. I think having all of that on camera will be a really cool thing for Rainbow to look at when she's older!

What are your top tricks for slimming down post-baby?
Holly Madison: Breastfeeding helps as well as eating healthy and drinking a lot of water! If I could do things over, I would have started exercising sooner and wearing corsets sooner.

We are all about inspiration here at Style & Wisdom-- what advice would you give you women who are struggling with “haters”? How do you personally stay so positive?
Holly Madison: You have to develop a thick skin and ignore it. People are miserable and will find a way to tear down anyone. And... Don't Google yourself!

Any last tips for brand new mothers like yourself that you wish you had been told? (I’m partially asking because I am almost 7 months pregnant myself!)
Holly Madison: Stock up on hats, gloves and socks for newborns-you can never have enough!

Holly Madison with finance Pasquale Rotella and daughter, Rainbow,
snap a family photo while having a picnic.

Image Credit: Holly Madison

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